New improved nomad???

Hundreds/thousands of billboards, newpapers are displaying the following advert these last days…

Nomad is announcing that NOW has

  • Better experience
  • Improved service
  • Expanded coverage…


So, this proves that they accept that BEFORE this advert, nomad users had very

  • POOR experience
  • POOR service
  • POOR coverage!!!

SO BAD MARKETING for the image of a company!!!

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  • amishi

    jamais mone servi nomad
    jamais mo ti envi servi
    jamais mo pou envi servi nomad

    alors ramass zot nomad,zotou konr li dan bez. yashvin kpv strongly confirm sa :p

  • NO COMMENTS..LMAO.. prefer pa dire anything lor sa

  • Laksh


    to conner mem toi koment li eter so sevice!!! c vrai yashvin ena en bon experience abt nomad 😛

  • lol…mn pens mem zafer ki twa. advertising manager a la con. si nomad mem ine accepter zt service en *beep* b veu dire….ine ler zt aler depi moriss

  • I used a “disconnected” Nomad modem when I was in Mauritius in January. The connection was much better than before despite the modem being in a less-than-perfect location. So, maybe they have improved their network.

    I also heard rumours about Nomad closing in June. Given that they just started a new marketing campaign, I guess this was just hype then. But still, what am I supposed to do with this “disconnected” modem that still works? I have cancelled the contract and do not intend to pay any bill that they send my way.

    — Eddy

  • nushreena

    lol..komik sa add la vremem! 😛 euh i wonder si really lin improve aster or c juste another ‘ad’.. cozer 1 tas!!! 😉

  • Madiihah

    wei fran fran tou mari kk sa nomad la..just qan lenvie pour servi net ti fort lerla em li pas ti p capter rezo

    mai 1 sanse in ggne myt!
    wei wei myt j taime,j tadore
    vive myt!

  • n!135h

    lool Madiihah,mo koire sa m nou(toi, moi, yashvin, tushal and more lol…lol mo mank sa ancien forum Nomad la XD) in kit nomad 😀

    O fait mo re gagne news ki li encore bomb m :P….

    nah mo redire,problem la li 1 seul nivo sa……sa 1 department la pa p fer so work couma bzn,else why commencemnt connection ti bon ???

    sa mo approve sa comment la “just qan lenvie pour servi net ti fort lerla em li pas ti p capter rezo”….ek pa bzn dire toi kan phone customer service ki ti p arriver (mo demander moi si zot in reussi pense pou forme sa ban dimoune ki kass poz dan customer service la lol)…. haha….selma pli bon mo ti gagne sa….phone banla pou complaint ek avant m gagne le temp dire alo, coupe lor figure….sa customer service sa, ZAMAI mo pa pou bliyer sa….

    Enfin hope ban la p fer 1 zefort,else mo vre m chagrin zot (ban actuel abonner ki p gagne prob) koz moi mo conner ki bezer mone ramasser, dial up ti p servi plis lol/…mai bon XD

    Bad old times 😉

    (lol kan me chk sa new pub la,coumadire medicament :D,better, improved XD)

  • Avishna

    the new advert can also be interpreted as such…
    the new improved nomad will just be: the old nomad presented with LOADS of make up but u gonna get same crappy service!!

  • maquillage pas maquillage, the inside remains the same lol…

  • Bernardo

    I’ve seen a couple of these ads this weekend and i must say that they are the worst adverts ever to land on Mauritian billboards….

    This advertising campaign is crappy, an eyesore and insults people’s intelligence…

    The marketing manager of that company deserves to be fired!!!


  • Ahahah couma dire nomad ine fer ene l’effet fair & lovely tou lor tifi la.
    Anyway, mem zot donne moi nomad gratuit si mo pas pou prend, tou cou bel publiciter mais mo sure li encore toujour bom mem.

  • lol, mo daccord wiz wat rubeina said, vraiememe, kouma dire ine passe fair n lovely !!!

    malheureusement, nu pena personne ki encore ena nomad pu giv us a feeback,


  • Jamiil

    Nomad? So mad.. So bad.. So sad..

