Combien paires dal pourri/roti? :P

A few days back, a friend told me that he once ate 10 pairs of one of the widely consumed fast food of Mauritius, commonly known as “dal pourri” or “dhol pourri”…

I was kindda astonished!Β I never ate more than 3 “dal pourri” or even “roti”.
Wow, I can’t imagine me eating more than that! I simply won’t be able to do that without getting sick!

So, this brings me with this blog post, trying to find out about the habits of some of the Mauritians reading this πŸ™‚

How many pairs of “dal pourri” or “roti” can you eat?

Note : The numbers here refer to the number of “dal pourri” eaten consecutively over the minutes, not during one week or month…

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  • cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  • Crouch22

    As long as it is in a wedding, I will ‘bat biss bien’ and eat as much as I can especially during chawtari along with delicious dishes.. πŸ˜›

  • Le_Voyageur

    moi osi pareil 3 pa plus ::::: lOol ::::: mais en ce dernier temps pan trop manze dholl puri la πŸ˜‰

  • Sun

    For one meal, Maximum 5 roti /pair dall pouri. Not more! πŸ˜›

    Btw, u say a pair of dall pouri , but not a pair of roti! Last week, i went to the shop and said give me a pair of roti…. and then , got laughed at. Baaaka!

  • I eat 2 pairs (once in a blue moon, i.e. 2-6 months)… even though it doesn’t satiate my hunger, I have to bear in the mind the kcal it contains.

    Record is 4. πŸ˜›

  • yiu

    3 dal pouri e roti c’est 2 :p

  • Ben

    I think Shamlesh has the local record of rotis Rozario ever eaten

  • 2 pairs roti ek n pair dal pourri ek n coka :p

  • 5 pairs is very manageable for me. I remember eating 10 rotis at a party in December last year … but they were quite thin and i did not abuse the curry.

  • Bhooks

    12 paires dholl puri is the most I had. And then I felt like never ever to eat these again.

  • Arrmaan

    Dal Puri: 5, Roti: 5, Puri: 9

  • i can eat 3 pairs.

  • Mike

    These days I rarely manage more than 1 pair of dal pourri but I guess it’s age showing.. Still enjoy them though.

  • TheRippingGhost

    2 pair max

  • Bernardo

    No more than 5….

  • i can eat 8. no more doing that! :p i’ve seen people eat 15.

  • roti rozario, 9 :p

  • ah wi, dans marriage… monn deza tann 1 mam in manz 75 ti puri dans competition manzE dans marriage… enfin mo trouv li malelvE fer sa … mais ena dimoune fer sa

  • TSJ

    ZorD m manz 3 pair midi ek m manz 2 pair enkor dan 1 chawtari πŸ˜›

  • so, 12 is the limit, confessed in this blog, till now πŸ˜›

  • I once ate 17 pairs of dholl puri at a chawtaree. I could have eaten more but it was at night when i ate another batch of 10 pair of dholl puri. So it is 27 pair of dholl in 12 hours.

  • shweeta

    Sa foto dhal puri n roti la p fer moi gagne faim. πŸ™
    kan mo ti mru lst month, i onli ad 1pair dhal puri n roti. was sooo yummyyy….. i soo miss it nw.. πŸ™
    i can eat 2pair dhal puri max.. et 3roti πŸ™‚

  • Dvil

    hmm moen amgne 4 paires max. kot rodrigues mone deja mange 3 rotis et ene mine bouilli derier avec ene bol halim. mais en fait franchement kan to manz dholl puri la avec ene cari apart to kave mange 10 pairs facilements

  • Normally 2 pais of “dal puri” is fine…if I give in for a 3rd one I start feeling disgusted and will not want to see nor smell them for weeks!!!

    Roti I love only the ones my mum makes and direct from the “tawa” on my plate with butter..yum! Maximum 2 then MAYBE 1 for dinner with curry but this is quite rare…the one with butter is enough at times.

    I know Michel was a “grand manzer” but after our wedding line perdi l’appeti :p

  • Normally when I buy, I take 1 pair Dholl Puri et 1 roti. To the max it can be three pairs in all… Pas plis… But when mum cooks dholl puri at home, I can eat four of them at once πŸ˜› Pas mette lizier la hein… πŸ˜‰

  • Crouch22

    @shweeta: Cot Aka Roti ena payment par carte debit ou credit..Make a purchase may be in can send you via DHL or Fedex. πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  • Bhooks

    kot roti aka. Sa al zwen tase la ba. Tro lourd sa bann roti la

  • ashvin

    sa depane ki kari ena.. si par example ena kari endan, b mo ramasser mo aler mem ziska mo souler πŸ˜›

  • shweeta

    @Crouch22: loool :p kifr besn carte?! envoye moi as a gift.. :P:P btw gagner dhal puri et roti ici.. mais li pas as yummy as the ones in mru..

  • Laddoo

    i love our very own fast foods.. but i can’t eat more than two !

  • WarezMu

    My record for Roti-7 and Dhollpuri-12………….

  • Hmm..interesting.. πŸ™‚

    dal puri i think c 4 e roti 6 ou 7…

    pna ti puri?? πŸ˜› sanla mo ena n zoli record…27!!!!

  • lina

    dhall puri max 3, roti max 4, roti aka only 1 !

  • Bhooks

    Si gagne enn kut aka roti lor latet. ena blesse la dans πŸ™‚

  • lina

    @Bhooks: d’apres l’orde to ena ene zafer contre roti aka toi ! lol

    Do you know that when roti aka started it was for the “enflés” who used to work on the docks because these workers needed to eat these food to have enough energy to do such tasks. This is why the rotis are so big and when you have eaten one you feel so full and heavy

    aster la tout dimune manze roti aka .. meme moi and i am only half the size of an “enflé camion”

    Btw mo pena nanier contre enflé camion, attention ena pou passe ene commentaire lor ce ki mone dire. Donc mo rédire: il n’y a pas de sot métier.

  • Raj K-B

    3-4 paires max kan aster dehors mais kan to manzer lakaz, it’s easy to lose track…

  • p lire sa.. mo p rod avoy en l’air mo regime!

  • Juc

    There is a ‘Roti” seller in front of gates near Factory moulin la Concorde in the Port area called “Mannick” these were the rotis that the dockers used to ate in the 80′ and 90’ ,nowadays, we have “Aka” ones.
    I have personally eaten 1 1/2 Mannick rotis some years back.

    My personal records regarding dholl puree “Beret” – corner of La Paix St and Desforges st,available only in afternoon weekdyas, is Twelve (12)plus 2 verres Alouda.

    bon appetit