Promoted + Brinks agents refusing access to SBM’s ATM inside Game

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  • Ah the arrogant brinks staff. Nothing much. Did I ever tell you how a brink’s van once blocked a road temporarily to let 2 guards down? Without even trying to stop at the side of the road. Just stop in the middle, block the road. And when the car behind you honk. Swear at him. “moV fal**rm*m*”.

    Just a question. Do they have any special laws which state that they are above the law?

  • And congrats for the promotion. Guess, I will have a take a party from you on next Saturday.

  • yurit0s

    Wai ban bezere net ca ban security guards la. Me 2 had problem with them.

    Ca ban zaffaire petit copain la bizin areter….

  • Yudz

    congrats.. you should update ur top right info-corner 😉

  • Thnks @Yudz. I just added it. I will need to update other places too, I will do that later on.

  • Congrats for the promotion 🙂

    By d way…si to ti ene ti blanc, ban la ti pu met tapis rouge tou pu toi..believe me…

    Example: I was going to Rodrigues for my honeymoon n the persons to whom the policeman posted there asked for the passport was Michel n me 🙂 Yeah..such a pleasure to be a Mauritian…

    Check my link:

  • Selven

    Congrats on your promotion Yashvin.

    As for the SBM’s issue, you could have used your card to retrieve money from the MCB atm a few steps away, it would have charged you RS 50 more, but you were treating your lady ,right? no big deal 🙂

    The other guy who got lucky might have been a supervisor or someone working for Shoprite..Or maybe they were both in the middle of stealing goods at Game, and i’m sure you would not want the camera to catch you at that time, in that area.

    Just a different perspective 🙂

  • Ruby

    as usual..dimune ki profite zt “pouvoir” pu fr tou ceki zt envi…enplus zt pna ene facon kozE r public….as if they’re dng u a favour by talking 2 u…ena sa partou..i can undrstd hw u felt at dat time..dat has happened 2 me almost every time i hv been wiz my bf, who is mauritian bt hvng lived al his life abroad, doesnt knw much abt z country…i hpe zose guys get a gud lesson..duhhh

    en passant..mes felicitations 😀 🙂

  • Renu

    Congrats for the promotion 🙂 like every1 pointed out above, bocou dimoune misuse zot pouvoir e pena respect pu le public.

  • Torpedo

    I’m not surprised at all: you can’t get a promotion “unexpectedly”, that’s utter bullshit! Ar nou mem? 🙂 Hats off, you just deserve to reap the fruits of hard work!

    I’m still not surprised at all: you expected that the Brinks guy telling his (sex?)buddy “sorry, but you’ll have to wait outside because past this time (7 pm) everything has been closed down, and officially, no-one except us security officers can have access inside”? Partout dans Dodoland coumsa, mem n’import ki n’import content senti-li sef enn tiginn, ki pe donne privilez (mem si dans so fonction, c’est enn faute grave) so bann camwad. Si nou bann leaders politik pe faire li (ek parett ki tellement gagne bon faire sa ki zott content faire conner ki zott inn faire li) c’est parski personne pas trouve l’interet denoncer quand ti enkor lerr – tou fonctionnaire oussi faire li, patronnage-la li’nn vinn preske universel. Domaz ou’nn batt ar bann imbéciles-zako ki content imite mem saki pas bon.

    En passant, c’est vraiment enn gross breach of security sa: laisse enn third-party rentre dans enn restricted area. Mo souhaiter ki Game pou collaborer – mo pa cwar: rappelle ki sa-bann la mem ki ti pe donne matraque zott grade securité pendant ouverture… Eski concept matraque enkor la-mem? Game ou touzour gagnant! 🙂

  • congrats dou, love you…wish you a bright career ahead…

    (place pli important kot bizin felicite toi sa lol)

  • Update

    I called Game today, and talked to the person in charge + mailed them the link to this article. They investigated and called me back some hours later.

    As per their say, the guy who entered was a supplier, who came for some cheque issue. But however, the person who talked to me apologized on behalf of the store.

    He said that the security guards should have properly informed me that the one who entered the store is a supplier, not one of their friends. To end, he said that he will raise this issue with the security guards there. He also invited me to come n meet him if I happen to be in the vicinity.

    I also gave a call to Brinks. The HR department did not seem to be much interested with complaints regarding their staff members. She rudely told me to send them a mail with all the details, which I immediately did by sending them the link to this article. Let’s see what’s next…

    Keep tuned.

  • @Yashvin:

    bravo…keep it up…

  • Renu

    If on phone she (from Brinks)was so rude then im sure she wont do anythng..actually they 4get they r sme1 said, its really a breach of security..if sme1 else was in ur place, maybe he cud have fought with them..who knows? she asked u to email just to ‘show’ u she’s doing smethng abt the problem wen in reality she wont even bother.

  • Yashvin B.


    Congratulation for ur promotion. All the best for the future of ur career.

    [Note from Yashvin (author) : Hi Yashvin B. I edited your name to avoid any confusions lol. Many thanks for ur message.]