  • h

    moi mo encore servi nomad. mone gagne 1 ti discount sorti Rs 632 pou vine Rs 342.

    mo gagne full signal ek quality aster pas couma avant. li bon zot pas servi nomad coumsa mo gagne bon connection. Dire zot camarade pas servi nomad aussi.

    myt trop cher pou moi.. bizin met livebox dans trou quand voleur du fil telephone passer!!!

    speedtest nomad:::::

  • Akash

    operation la pas bon ditou pour 3 raisons:
    1 – li p rode dire longtemps pas ti bon, aster ki mo bon
    2 – longtemps, malgré mo pas ti bon, mo ti pe faire zot paye cher mem, (c-a-d, kokin zot kass), 3 – longtemps, mo ti p zis kokin zot kas, mais aster, mo ferr li ar enn sourire…

    Donc, kouma lafiss la apé démontrer bien clairement, changement-la li zis cosmétique!

    Allez, AVE DODOLAND!

  • Oops mo ti fer erreur type mo url lot fois la 😛
    @ h, par hasard to pas ene dimoune travail nomad mem toi? kifer to p protege zot comsa?

    LOL I agree 100% with Akash 😀

  • to h:
    As to deja koner, to ena grand l’avantage pu decourage dimoune bat bis to bandwidth…et mo la avec toi pu faire sa 😛

    to Akash:
    Zis carosserie ine changer, moteur la ene vieux mini meme lol, sans offence proprios bane minis, c’etait juste ene dialog

    to rubeina:
    ah wi, tone deja passe par la avant, sorry pas ti remarke sa 😛
    keep ur blog up!

  • Pas ti remarquer? hihi ben comment tone trouve mo blog alor? mo pas encore commence “market” li ditou *confused*

  • vraimeme, i dont know from where mone sauter pu mo land on ur world…

    but since the last 3 days, am examining the mauritian blogosphere for a ‘secret project'(up to now), something which u will know soon, all of you.
    i have gone through practically all blogs of mru, n somewhere i did get ur link, perhaps from a blogroll…

    hmm, add me on msn (if u dont mind ):

    cya, gonna sleep now…
    babye mes amis les visiteurs et commentataires (lol! fek inventer)

  • Nomad is trying his best best to give an excellent service , pa net kritike mwa mo servi nomad lor Linux Kubuntu li mars mari korek et mo satisfe avek li.
    Lor WIndows li pa ase vites kuma Linux Kubuntu ek Ubuntu.Viv Linux Ubuntu
    Pu gagn CD installation visit sit pu plis informasyon.
    mersi buku

  • Shaad

    Nomad ayoo mo servi sa pu gagne 2 ans mari dan beze so connection moi mo dier pa pren nomad paski li mari dan bez !!! Zamais pu improve so connection MSN PA CONNECT Ayoo rance ar sa CRIMES sa.


  • Reena DKL


    thought i was the only one who thought the ad was stupid! i think it leads to a wrong message all over…the whole concept is wrong!

    for those who DO GET ‘good’ nomad connection then it’s good for them, but what about the thopusand others who do pay the fees but have to s%#@k to get the connection?

  • to nasrullah:
    thnks for the info, but even taking into consideration that linux is far better than windows, this doesnt explain the general slowness experienced by the majority of the subscribers…
    just count the number of those subscribers satisfied by the service, am sure, your own fingers will be sufficient!

    to Shaad:
    They are trying to… each n every time….to offer a better service!

    to Reena:
    lol, dont worry, u r not the only one in mauritius, but THEY are the only one to believe that their advert is wow!

  • N


  • nasrullah

    :p Most of you are criticizing Nomad for its service but what alternative you propose for the low income people mostly bann ti dimoun …….. My T is very expensive for the ti dimoun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! |-):p;):$(y)(n)

  • nasrullah

    Nomad is serving the ti dimoun community for its low internet fee why criticizing for anything ….. please give ideas how to make Nomad ameliorate his service .
    MyT is very expensive for the masses ti dimounn..

  • h

    nomad in vine dans baize aster. 1 mois mo gagne bon connection apres connection vine dans baize. aster pe gagne speed embas 20 kbps:s.

    telephone cc zot dire zot pou faire kitchose mais pas nanier meme

    aster bizin login pou servi nomad ek apres chaque 10 mins li logoff. meme si mo pe download ek surf li logoff meme bizin relogin pou continuer download baize sa.

    telephone cc zot dire zot pou check sa ek phone moi mais zot pas phone :@

  • h

    baize sa aster pe gagne slow speed <20 kbps
    enplus bizin login pou surf lor internet. pas pe capave download ek surf bien a cose apres 10 mins li logoff. bizin login encore pou continuer download ou surf

  • Shane

    I have a 512k modem from Nomad and since they put back the Client login page I’m being disconnected in the middle of a download.

