Discovering the north-east coast of the island

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  • ritzz

    Neat Pictures!

  • Mike

    Nice photos and discovery of beautiful region.
    The map is a nice idea for anyone wishing to follow your route.

  • v

    yuss! that’s the hometown! 🙂 next time to to “Mile” as well – breathtaking place!

  • Nice place.:p..But luckily for me..I have visited them..xD

  • sanse tonn blog lor la! zordi monn gagne 1 lidE kot goodlands trouvE donc a peu prE kot pizon restE. wahahahaha

  • aawwwww cT tro top :D:D

  • Nice pics(good photographer)…hmm never been there 🙁

  • Nice pics, often been to the north but not to some of the places metioned on the map 😀 and certainly not where you stopped

  • Mervin

    hehe the last picture. check the background..thats the rocky state lands i’ve been adventuring into 🙂

  • Mervin

    nxt time you going for a trip =) let me know =) i’ll escort you 🙂

  • Mervin

    lol how can you handle the steering and shoot pictures @ the same time? 😛

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