Oh Gula! thnks & Facebook New Feature!!!

It is 0725, and a cyclone warning class 3 is still in force in Mauritius .

NO WORK (for the moment) & NO SCHOOL OR UNI for others…

Name: Gula

Distance : 260 Km From Mauritius

Trajectory : South South East

Type : Moderate Cyclone

History : from 4am to 7am today(thursday 31 jan 08) it travelled 30 Km, coming closer to our island

Expectations : a long weekend of 4 days minimum koz tomorrow friday is public holiday in mauritius, and it seems that today, the cyclone warning class 3 will persist and may even be upgraded to class 4.

Current Situtation:
Pratically no rain and small gusts of winds in the north. Cyclone believed to have a small diameter and active within that area.

My Prevision (in red, LOL, that was yesterday morning)


My Next prevision will be issued later today, if there is no work lol… koz if the 3rd warning cyclone is removed before 11am, all the staff of dcdmc will have to go to work 🙁


There is a new feature on facebook!

Am sure, this will make our life more easy!!!!

As from now, if you have more than 25 requests pending, there will be a “Clear All” button so that you dont have to click 25 times on ignore to clear all manually!!!



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  • Raminator

    Gula my dear,wish you a nice trip towards our beautiful island that needs so much rain…and also for our lazy fellow workers of DCDM..C dont je fais parti lol…Must survive ziska 11h00…zen u can go away u f–k–g bloody cyclone..euhhh i mean my lovely depression full of character and so dear to all of us!!!!looool

  • Kim

    Pena aukaine avertissement de cyclone! Jeudi 31/01/08 @ 08:50!

  • ????

    mari cyclone sa,pena di vent ni la pli.li ene cyclone amicale.Gula fini aler,ayoooo.

  • HI.
    I would like to know how to add my blog in mauritiusblogtracker.com.

    My blog is at http://abrahamsbook.blogspot.com


  • falco

    bane malbar zot prevision sa… zot lire dan coco