    A technician came today and said that its because the modem tries to get the strongest signal from 3 sources and so the connection is cut off.
    He told me that they set my modem on only 1 relay to avoid being cut off but I’m still disconnected.

  • To Nasrullah:
    Hi, ya, its true that with its 64 modem, a lot of people have access to the “broadband” internet, but at some expense : your patience and your phone bill.
    As a student, i had the 64 modem but when i started to work, i switched to myT since a myT 256 is much cheaper than a 128 Nomad.

    To Shane:
    Hi, i know this problem very well.
    Its true that each time that the modem finds a new strongest signal, it will disconnect and then try to connect to the new one. They call this the nomadic mode.

    As the technician told you, they set it on only 1 relay, the forced mode, but i doubt that they have really forced it on 1.
    In this case, when u force the modem on only 1 relay, its very very rare that u get disconnected, but the only problem is that if ever the relay is down, u wont get any connection.
    Try to download Navini Diagnostics on the web and through this, you will be able to monitor from which relay you are receiving and also, u will be able to understand y the modem is disconnecting.

    good luck 😉

  • myT has limited bandwidth and since orange arrived, so do the ex-wanadoo adsl services (now fair usage). I think if those restrictions are not removed, Nomad or MTML AZU will take the lead.
    Sa trik login Nomad la vremem kass nissa sema, sak 2hrs li logout automatic – pa kav mem met download kan al dormi aswar!!

  • (y)Nomad will bring surprise soon……………..

  • h

    bel surprise nomad in faire avec so improved nomad -met login pas capave download aster. si dans 3 ans li panne capave faire nanier ki bel zafaire li pou faire aster. nomad bizin ferme so couyonade. Quand li fini met so system ek reseaux updated li reouver

  • kris

    Mo dakor ek zot ki nomad so service pa osi performant ki myT mais foD ki zot realiser ki c wi max et li pa p passe direct par cable et osi mo dakor ek nasrullah,bane prix myT plito cher pou bane ‘ti dimoune’..c vrai osi ki zot customer service mari pren letemps pou repone et ca souvent mo mari envi zour zot..mais selmen dpi mone gagne page login la mo connexion ine vine pli rapide:),d’apres lorde mo p gagne bandwidth bane cki p dconnecT apres 2hr de temps la..hahaha:p

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  • HB

    I have Nomad 512
    Max speed(a few months ago!) on Rapidshare 57KB/s
    Max speed on Megaupload 59KB/s

    I’m not cut off anymore.

  • h

    wimax pas wimax mo fer foute. moi mo envi value for money

    mo paye pou 64 kbps, mo bizin gagne environ 64 kbps

  • h

    sa page login ena cyberoam dans so url. mone rode cyberoam.


    mone faire 1 speedtest guette sa speed la

  • to h:
    tone bien dire, to envie environ 64…

    bein c justement ceki nomad faire, li donne twa connection down to 10 parla, pu li, sa meme sa environ la. li imper faible dan maths, comprend li lol…

  • h

    wai mo ena 1 mauvais nouvel.

    Nomad aussi in met FUP- fair usage…….. sipas ki kk encore

    quand mo download lor mediafire, etc mo gagne environ 4-5KBps. Mais depuis hier 3 pm mone coumance gagne 1-1.5 kb mo ti coire ki ena problem lor server etc. Mone seye 3-4 servers mais speed la pareil

    mone faire speedtest, speed la dans baize
    mone seye trick nomad 1 coute mone trouver ki speed la revine 5 kbps quand mone download lor mediafire etc

    Resumé: pendant 16 jours mone download 1 file 500 MB avec mo ti speed de 5 KBps = 8 gb mo coire

    jordi mone remet sa file 500 MB download encore .fini gagne 10h temps mo encore 1or 90 MB

    ki zot penser nomad in met FUP sans faire pub.

    Nomad in baisse mo speed parceki mone servi trop boucoup


  • to h:

    lol, nomad now using Fair usage policy?

    how come? it was FUP by default koz at the time i was nomadien, u never got the speed u paid for!

    how many months to ena pu to contrat fini or when do u think of moving to myT or adsl?

