My Remixes 2007

During my free time, i usually do some mixes with my Virtual Dj 3 – cracked 🙁

Not all of them become pleasant to the ears but sometimes, it happens that a few of them become a bit nice… These nice ones are then uploaded on my site and i usually do some spamming in my msn contacts to get them to download the tracks, occasionally getting some nice feedback…

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  • Govind

    Pna gran chose pou dire… Juste que, c vrai to banes remix p vine nice aster :biggrin: …. Sinon,1 zaffaire mo pane trop compran :whistle: ” Virtual Dj 3 – cracked 🙁 ” Kifer tone met 1 ” 🙁 ” dans sa phrase la ???? Sois disant , monsieur sad li pas p payer pou sa software la :ninja: :devil:

  • Amar

    nice blog,,,,coool

  • mo p gagne per pu al ekuter

  • fear not, u wont regret :whistle: