Weird parasailing landing at sea

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  • preetesh8

    if the speedboat just starts going again they will fly!

  • Except that it didn’t. And the way he was ‘grabbed’ gives you an idea of the situation.

  • Good thing they had they had life jackets…

  • Hope no-one got badly hurt in that incident…

  • MotiZil

    This is not a new situation! I have personally witnessed this while being on the platform and waiting for my turn! In fact, when you do such activity, they tell you not to bring camera nor any electronic devices as you never know that you might land in water!

    Coming to the point, I don’t think that the speed boat is guilty for this! Such situation often comes when the people in the parachute fail to manipulate the rope for a proper landing! Before you take off, they explain you how to handle the rope for direction and to get down! But now think that if you miscalculate your landing, I do not think that the speed boat is guilty.

    When you land in water, they normally tell you to detach the parachute from you because the parachute might drag you along. But nothing to worry as you have a life jacket and within seconds, the guys will come to take you out of water. This is not a first time incident, it normally happens! So I would advice not to dramatize this.

  • Ashvind Maudhoo

    I wish to do it one day and I will seek for professionals. But still..Incidents like this do happen yeah

  • As you can see below, one of the guys on the platform grabbed the man’s leg to pull him:”

    did you mean women? cz you said couple so um?
    Belle mare- The place where para-sailing is done by unprofessional to be serious!, many such incidents might had happened in the past maybe, there are many people who host parasailing without completely being professional and knowledgeable about it, fortunately the couple were fine in the end and considering the fact that another boat was used for the landing purpose it really seems unprofessional and unreliable, i wonder how that couple were ready to take the risk, anyway Welcome to Mauritius

  • No no, he grabbed the man’s leg. See the enlarged picture again.