Nomad, a perfect gift?

Nomad was mad again for 2 whole days & the technicians themselves took a long time to locate the source of the problem.

But i wish to thank some of the customer care agents who have become very friendly wiz me, something normal since i call them at least 5 times daily!
i have become the “zenfant lakaaz” of nomad!

Impossible to connect to the internet on 11 & 12 Jan for the whole day & night.
On 7 & 8, frequent disconnections !
On 10, no connection for 1/2 day, then at 23hrs n then at 0100hrs
On 11, one of their antennas(BTS) was down for half day!

When i call the customer care, am no more a burden for them since i already inform them that none of their solutions wont work and its of no use to ask me to do them again.
i just tell them : “kouma dir ena problem r zotte nomad”
answer : “wi effectivement, ena ene probleme, essaye connecter pli tard”

or even, many times i had to call to inform them that their antenna in triolet has stopped working and some of them are “latete piker” & dont accept…
its only after some mins, they call me back:
“mr awootar, effectivement, ou ena raison, sa antenne (BTS) triolet la li en panne, nu bane technicians p essaye repare li”

Here is a screen shot of the speed test i fortunately succeeded to carry out on the 11…
a surprisingly extraordinary result of 1KB/s when am supposed to get 13-15KB/s

hmm, i think that i am a bit late to post about the following things :

  • A perfect gift??? rather a headache?

  • The wireless free mouse given to the first 500 customers.

    lol, nomad does not consider itself unfortunate enough to be overloaded with so many problems regarding their wireless modems and now they want to add another problem source with their wireless mouse!

hmm, i really think that nomad should change their moto from

“high speed reliable internet access”to

“unreliable internet access with low speed & high probability problems”

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  • lol
    i should feel lucky then
    no major probs since wht..2 months?
    am lucky
    tout les zour p download lor 14-16kBps

  • Sundeep, are you using Nomad?

  • yaya, eddy, he is a nomadien just like me… :cwy:

  • But he seems to be having more luck with the service than you. Have you considered that maybe your location does not get a good signal?

  • yups on nomad as well..
    bt strangely enough..
    having been having any majors probs since quite some time..

  • Dikshant

    Sa nomad…mone plein ar sa…

    Mone bien zour zot sa 2 jours la… :biggrin: :biggrin:

    Zot bane volere…nek kokin casse dimoune aprer assizer soffe chaise laba…

  • me too, i was enjoying nomad without its problems for 1 month but seems, problems started again as from 7jan…

    its a general problem in the north(these last days)
    antennas were affected i think..

  • lol..

    pou ena kunal ki pou explose so modem nomad soon la non!!

    bizin filmE and mette lor youtube sa!! :devil:

  • varuna

    Nomad, nomad….
    still nomading, hasnt yet found a stable and professional service.

  • Kyu

    :biggrin: :biggrin: At first i was considering subscribing to nomad, then without telling, me dad subscribed to My.T, seems should consider myself as lucky!

  • clive

    The problem is also in Pl. Since the beginning of the week, same problem over here. Speed aroung 1-2kb. Hair starting to fall. Ironically, despite Taiwan quake, MT adsl has resumed its cruising speed. Have the technicians managed to repair the cable???

  • AMJ

    Is the MY-t thing really ‘vaut la peine’ koz hear sme news that its connection is not tht ggood.

  • i think comparaable to nomad :blink: , MyT is much better πŸ˜† for many reasons.
    it do happen that some friends complain in the begining but then everything becomes ok.
    as for nomad, its the reverse!
    at first, everything is fine 😎 and then some time after, :dizzy: u want to give it some carrots!
    & throw it outside :angry:

  • @ yashvin

    give it some carrots?? couma dire fer bourik marC sa!!

    apendant carrot devant li!!! :silly: :silly: :biggrin:

  • LOL bien payer sa entry la :w00t: hahaha get sa XPEEDOMETER LA…!! lol li p touffer ek sa 500kb la.

  • An eye for an eye: you have been tagged!! πŸ˜‰

  • Avishna

    Myt is disgusting!!!
    i have just received my bill for the months of december-january I GOT A SHOCK :w00t:
    i was charged 4 times the rental the usual amount!!! 2880rs+ vat ofcours
    b mo penser ki mo fer la (mo papa PU KILL ME EK FER MOI RE VIVRE PU RE KILL ME – kan c pa ma faute:angel: )
    so armer de patience mo call customer care on 8585 which is a free num (chance coz i had to wait wait for 30 mins bf4 anyone took my call + chance free sa sinon again mo papa ti pu kill me :devil: )
    so yea they took my call and
    they claimed that i had signed for sipaki service de merde encore WEN I DIDNOT!!!!!!!!!!
    mo in arazer took his name and today took 1/2 day off at work ek in alle rhill telecom ek in fer 1 scandal !!!!
    ONLY THEN THEY APPOLOGISED saying some shit about informatik error and the bill will be adjusted accordingly next month.

    so today i showed the bill to my dad ….
    sancou la li envie kill directeur telecom…. :whistle:
    kelle vie πŸ™‚

  • lol, so happy for u now that everything is settled…

    hmm, can we make a suicide mission for killing MyT n Nomad directors? :devil:

  • armand

    what package have you taken

    My.T 10H ?

  • still on nomad, seems it returned back to normal after the visit of a nomad technician to my place…got no problemes since only some days…

  • kyu

    Youpppiiiii! i just got the very same problem as avishna. πŸ™‚
    except that moi c mo dad kine trouve facture la en 1er…..
    only one comment, please inform for the suicide mission, now dont know why but i suddenly wanna be part of it πŸ™‚ :alien: :biggrin:

  • armand

    have you seen the promo at nomad
    make your choice

    128 Kbps for Rs 690 x 3 = 2070
    890 x 9 = 8010
    total= 2070 + 8010 = 10080

    myt 750 x 11 = 8010 (one month free)

    which is expensive

  • @Armand

    the thing is that
    me as well as yashvin we pay only Rs512 for our nomad 128
    and that was before MyT was out..Rs512 is still much cheaper to some ppl..

  • exactly sundeep πŸ˜›

    grace a sa promotion la ene tas ine benefit from this price and ene tas pas p cpv cancel contract nomad akoz sa 1an ki bisin paye rs512 la!
    bisin wait for more months la…
    but anyway, since mone change mo modem 2 weeks back pas p gagne prob pu l’instant