Nissan and Toyota dispute the highest sales numbers, again

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  • Er, if I may, Iframac is also proclaiming itself as No.1 VEHICLE dealer in Dodoland.

    By including cars, buses, trucks and boats, and cycles and everything motorised in its definition of the word “vehicle”.

    And the association of advertisers (AAA, is that it?) is still silent about it…

    Ki li dir: Gopialand or not?

  • Pépé Le Beagle

    A la fin kiété sa? “L’école des fans” (dé bann mark loto)!
    Zot tou in gaigné, zot tou inn fer number one. Korek? Zot tou pran mem kado retourne lacaz! 😀

  • ledinesh

    ena enta magouille concernant nombre vente vehicule. sa nombre zot p publier la: eski li pren en charge vehicle recond et vehicule lagence OU nek vehicules lagences OU nek vehicules recond.

    tout sa rouler mo habituer rouler la, dernierment preske tou toyota/nissan mo p trouver reconditioned et pas lagence et surtout taxi 😀 , mais bien tigite ki lagence et c ban haut fonctionaires ki p roule sa. Kia seul marque mon trouv pli beaucoup loto kin tirer depi lagence et ban middle class family et higher ki p roule kia.

    normalement lagence dire zot pena narien pou fer concernant recond akoz zot pas conne letat masine la mais kan ena pou rode chiffres daffaires pou ene publicitE, la desuite zot pren loto recond la osi ensam ar zot..

    @google-364ece096841439f595e156d955a01e4:disqus : when did iframac claim no.1, as far as i remember, 300 cars in 3 days doesn’t make them no.1.

    if we go by the figures-

    NTA : toyota 1348 and nissan 1385 (mauritius)
    MVDA: toyota 1351 and nissan 1299 (mauritius and rodrigues)

    point to be noted, so in addition to the state of vehicle whether new or recond, the country also does matters!

    mauritius c’est un plaisir.

  • raviramsurn

    Mo pe rode n nimero CONMANCE PAR( R)