  • nasrullah

    :p My connection to Nomad is perfect nowadays..They are trying their best ——


  • To Nasrullah:
    U seem to support nomad very much, unlike most of the users and mentioning that
    1. nomad will bring surprises
    2. they are doing their best
    3. and specially, asking for our ideas to make nomad even better.

    and and and, seems a bit weird, u have a profile on facebook, with only 1 friend, and that friend himself has only 1 friend, that is you, a one-to-one friendship.

    Can i ask you a simple question?
    I am pretty sure that u r from nomad itself, isnt it? or some kind of spy/special virtual agent running through the web?
    well, that makes 2 question lol!
    thnks for answering to my curiosity 😛

  • HB

    I think h is right about FUP for Nomad.
    I just downloaded a file at 36KB/s and now it’s 15KB and it’s going down

  • HB

    FUP on Nomad already
    I got 36KB/s on first file
    And now it’s 15KB and it’s going down

  • h

    mo pas ena contrat- acheter modem la. 🙁 mais ena 1 problem. Mone deja post li parla

    1 Question: ki faire nomad in met page login la. Zot penser pou security purposes. Moi mo pas croire. In met sa page login la pou monitor network traffic pour chaque dimoune ek baize zot speed avec FUP.

    Jordi aussi speed download ek upload dans baize. Donc FUP la meme.

    Quand mone trick nomad 1 coute speed download ek meme upload in changer

    FUp la applicable pour ..??.. GB

  • nasrullah


  • U can say so, because of the superb internet & irreprochable customer care experience i got when i was a subscriber there.

    i think u r one of the rare persons who seem to be completely satisfied with nomad service, they will be happy for u to start their fan club with u lol.

    keep it up!

  • Hakuna matata nishida yangu 😉 no problem

  • h

    Un Internet plus rapide et moins cher en chantier

    hmm nomad mort aster(y)

  • nasrullah

    You are dreaming Nomad will stay alive ……….(y)

  • kris

    to h:

    hey largue moi couma to fer pou “trick” nomad..fer to camarade osi profiT:p dat would be great

  • kris

    by the way h,si nomad mort toi osi to mort parski tone assez couyon pou alle asT zot ti lapin..haha enfin no harm dude mais to ti bizin fer couma moi,pren contrat normal la..coz pr l’instant mo connexion bon la mais si dans l’avenir mo trouve li vine kk mo kav sanzer sans problem tandis ki toi to bzin tasse ek zot modem(n)

  • h

    non ta mo pas couyon mone acheter modem. Modem rest pou moi capave demonte li apres. Guette couma toi, to pe paye pou modem la aussi ek quand to contract fini to retourn modem la. Nomad fini gagne so l’argent pou modem la ek li pou reservi modem. Nomad pe faire toi acheter modem la pou to rest ar li toi, mais si to guette bien c’est toi ki ti pou faire profit si to ti acheter modem la. Mo paye Rs 342/ mois pour 64 kbps

    eg modem la = RS 3449
    pou 1 year(without contract)= (Rs 344 X 12)= Rs 4128

    total Rs 3449 + Rs 4128 = Rs 7577

    + NO modem to return

    aster to tone prend avec contract

    pou 1 year to paye total (RS 632 X 12) = Rs

    + to bizin retourn modem la quand to contract fini

    Qui snala pe perdi so l’argent ??????????

    pas prend traca toi mo pe servi internet gratuit.
    couma mo pas enna contract pou capave faire 1 suspension. fini avoye nomad 1 lettre fini gagne 2 mois mo encore pe gagne internet :p

  • lol
    “Modem rest pou moi capave demonte li apres”

    to truv sa ene raison twa? btw, moi et mo cam nu fine deja demonte 1. et mo ena fotos tout, pu so endans 😉

    bisin post li someday!

