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[Guest post] Krav Maga Seminars coming to Mauritius

Right everyone, for those of you who do not know anything about defensive tactics system, you will be interested to learn that Krav Maga is no nonsense, relaitic and a very effective training system which comes from Israel.

Read the whole article for more details on Krav Maga and the forthcoming seminars in Mauritius.

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Les îles de la tentation

Cette édition de l’émission “Investigations” de la chaine “France O” s’est fait parler d’elle à plusieurs reprises pendant les derniers jours. Au finale, j’ai fini par visualiser ce fameux reportage sur le net afin d’en avoir le cœur net. Après tout, on a tous le droit de découvrir ces “vérités” et “révélations”, décrites comme la face cachée de l’ile.

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Caudan et ses parapluies

Malgré l’air très coloré qu’affichent les photos qui défilent sur Facebook en ce moment, moi, je les vois sous tout un autre angle. On se croirait presque en Agueda dans le Portugal mais sauf que le Caudan a fait installé ces parapluies pour une toute autre raison.

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And the best halim in town?

After the best “boulettes” in town post, I think that it is high time I move on to the next in this “best of” series. If you read one of my posts on Facebook yesterday, you probably saw this one coming: “The best halim in town” :-)

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[Guest post] Make your smartphone smarter (1)

After (successfully) installing an Android app on his smarphone, my dear friend Tushal just realized how this can change his life and make him more lazy. But what is the use of being the only lazy person. So, he decided to spread some words about this app which he truly believes can make more lazy people and auto-proclaim himself as the king :-)

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Patrick, shut the heck up!

First of all, my sincere apologies to all the Patricks reading this post. I really thought a lot before using those words in the title.
Personally, I think that this person just speaks rubbish while trying to cover up things happening in the country and taking Mauritians for stupids!

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Reasons why the new National ID card now scares me!

After watching the YouTube video, I was totally speechless. I never saw the new ID card in this way. I knew that there was going to have a whole load of data collected but Lalit Mauritius clearly goes beyond the official published benefits of having this detailed database of the population.