  • Bhooks

    Think you should complain to SBM too. The ATM is clearly outside the reach of articles in GAME. So if the shutters were not yet down, its normal for you to have access to the ATM. As I did relate to you today, once I reached Shoprite just after 9 pm and the doors were already closed, I asked the guard whether I could get in to access ATM and he agreed to if it was only ATM. It all depends on the guys working there and unfortunately you had 2 morons without any sense.

  • Bhooks

    Coming back to Brinks. Once I was in Shoprite and I cleared the cashier and was on my way to the foodcourt to collect my pizza at debonairs. There was that security guard some 15 mts ahead of me when I was reaching the shutters which seperates foodcourt to shoprite i waved to him not to close it as i had to get out and he looked at he and rolled it down and told me to use the outer gate.I told him its not yet 9 pm y did he closed it before time, he promptly replied he got orders. When I asked from whom, he said from Shoprite. I told him: move imbesil, to truv mwa p vini, mo p dir twa les mo sorti, to bes li. Ki to ena kk zozo dans place to la servel. He did not argue. I asked to be showed the manager who ordered him to do so. He did not reply. When I met the manager. He apologised to me, such orders were never issued, its just that these guys are not concerned about customer service, for them its time to shutdown or to leave as they work on some kind of shift or whatever. They are so useless these security companies.

  • @Bhooks:

    “move imbesil, to truv mwa p vini, mo p dir twa les mo sorti, to bes li. Ki to ena kk zozo dans place to la servel. ”

    mega lol!!! like! like! like! lol!

  • Torpedo

    “When I met the manager. He apologised to me, such orders were never issued,”
    Ou koné ki kalité BON li ti pé gagné quand li’nn déclar sef ar ou…? Sa, partou pou zwenn sa: bann employé ki bizin gagne enn fat-yen domination lor bann saki impuissant / depann lor zot. Couma-dir bann pedophiles… Ayo, I digress, sorry.

  • bizin dessan zott sa… zot bans ti garde ki penC zot p kas paK…to ti bizin tir zot foto puiske to 1 passionae de fotographi lerla to send sa brinks…lol

  • ticopain

    MayB zot too p prend to par lakoz TOI sa (famous bloger).

    Nu get to cas lor ene lot point de vue.

    Garde la pas conne toi, ni to profession, ni to calification, ni etc..

    Poo li too dimoon c dimoon ek sa ler la kav ena ban braqueur, ban droger ou ban divolter vin labas..

    Si jamais lin laisse toi rentrer ek tone fer dezord… c garanti.. banla p perdi zot plasse travail.. donc to be on the safe side.. zot in prefer deny toi access. Si to get bien zot pas entor vue ki zot travail ki en jeux.

    Mo deman too ban dimoon ki p lire sa.. met zot dans lapo sa ban guard la.. Zot nek p fer zot travail ek zot ban pov malerer.

    Donc poo moi.. Mo pas ti poo kass tet ek trankilment mo ti poo al ene lot plas sans fer sa vin ene issue.

    Li ti poo plis bon si to complain lor ban zafer kumen augmentaiton lessance, dehuil, laroute bloker, viol,meutre ek ban lezot injustis dans sa pays la dans plas al fer ban pov malherer gaigne problem..

    Merci de me repondre yashvin.

    btw.. congrats for you promotion

  • Hello @ticopain.

    Thanks for your congrats 🙂
    I would totally agree with you if I would not have witnessed them allowing someone entering without any problems. On top of that, the security guards told me that the person was “zotte camarade”.

    As I said at the end of the article, this thing really made me angry, and I think that you would have been like this too.

  • I believe meme ban pov malheureux bzin ena ene maniere coz r dimoune…li ti kapav xplik Yashvin bien ki c pas possible…

    ek sa zafer “zotte camarade” la c ene foutant ek Yashvin sa! fran tou!

  • For any small security firm, may be that would be acceptable (pov dimounes, mem retraiter ek handicapé pe faire security guards), but not Brinks kan meme. I wonder what the international company would think about this.

  • ticopain

    Thanks 4 ur reply.

    These guys have what?? A CPE? Form 3 at least
    You wont expect people having degree to do this job isn’t it Reen (my cuzin’s name is reena :))

    Coming back to “Zot Camarade”
    Well this is called . Its like that we cant do any thing about it. It has been set up for years and is a common practice in almost all organizations GOV and non GOV.

    “Si to bien r kiken, then ull have privileges”.

    Well my friend you are educated and without any handicap and u seem to b very proud of this 🙂 Best of luck!

    Retired people, Handicap and any other person having a disability (mental or physical) DO HAVE LIVES and they need to be respected and treated as any other person.

    International companies do hire people with some form of disability (FYI).

    Sorry for being so critical.

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  • dominique


    Congrats for your promotion as SSE,

    If you don’t mind, next time when you blog, please tell us your new salary as you are very eager to write all your details of your life in your blog.


  • Thanks @dominique 🙂

    As long as I have readers like you, I will keep on writing things that you love to read, but am not that stupid to write everything you want to know 😛

    haha, cheers!
    Do come again on this PERSONAL blog!

  • shaadrulz

    i totally agree with you dude… pas zis kan 1 dimoune ena leducation ki nu bizin respect li… o contrair ena bane ki ena leducation la mem ki pli dan bez…