  • h

    demonte li ek servi mane parts couma adapteur to capave servi pou 1 telephone ki marche avec dc 6v ou bien pou connecter 1 alarm dans place to met piles.

    so upright antenna(for outdoor), side antenna(for indoor) to capave servi pou branche dans to radio.

    so input jack to capave servi dans boucoup zafaires

    so adapter lan to capave servi pou branche encore lan to faire 1 network dans to lacaz. 1 sa lan adapter coute Rs 70 cot trancom

    so cat 5 wires to conner ki faire ar sa

    so led( 2V) to capave servi pou remplace 1 burn out led dans to pc

    so casing to met dans poubelle


  • haha! trop bon!

    thnks for those ideas…

    mais casing la to retourne li nomad, zotte pas pu remarke differnce koz zamais li pu cpv connecter 😛

  • Dear h,

    et moi ki ti kroir mo tousel ki ena sa bane lesprit tordue la! God! lol!

    Au moins Nomad finalement servi kitchose! lol!

    Thanx for sharing the tips with all of us here! If you have more about other products, please, please, please, feel free to share! lol!

  • Surfer_Dolphin

    Hi There,

    Premierement mo bizin dire ca blog la mari interessant pou connais ki pe passer dans le domaine des FAI a maurice lol.

    Deuxiemement mo ene abandonné Nomad (et oui ^^’ )

    Mo ena ene question pour yashvin mon e download navini diag mais li pas affiche narnyer? Li dire moi no CPE Code ou ene zafer coume ca?

    Dans modem ID li dire moi none ki bizin faire?

    Sinon mo experience meme probleme qui tout dimoune. pas capave connect lor msn ni check mo hotmail. etc etc etc. mone bien essaye connecter mo msn par ebuddy mais sans success.

    Hum ene lotte question un plus pointue.. est ce quil mo capave sanz banne settings dans conection nomad pou passe lor direct connection cad.. mette mo adresse ip dns server ? ou bien li pas servi narnier? sinon en general mo cav surf lor ene vitesse 5-6 kb (alors qui mo ena ene 128). Theroriquement mo bisin capave SURF et pas seulement download ene vitesse 15 k minimum non? kikene kapav aide moi lor la? mari compliquer pfffffff. mone plein ar nomad!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ena beaucoup application mo pas cav servi pou download. eski nomad blocque les ports? mone installe an porn scanner.. li dire moi ena forte possiblliter que NOMAD blocque tout les Ports autres 80 35 http, ftp telnet ports entre (tres peu) dautres.??
    If anyone can help me on these ill be grateful.. Thks in advance.
    mo demane moi qui nasrullah au courant comme surprise???? surement ene connection beaucoup beaucoup plus, plus, plus..LENTE LOL.. see ya folks. :-).

    p.s: mo conne ene sel facon download a 25 kb lor nomad 128….everyday…7j/7j BUT 2-3 hours a day :s

  • To Surfer :

    Wow, that was a long comment, thnks for taking some time to visit here.

    Si mo rapel bien, si navini dire twa no CPE Code, then siposement li pane gagne connection with transmetter et surtout akoz li pane truv to modem ID…. or another explanation is cpv navini la pas reconnait this modem.

    pour to 2eme kestion, mo ti deja faire li, enfin, des ki to RESSI GAGNE CONNECTION, to note bane IP la depi to Connection status et then to manually edit bane IPS la et to met seki tone fek ekrire li. Sa pu evite ki nomad al rode sa a chaque fois mais pas koner si sa teknik la enkor work.

    Theorikement, ene tas zaffaires nu siposer cpv faire, mais en pratik, zotte kone zistoire la…

    Nasrullah, lol, mo croire line annonce kitchose ki line rever sa zour la, et aster line fini blier 😛

    Keep tuned!

  • Surfer_Dolphin

    Thanks For the answer Yashvin,

    Well I’ll just add on how to change the normal ip connection to direct connection.

    1. Press Start, Run, type cmd –> il will open the command prompt

    In the command prompt just type ipconfig /all

    it will give you these interesting infos.

    2. Note them down, i’ve underlined these for you. Now right click the nomad properties in the network connection folder. Click on properties, u will get this:-

    3. Now your in it double click the Internet Protocol TCP /IP item. :-

    You will notice that nomad connection (as mentioned website) is on “Obtain an IP Address Automatically”. Like this:-

    4. Now here’s the trick, Click on “Use the Following address” Now insert the ip addresses you’ve get using your command prompt with “ipconfig”. Insert the exacte numbers in the fields. Don’t forget also to insert the DNS servers addresses else it work work. Some people may have two dns addresses. Input both. Like these:-

    5. You will see that you’ll lose connection for some seconds 3-5 Sec Max. And now you’ll get connection again. Normally this worked for a while for me. now it just do the same ***ing thing lol. Please try these ONLY if you want to try another thing that may work and if you have GUTS lol ^^. Consider also that ip addresses are not static with nomad. So you’ll hav to do it on and on and on..and its REALLY painful…

    Here it is nomad users hope this mught be of some kind of help.. see ya all

  • armand

    Nomad is now loosing its website domain? has been bought by another company in the us,

    what can happen next
    Loose its license to operate as mentioned on the website.

