Promoted as Software Engineer

Great Day, Great News!

Today, at about 1030am, the Managing Partner of DCDM Consulting (Mr Sylvain Deslandes) announced to me that I was promoted to Software Engineer 😀

Few guess about the factors which increased my chance for promotion may be

  • Time at which we are still working, for instance it’s already midnight, and together with Ashvin and Bernard, we are still working since about 830am! [btw, I am waiting for the taxi to come]
  • Quality of work delivered…

Later in the morning, the official mail announcing the names of the promoted ones was available.

btw, Congrats also to Bernard who is now Team Lead…

During the last 13months at DCDMC, I worked on various projects based on different technologies including php, OSCommerce, .NET/C#, VB.NET, WebDev among others…

I wish to thank all those without whom it would have been difficult to reach here today…

Also thnks to all the congrats msgs bombarded to me today through SMS/MSN msgs…

As for the “la bouche doux” and the “fete la kant?“, well, this will be communicated to you personally lol…

More work load is expected as frm now, lol…
Catch you later in the next post for pics about the celebrations!

[ Feeling veryyyyyyyyy sleepyyyyy & tired right now! Bubye!!! ]


Ex SJC and UOM student, I earn my life as a senior developer. Though I love taking pictures and writing for my blog, I'm dedicating more time to family nowadays. Very few posts as compared to some time back. I love sharing personal things from my life but I also actively write about events, activities and anything hot news on my Facebook profile, this blog's fan page and my twitter account too.

  • Bhooks

    Felicitations Yashvin!… Job well done!

  • Bhooks

    Awootar, arrete blog!

    Fixe sa l’écran de recherche la enn kut!

  • Avish

    Congratulation buddy. Hard work is always rewarding. Keep it up.

    Avishs last blog – The Review

  • jt

    ki la bouche dou… moi mo apel sa KAN PU BATTE TO BIS??:P MARI BON LA FIN DU MOIS ENA TOI EK NITIN ENSAM >> ZOT BIS PU ECLATER BANE ZENE:D felicitation..:)

  • Tushal

    Congratz..{1 more time..LoL} owe me a party now..:p

    Tushals last blog post..Retards? ?

  • Mike

    Congrats, you must be getting dizzy reaching those heights !!
    Good luck to you.

  • Chaya

    Hearty Congratulations!
    All the best!

  • carrotmadman6

    Congrats! Rock on! 😛

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  • Madiihah

    Felicitations yash
    u deserved the best
    n ya pa blier invit moi shii :)

  • Sailesh

    congratulations on your progress 😀

  • preetesh

    Congrats on ur promotion! Keep up z gud job :)

  • n!135h

    Grats yashvin :)…hehe continué mange r li 😉

  • kayssaven

    congrats xD

    i guess you are going to have a mega blast end of september .

  • Yasir

    Well done..congrats for your efforts 😀

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  • chege

    I don’t know !! But what the differences between an associate software engineer and software engineer ? And another question, how it does that you very often work so late ?

  • yusha

    congratsss when u offer a treat at kfc lol

    yushas last blog post..Special thxs to everyone

  • Yashvin

    Grade differ from companies to companies…
    It depends on their grading structure / Hierarchy.
    Some companies don’t even have associate soft engineer due to their structure…

  • Avishna

    eh bubye kot mo party?
    am very happy for you coz i no u deserve it.
    btw am back on ur blog!

  • Yashvin

    @Avishna: li pu vini, deja to doit mwa a lunch twa lol..

    To everyone, attention, mo la main droite ine revine dans forums, gare surtout aux trolls, avishna pu tire zotte manzer 😛

  • Daks

    Moa mo pa le labouche dou…mo le labouche pimentE e salE!!!
    bref, 1 gro pakE doritos chilli and twisties *smile*

  • v!

    aww congrats! 😀

    ek tou sa ban mentions about “still at the office..” la on your blog i guess you deserved it heh 😉

  • *s

    hehe congratss.. =] xx

  • slasher

    Congratulations man 😉

    Keep it up.

  • Ally

    Felicitations yash
    u deserved the best 😀

  • Laksh

    congratssss 😀
    pa blier moui pou fete la…bien bisin en .

    happy 4 u..
    tk cr

  • Avish

    btw si to p invit moi pu fete la… plzzzz pa blie mo mange zist KFC lol 😀

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  • vicks

    Ep tousa dimoune la pe rode bat to bis ..

    Bon.. to connE ki mo pou dire la 😀
    soo ziste dire when and where toi :)

    btw congrats :)

  • th


  • Neel

    Congrats dude!;)

  • Neha

    Congrats :)

  • Shah

    Congratulations! *yay* Keep working hard and ace at everything you do. You rule, man!

  • Ashvindmi

    yo congrats dude.

    its been long u awaited for this day.

  • LaSh

    grats 😉

    LaShs last blog post..Lunar Eclipse

  • Shah

    Again, congrats. you totally rule.

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