Promo Orange Prepaid Cards


Hi everyone…

A quick post about the Orange Promo which is valid today, but dont know for how long…

For credit recharge of Rs100 and more, you will be entitled to Orange Free Calls.
For instance, a recharge of Rs100, you will get around Rs86 free calls.
But however, I am not sure of the amount…

Can someone please confirm this?

For instance, I have just put an e-voucher of rs300, and I got more than 3hrs30 of free calls…

Dont forget to visit my post about MCB and SBM’s ATMS

Have a nice day to all…

Yashvin, pages of my life

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  • I still got 10 mins left from the previous time they did the promo…

    I can confirm it works. Got 1h 12min free time for Rs 100 card. 😛

    But I still prefer the double-credit promo… 🙂

  • that works when i refill with MCB refill? or when i buy a card? or only with evoucher.? please specify! thnx.

  • Its suppose to work with every refill…

  • reetesh15

    Thanks 4 telling me.. pa ti coner coz servii emtel most of the time
    gonna recharge my orange account then! Thanks guys xD

  • pu rs50 li pa marcher :((

  • And Yashvin, now you’re telling me..Hope the promo continues tomorrow..I will do a refill of Rs500 if it works..:p

  • @Tushal : It is suppose to last till 5Jan09… Well, seems that I heard a response like this when I called the Customer Care today.

  • Sailesh


    Na it does not work for MCB refill, its just for e-voucher and cards

  • [re=28833]Yashvin[/re]: If it is true, hope you get your Xmas gift..Else I will take

  • Its only for voucher and card of rs 100 minimum. Get about 1 hour 10 minutes free calls. The double credit was better however.

  • mone topup from mob n it worked…ti met 200 rupi n got hmm 2hr24 mins pa expect mo pou gaspille sa lor twa selman lol 😛

  • It works with MCB refill too :D..

    Does it work when calling fixed line???

  • No, the free calls will only work when calling local orange mobiles.

  • Nooreen 14

    i put rs 100 voucher and have not get any free calls…

  • Abhishekgoindo

    heyyy what promos are available for evoucher???