    Close down?

  • h

    (n)Mauritius’ Nomad: Voice and Internet combine in the coming Wi-MAX business model

    There are those who dream of a converged future where voice and data are combined, using significantly cheaper wireless technology. A number of those who see the future this way have bet on Wi-MAX being the technology to do it. A good many of Africa’s mobile operators have taken a side bet on it to see what happens. The doubters were no doubt heartened by a very public spat in which the CEO of Australia’s Buzz Broadband dropped Wi-MAX and went over to TD-CDMA. As an insurgent challenger in Mauritius to the new, vertically integrated mobile operators, Nomad, is looking to do both voice and data on Wi-MAX and wants to become a Pan-African player. Russell Southwood looks at how the dream is shaping up.

    Nomad was started in 2005, taking over from Network access. Its backer is a Dubai-headquartered petroleum company called Galana which has invested “hundreds of millions of (Mauritian) rupees in the company”.

    It installed its first base stations in 2005, covering about 65% of the island in 2007. The plan is now to cover a further 20% of the population. Unlike the mobile networks, it does not have contiguous coverage. The first network rolled out came from Navini and the current network expansion is based on Telsima equipment. The latter is providing equipment to both Reliance and VSNL in India, two of the largest networks in the world. The two technologies work alongside each other, being used in different areas.

    The company uses its Wi-MAX network for all of its national backhaul traffic. According to Nomad CEO Anil Jayant (formerly with VSNL) who has been in post for 10 months:”Wi-MAX is a great technology which works very effectively.”

    Like a lot of the early wireless broadband pioneers, the company has had a bad reputation for bandwidth speed. However Jayant says the issues were largely to do with network maintenance and monitoring and more effective ways of dealing with customers.:”We’ve spent a lot of time getting these things in place. We’ve put in place a strict maintenance schedule and we’ve replanned the network using a more standard base station methodology. It’s a service assurance issue.”

    Nomad operates in the 2.5 ghz spectrum and according to Jayant:”This is very good spectrum and you can move to mobility on it.” Nomad’s future business model is only really restricted by the licensing framework. For as Jayant says:”It depends on what we are allowed.” He anticipates that good Wi-MAX/GSM compatible handsets will be available in Q4 2009 and that licensing willing, they will move into offering mobile voice services.

    He thinks that this newer generation of Wi-MAX/GSM handsets will meet the expectation of younger users who are already beginning to think differently about the mobile phone as a device:”For the youth, it’s not a telephony-based device. It’s also a camera and can be used for online chat and music. This will change the device from what it is now. The GSM handset will not cut it.”

    It currently has around 10,000 subscribers and is readying itself to roll out new packages aimed at different segments of its market. For example, it will soon offer a Midnight Special package for Peer-to-Peer downloaders.

    Its current broadband offers are in the MR300-400 range but because it is completely reliant on incumbent Mauritius Telecom for international bandwidth through the SAFE cable. According to Jayant:”There is lots of growth potential in the hospitality and ICT sectors and connectivity requirements are escalating. But there has to be lower international bandwidth prices so needs to be a better equilibrium between price and profit. Lower bandwidth prices will help the market expand.”

    He believes that Mauritius Telecom (MT) is making significant profits from what he sees as over-priced bandwidth:”If I look at the SAFE consortium costs, (rates charged) should not be more than the US$00s. These guys are taking a huge profit premium from everybody.” Not surprisingly, MT denies the charge and says it will be making more reductions over the next 12 months.

    The company has pan-African ambitions and is looking at three countries: Madagascar, Rwanda and Tanzania. He sees a future business model based on the convergence of the mobile and broadband market:”The technology will allow you to do that and all you will need is the licence. When we enter a new country we will obtain all the necessary licences to provide voice and Internet.”

    But vertically integrated mobile operators Nomad is challenging are not standing still.

