Orange TV Ad – Original Soundtrack!

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  • geshwin

    mo ti p rod sa :)

  • n!135h

    wa wa thxs man ^^

  • Laksh

    well mo ti p rod sa song since some time :)
    glad u put it (y)

    alor comment ton dir moi mo bisin dir toi en gros thx :p

    now c fait ;)


    tk cr

  • $?|@$#

    nice soundtrack

    thxs for the link :p

  • ShaL

    Hey :)

    Nice blog you have here!!!

    Thanks for the song (y)

  • Shweety

    Aww.. sucha nyce SounDTracK .. =)
    Oie btw d’yu kno where i can dwnld mp3 songs frm da net fur free.. lool..
    i memba once yu postd da link on yur blog..
    Tc Staii BleSs x

  • Yashvin

    thnks to everyone…credits also go to carrotmadman6.

    to Shweety:, very good one!

  • Véro

    Too kool! Thxxx ;-)

  • dee

    mo pa p kav dwnload:s

  • Yashvin

    Go to the downloads page,
    and right click on the “download” link, select “save as” or “save target as”.

    It should be asking you where to save the mp3…

    Thnks for visiting….

  • Varuna

    Thx mo ti p rode sa dpi lontem……(y) :)

    ok la? ;)

  • Varun

    Taar…zot ine ale rod so lorigin tou la ein…CooL..
    Btw…ki livre u kw me kapav use for basic java programming?

    Thks davance!

  • saheer

    moi si mari kontan sa voice la :D

  • Ravi


    thanks a lot for this song

    was looking for it :-)

  • yusuf

    Nice soundtrack. Thanks for this one. Your blog rocks and I hope that it will never stop rocking. Keep it up.

  • Vero

    To pena soundtrack pepsi la si? ;-)

  • Yashvin


    Pepsi? mo pa p koner ki reclame, seki

    brrrrrrrrrrrrrr la? lol

    ala li la:
    brrrrrrrrrrrrr brrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Ashvindmi

    Thanks for the share dude, mo frer so zenfan li extra content ecoute sa disc la.


  • Yashvin

    hi to all…

    i have got some complaints that the page didnt load well in Internet Explorer..
    well, i corrected that issue, and u can now access that page.
    Perhaps that was the error u were trying to tell me about, please check n sorry for any inconvenience…

  • Yashvin

    it’s silent in the early morning the only sound is my breathing
    as i lay awake not knowing where it will be i’m going.
    but i know, time moves slow at 12:59, i sing lullaby
    and if you want me to sing you a song, i know that theres a 12:59 lullaby tonight.

    i’ll see the next hour through, it falls to the next so soon.
    while my guitar waits for a tune, where have the songs played gone to

    and i know, time moves slow at 12:59 i sing lullabies
    and if you want me to sing you a song, i know that there’s a 12:59 lullaby tonight

    and if you want me to sing you a song, i know that there’s a 12:59 lullaby tonight..

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  • cybermate

    Moi si mo ti p rod sa depis ene mari lepok :P
    Mais mo ti ressi gaigne li lor youtube


    btw kiken conne sa soundtrack nomad ti servi poo so espes tele realiT li ti fer la?
    thanks :P


  • Yashvin

    to cybermate:
    hmmm,wai mo si mo ti p rode sa song nomad la a lepok…pane ressi koner mais am sure, lezotte bisin ena ene idea…

    do share…

  • Amar

    hey wai yash, mo ti p rod sa 2 sanT la, thanks tne upload sa lor to site…

  • InF

    Seriously, thanks! Was looking for that soundtrack for a while now. It sounded really Mauritian-made though! :P