Promo Orange Prepaid Cards

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  • I still got 10 mins left from the previous time they did the promo…

    I can confirm it works. Got 1h 12min free time for Rs 100 card. 😛

    But I still prefer the double-credit promo… 🙂

  • that works when i refill with MCB refill? or when i buy a card? or only with evoucher.? please specify! thnx.

  • Its suppose to work with every refill…

  • reetesh15

    Thanks 4 telling me.. pa ti coner coz servii emtel most of the time
    gonna recharge my orange account then! Thanks guys xD

  • pu rs50 li pa marcher :((

  • And Yashvin, now you’re telling me..Hope the promo continues tomorrow..I will do a refill of Rs500 if it works..:p

  • @Tushal : It is suppose to last till 5Jan09… Well, seems that I heard a response like this when I called the Customer Care today.

  • Sailesh


    Na it does not work for MCB refill, its just for e-voucher and cards

  • [re=28833]Yashvin[/re]: If it is true, hope you get your Xmas gift..Else I will take

  • Its only for voucher and card of rs 100 minimum. Get about 1 hour 10 minutes free calls. The double credit was better however.

  • mone topup from mob n it worked…ti met 200 rupi n got hmm 2hr24 mins pa expect mo pou gaspille sa lor twa selman lol 😛

  • It works with MCB refill too :D..

    Does it work when calling fixed line???

  • No, the free calls will only work when calling local orange mobiles.

  • Nooreen 14

    i put rs 100 voucher and have not get any free calls…

  • Abhishekgoindo

    heyyy what promos are available for evoucher???