    The second largest mobile operator Emtel (jointly owned by a local company and Millicom) was the first African company to install a 3G network and is now putting in HSDPA into several areas (like CyberCity and Port Louis) that will offer speeds of up to 1.8 mbps compared to 384 kbps on 3G.

    As with Nomad, Emtel’s speed problems come from its Mauritius Telecom international link. For as Roy told us:”The bottleneck remains the connection to the outside world.” It has announced that it wants to buy into a second international cable if the opportunity arises. The Government is keen to see a second cable independent of Mauritius Telecom but has said the private sector must find the US$60 million to finance it.

    Currently there are around 50,000 subscribers with 3G handsets but CEO Shyam Roy expects this number to go up as handsets fall in price: they are currently between US$150 at the cheap to about US$300 in the middle range. Of all 3G services, data is the most widely used. Prices are relatively cheap: a 1 gig package costs US$12 a month and 2 gig costs US$25 a month. There are around 2-3,000 USB card holders for lap-tops which gives full mobility within the coverage area.

    Emtel currently has a microwave backbone but will have a fibre backbone between the main population centres by October of this year. Interestingly Emtel also started installing a Wi-MAX network at the end of last year with Alvarion equipment to provide a data service island-wide: Roy says that he can guarantee bandwidth levels locally but because of the Mauritius Telecom link cannot do the same internationally. But overall he seems happy with the performance of the network and sees it converging with LTE in the long-term.

    The dominant market player, Cellplus (owned by Mauritius Telecom) is offering 3G services and shortly plans to introduce mobile TV, which currently in the test phase. It also offers Blackberries to its customers that works on GPRS and 3G. There are currently around 1,000 customers.

    But last week, the world of Wi-MAX was rocked by the CEO of Australia’s Buzz Broadband calling it a “disaster” that has “failed miserably” and saying that his company has gone over to TD-CDMA (on 1.9 ghz), the technology used extensively by Sentech and whose South African owner and promoter of the technology has a minority shareholding in it from Vodacom.

    Buzz Broadband CEO Garth Freeman slammed the technology, saying its non-line of sight performance was “non-existent” beyond two kilometres from the base station, that indoor performance decayed at a mere 400 metres and that latency rates reached as high as 1000 milliseconds. Elsewhere, other early WiMAX adopters have also reported issues with indoor coverage. Late last year VSNL of India (which is a heavy investor in Wi-MAX) said at an IEEE conference that indoor signal loss occurs just 200 metres from a base station.

    Freeman said poor latency and jitter made the technology unsuitable and unacceptable for many Internet applications in general and for VoIP in particular. Buzz used the benefits of the latter, heavily promoting it as a main selling point as it sought to persuade people to sign-up for the new service and dump old ones supplied by the incumbent .

    The unlucky vendor faced with this rather unhappy customer was Airspan. It hit back by saying Buzz’s focus on cost-cutting had effectively killed-off the network’s chances of ever functioning properly and the company’s chief marketing officer, Declan Byrne, claimed Buzz had refused the vendor’s help in improving its network and had consistently and deliberately chosen low-cost equipment unsuited to the company’s requirements and which therefore affected range and service quality.

    Byrne said among other things: “We regret the distress caused by Buzz’ poor network architecture decisions to the customers in need of Broadband Internet access and VoIP services.”

    Continuing the “he says, she says” argument, Buzz Broadband’s CEO posted a retort on the Internet that said:” …the WiMAX part of the network was deployed precisely as detailed in a presentation made to Buzz in August 2006.” And in that statement, it’s perhaps possible to guess at the distance between the idea sold to its customers and the reality of the network it put in place to deliver it, whoever was to blame.

  • h » c pas ene excuse pour service ki nomad give the customers, regarging customer care, internet speed, unreliable service, billing issues among others…

    ekrire combien to envie, copy paste combien to envie mais zotte system ena gros problemes…

  • Rdkl

    Dans place perdi kasse are bane publicité bete ek nimporte, plito li ti met sa kass la dans qualité so service…

  • Dragon

    I am maybe among the 500 first users of nomad.

    Service is bad
    Connection is bad

    For the price, (cheapest adsl available)
    For the portability, (I can use it at home, at work, at wife’s place)
    For the Lan,(I just plug it in my wifi router and I share my connection with pc’s, laptops, wifi mobile)

    Nomad is still the most advantageous internet connection for me….

