nice derivation :)

i came across this funny thing in my mail today…

hmm, before anyone gets overheated, let me say that i got nothing against women, so, u dont need to fight over this here…

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  • lol… 1 zour to pou gagne bater toi 😛

  • kyu

    haha :biggrin: :biggrin: one advice, put the

    i got nothing against women, so, u dont need to fight over this here

    part in bold, italic, underlined, centered and any other rhing that woul make it stand out and be more noticeable. pcq sinon, well, agree with Lash, to pou gagne batter, :ninja: :ninja: :silly: :sideways:

    actually, using your definition of monry,
    money= (all problems)^(1/2)
    ((all problems)^(1\2))^2= All problems and not just problems
    (Wow, never realised how hard it was to type maths lol :biggrin: :biggrin: )

  • behehe mo koner sa equation la :biggrin: :biggrin: li bien vrai tou

  • haha to kyu :whistle:

    does someone know how to include integration n differentiation into this question?
    am sure, the result will be nicer :silly:

  • tushal

    sa equation la mari poupular sa! ! quan mo ti encore ti pe faire le tours..n equation mari bon encore! ! ! ! ! ! ! lol.
    to pe rode met integration n diferentiation tou..wai kpv check sa pou twa! ! ! si li
    eh pa ale gagne baT..

  • Got to ask for some advice from the guys following “BSc Mathematics”. ban la pu kav aide toi. 😆

  • woman pas problem sa ta

    :wub: :wub:woman :wub: :wub: :

  • Suraj

    Epp ,,,True Vicks: “woman pas problem sa ta” 😆
    Ena ene ti error lao.. bsin gagne B+ sa;
    “Money=root of all EVIL” :tongue:
    therefore, ” Woman=Evil” == A+ :tongue: :devil:

  • Cette equation est due a ton experience personelle?

  • to angele:
    :whistle: oui et non :cwy:

    but sometimes, her presence solves my problems, got to admit it :heart: