Free VIP Parking in Port Louis. Hurry!

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  • It falls under the responsibility of RDA for the road markings 😉

  • Vineet

    Hey it’s really free!!!! No yellow lines and both sides are not yet accountable as a parking zone1. It’s strange how the local authority has completely missed-up on that or the contractor forgot to paint the yellow lines? Anyway I’ll fear any embarrassment with the police, as they might put a Denver wheel clamp onto my car and I will have to disburse Rs2000 or more as if I tell them that there’s no yellow lines or no parking zone, for sure they will tell me to go to court and fight for it !!!

  • LOL!! Profiter Yash! 😛

  • Tushal

    Parking there as it currently stands out is PERFECTLY legal.

  • If a member of RDA reads this… Free parking dans ene semaine capave fini aller la!!! 😛
    Tension bannes chauffeurs la encolere contre toi!!
    BTW… i guess it’s also not allowed to park your car on the trottoir as well.. normally it’s an offense :/
    Enfin mo penC zot conner… just that zot p laisse passée! xD

  • As for this one, it is not a pavement but rather the drain system. The pavement is found inside the “main courante”.

  • C vrai, i didn’t notice that! 🙂

  • Preetesh Prayag

    Eski gagne drwa parkE lor trottoir 1er dabord??

  • C’est pas trottoire, comme mone dir Pramod earlier. C system drain sa.

  • TL

    Fer attention..mem si pena road marking, police capav ouvert so la bible et rode ene nimport ti zaffer dan road traffic regulation just pu capav met ene ti denver lor to loto et fer journalist vine tire photo..pou montrer zot p fer ene bon travail..

  • Zott enkor apé férr tender pou asté la-pintirr zonn… Attann enkor 2-3 mwa lerla capav, ki koné?

  • Ou bien Minisipalité / District Council? Ou bien TMRSU? Ou bien Ministérr Infrastriktirr Piblik? Parski mo pa tro sirr ki sé enn “RDA classified road”…

  • JP Fortuno

    kan ena ene la ligne continue en face, pa gagne droit garer, non?

  • A confirmer, since it is a “2 lanes” in same direction ( and it is nearly off? the road.)

  • citoyenR

    mo pas conseille zot mete loto lor parking..evite l’amerdement. taler zot al gagne sabot lor la roue…bizin derange al caserne paye R1000 pou fer tirer..ene journee fini mort..loto la ine garer lot trottoire…dimoune cot pou marcher…chauffeur la pena l’esprit…bizin decourage sa type de bassesse la….

  • Reena DKL

    Trottoir lot cote main courante….

  • Michaella

    Ayo .. avec sa kaliter traffic ds Port Louis la .. mo preferer debourse Rs30 pou 4h ek mette mo loto ds Caudan moi … o moins ena moins risk ki mo loto rayer !!!

  • Bops

    this is correct, this is not a ‘trottoir’ but a drain system. A trottoir is defined as a walking space which must be above road level.. Else it is a drain system

  • Nishant

    pa mm 1 semaine mone servi sa parking la et fini met la ligne jaune tou zis morning :/

  • nishant

    troittor ena endans, sa drain sa

  • Yasir

    lucky you and those who park there :p

  • who parked** there.

    Now, there are double yellow lines there lol.

  • Yasir

    yes, parked 😀