  • Misterzz-devil

    pff mw mo servi nomad acoz mo student b li kanmeme to fer retard payer li po coup li haha,ek mo p atan contrat fini la rest 2 mois,pff sa login page la mari kas nisa to kav p bien chat to log off pff,1 timing kan zot servi nomad servi internet browser opera ou safari po servi firefox:P enfin nomad pan improve 1 ggt lin vin pli kk,btw myti 256 la paret nisha mo servi sa 1 2 cout mo couz bof to ggn service ki to payer,mai enfin myti si tendiaa so customer care po bon,mai bof si to p ggn 1 speed raisonab ben dreC partou alors:p:

  • Mike

    The public and clients in general must be wondering what progress Nomad has made. The lack of communications with clients and potential clients is evident. The lack of information flow to Nomad users is causing a natural negative scenario. One of the important aspects of commercial communications is keeping your clients informed. Nomad is failing in this aspect, example, Nomadlive has gone, press+media updates are lacking, the newsletter not kept up-to-date. There is a desperate need for information on Nomad’s technological growth i.e. network expansion if any, new services proposed if any, technical tips for users to improve their browsing pleasure. One recent example is the sudden discontinuing of the Nomad Booster (Venturi) service. This should have been announced to customers via the Nomad website and newsletter but nothing. Nomad should not leave customers in the dark cyberspace i.e. more interactivity required. The need for network status to be published on Nomad’s website is imperative.
    The silence would suggest that there is no expertise or human resources available at Nomad to satisfy even the basics??
    I rest my case.

  • Jade

    hi all,
    il y a un mois g commis le malheur de ramener le p’tit lapin chez moi avec tous ces problemes. Bref it s….s mais bon il y a quelques jours je ne passe meme plus par le log in page pour me connecter et c’est encore plus lent. fouf Nomad drives me mad.

  • abdus

    hey nomad mari beze sa,

    mo ti ena 64 kbps few days ago and i phone nomad to upgrade to 256 kbps as there is a promo…..Rs 860 en tou
    mo mette 256 kbps pou mo capv jouer Counter Strike et les autres online games
    Tahi mo deranger prend ene jour conger dans travail alle paye li dan so bureau p louis
    mo paye li Rs250 rupees pou upgrade et li dire moi mo pou gagne 256 kbps tantot
    ine arrive 5 jours plus tard mo pa enkor gagne 256 kbps mo telephone customer service li dire moi mo pe gagne 256 kbps… dire non mo pa pe gagner parceki mo truver mo connection meme vitesse….li pe persister….
    la mo pe alle cancel mo account la
    mo pe alle mette MyT as its the best internet ever in Mauritius……..

  • shanzi

    nomad svc’s crap! bogus.. nomad make ppl sign contract for 6 months and when these are ova, nomad ppl maintain that all contacts are for 1 year, got to pay for the rest of the contract if quit. Thats maha bullshit.

  • Nirmal

    For god sake Plz don’t use Nomad ….Nomad was nothing but just problem for me……

    To Nomad and to his BUNCH OF AMATEUR Customer care…

  • Atish

    Hi everyone mo truV ki ena big discussions btw nomad n myT here, well mwa osi mone take nomad as mo ti bien bizin 1 cheap. Mo truve li ac bien coz avk mo 64kbps mo p gagne download bane file ziska 10kbps… mo p use windows xp. Mai couma sa kam la p dir li marche bien avk linux mo pou essaye li tanto, mo ena 1 kam ki use nomad on linux n li dir mwa li xtra rapid.. add me on msn so that we can have more discussions.

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  • h
  • ritzz


    Ritzz here.

    Nomad pe refann so kaka enkor; sa con panie la, oui “con” panie la, pe ale pik tet dans trou!

    ena kouyonade ladans, mett dimoune dehors avek ene pretexte ki mari fausse!

    Wai do!

  • Please see the following letter my dad received.

    I got no arrears and already returned the modem long ago.

    What should i do now?

    Please help and support me against that stupid ****ing Nomad. I am counting on you

  • @Nayar : Chatting with u… 🙂 We might keep people informed on the events.

  • Wimax would be the solution to the ever congested bandwidth of 3G’.;

  • Wimax is so great, lots of bandwidth and new services too**;