Quelques blagues pour ce poisson d’avril

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  • michaelko999

    la route nationale allait être fermée!!!! pa un zafer pou dir sa!!! misir la ti bizin excuse li sa! de tou fason mo pa ecoute sa radio la moi. tro cause nirport endan.

  • Le_Voyageur

    premier poisson mne manG c par Raj K-B lor fb .. so status msg pu al hong-kong laa … cki moi mmne zouE li assE classic .. 1 prof ti met soulier talon .. mne dia li so laC largE … li geT ..

  • nice article…

    no pranks as I was sick today, but the one jaya sent to you is really nice!

  • shavin
  • Estelle

    lol, I believe old tricks still works,like we used to at school, call me regressive. Humour does nt necessarily need to be complex to build up gd laughter. Remember those drawn-on-paper fishes we used to make, with messages on them, like “kick me”…, and stick them expertly on others. I pulled that trick at the office today…and it worked. Not only did the persons did not notice who did pull up that trick, but stayed with that message, stick to their back pocket for a honorable 3 hours, and being a good sport, laughed when tthey found out…

  • Bhooks

    Sithanen la paye net. lol

  • @Bhooks : Pas mal, mais c pas defi kine faire sa a vraie dir.
    Ena 1 site ki offer so service pu monte video koume sa. Li deja ena so template : http://www.worldsgreatestbusinessmind.com/

  • Mike

    Poissons d’avril a la sauce européenne:
    Petite sélection…

  • lol mo penser radio one so blague pan ti ena bel impacte.. kikaine ecoute sa radio la??? 😛

  • @Kailash : Yeah, 1 2 friends pu mwa ekoute sa. Zotte the ‘serious’ type of persons ki pas like jokes of Mamie Clown or other enthusiastic radio animator 😛
    Ofet, zotte meme ine rakonte mwa sa, sinon mo si pas ti pu koner lol

  • Bhooks

    Si to ekut zis mami clown. eski to kwar tu dimoun ekut to mami

  • Rakesh

    Mone prefere celle du defi media kot line annonce Le Ministre Rama Sithanen grand gagnant du World’s Greatest Business Mind avec 1 video, et bon nombres dimuns in meme croirs ek comments xD

    Lien : http://www.defimedia.info/articles/7787/1/Ce-netait-quun-poisson-davril–/Page1.html

  • Mike
  • Rabin

    I find it hilarious to note that people still play pranks on others in 2010.In England they have recently sorted out the tree which produced noodles grown only in really secret(to the main public)spots.With the progressive and agressive growth of Chinese military power I thought the chinese would have propagated the seed of the famous PETARDS,but to my dismay I think they have other secret plans.

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