No handshaking please!

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  • carrotmadman6

    Wow, what an idea! Yeah, don’t handshake! Kiss everyone!!!

    Yashvin FTW!

  • Yashvin

    @Carrot : lol, make love not war :P

    [btw, I find it a bit weird to kiss my male colleagues :P]

  • Mike

    Personaly I would recommend this kind of protection. I have tested it out in a special chamber a few times and it works.

    click on this link to view the recommended protection

  • Nav

    A bit extreme maybe, but effective. Don’t forget virus particles can also be breathed in from the air. So maybe some face masks are needed to :D

    Got this link from Bruno’s blog, but it’s def FTW on H1N1 virus info + prevention! :)

  • Nav

    This link is actually specific for the H1N1 type flu :)

  • morinn

    LOL! Don’t forget to wear gloves as well.

  • ReenaDKL

    Flying kisses!!! lol!

  • deepa

    Dan triolet un garson in ggn sa la grippe la..

  • Shameerah

    Hi guys,
    can anyone let me know about the situation in Mauritius about swine flu?
    How many cases are there? and what are those people being given? is it tamiflu?
    Yeah the best thing to do is hygienic precautions.. washing up ur hands frequently i would say… coz its not only by touching somebody else’s hands actually, its by touching any surface that is contaminated… when someone coughs or sneezes, those germs stay on that surface for hours even though the person is gone… so..
    One other thing is not to touch ur eyes, nose or ears before washing ur hands.. coz if ur hands are “dirty”, its so easy for the germs to get into our body..

  • Yashvin

    @Shameerah : Around 30 confirmed cases, 3 dead (indirectly related to H1N1), only 6 people can be tested per day (equipment limitation), 1 confirmed case in Rodrigues, Tamiflu given to most serious cases only.

  • Yadhav

    a smile is always better than a handshake :)

  • Avishna

    C’est ce qui ressort d’un communiqué émis, le soir du 14 août, par le ministère de la Santé. Celui-ci concède que la pandémie est plus grave que les cas avérés.

    A hier 14 août, 33 cas avérés à Maurice et 1 à Rodrigues ont été recensés. A ce stade, trois décès liés à la Grippe A H1N1 ont été répertoriés dans le pays.–le-nombre-de-cas-avérés-est-plus-important-que-ceux-répertoriés-jusqu-ici

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