Quelle temps de chien !

its been raining cats n dogs since early this morning, here in north…

but each time, something confuses me;
What is the probability that the weather prediction becomes true?
Below is a screenshot of what was predicted for this sunday’s morning

Source : MBC

Thats y, its been ages since i have stopped watching the Meteo.
In addition to this unreliable thing, we now have the opportunity(?) to watch

  • Meteo Des Plages &
  • Meteo Agricole

Anyway, one thing for sure is that this weather is so cool, pleasing & romantic 🙂
and fortunately we dont need anyone to predict our feelings!

Feeling hmmm, simply “no words to describe!”

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  • Mauritian Meteo is actually very good. You only have to interpret the predictions in the opposite sense.

  • haha :tongue:
    truly thats wat i did in my earlier days

    if its gonna be sunny, then take a raincoat or if they predict rainfall, try to wear light….

    its a chance that we only have rain n the sun.
    if we had snow, that would be another source of confusion :devil:

  • Crystal

    The weather depends on our mood yash…

    deep inside :sideways:

  • Avishna

    actually meteo morice takes their info based on meteo France and depi lamerik
    deja sok appadu reste dan sok mem , aster pu li analyse 2 bulletin de meteo , penser ki kaliter sok li gagner
    thats y li met cki li envie , cki so mood eter :devil:

  • zotte bien formE mem sa banla? :ermm:
    Banne pecheur predire letemps pli bien ki banla!!!

    enfin.. yashvin. mo pli pire moi.. mo pas gette ni meteo ni journal..
    :biggrin: :biggrin:

  • sorry vicks to inform u that mo si mo pas guet sa Zournal la!
    mo prefere lire l’express online 😛

    si bane ministres la ti envie appear lo zournal televiser la otant, kifer zotte pas presente zournal la zotte meme? :w00t:
    hahaha! :whistle:

  • I’m loving it actually!The weather these days I mean!! 😆
    The dark clouds and heavy rain… :silly: Make me wanna go straight back in my cozy bed! :biggrin:

  • Avishna

    FER CHOOOOOOOOooooooooo :unsure:
    mo le hiver F**king Summer!! 😎 :sick: :angry: :alien:

  • I think meteo moris is doing a gud job, the main problem, according to one of my secondary teacher is that Mauritius is very small and we got something called “micro-climate” i think and that’s what make it a bit tougher to predict. Of course…you can add god’s will also…if he’s against mr sok :p

  • u may be right
    but i think that khalil’s answer is the best :whistle:

    just interprete the predictions the other way round 😆

  • Avishna

    predict my future :silly:

    i cant do it
    u can’t do it either!
    aster zot p envie predict nature?? :blink:
    wat pple can do is take precautions sa mem
    :::::om nama shivaya:::::: :alien: