My New Web Cam

Got a new web cam ( ViewCamPro from A4Tech Video 350pixel & Image 1.3MP) as gift!

it is something that many of u have got but lol, i like this one very much!
compared to the web cam function of my digital camera!

this one, does not requires any additional source of light n the image is perfectly clear…

the other great features of the web cam are the various frames and image effects that can be added while recording video or even chatting !

Chatting wiz Vicks, who wished to see a strip tease live 😛 hahaha!

here are some screenshots:

Different Effects available

Using a background picture while chatting…

One of those frames
hmm, anyone want to test it out before buying?
my msn is always online, (enfin preske,kant nomad work!)

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  • Govind

    Mari top webcam la!!! Mo lé 1 coumsa !!! :tongue:

  • Avishna

    vicks says:
    fesses femme
    :blink: :blink: :blink:

  • abein.. to pas ien centurE taaaaaaaaaa

    the comment was relevant to the emoticon yashvin sent :blush: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

  • Avishna

    vick says :
    mo check to fesses
    les pd ena 1 club special pu zot nest pa? :alien: :wub:

  • :whistle: if u r interested to join in, dont hesitate :devil:

  • aza

    Supplied by !! Guess Who???????? 🙂

  • Avishna

    AM a girl :kissing:
    i cannot be pd i mean yuck dont get me wrg i have nothg against them but am A GIRL FOR GODSAKE, so cannot join u :tongue:

  • largue prix .. tousa aza 😛 to pe gagne clients plein mo trouV la :tongue:

  • Avishna

    :angry: :shocked: pa pu parle avek zot
    pa pu re ecrire comments moi :unsure: :cwy:

  • eutaaaaaa :dizzy:

    hey avishna, for price issue, they are talking about the price of the web cam…

    aller, avishna, no need to feel like that :ermm:
    aster mo censure vickss so comments!
    :ninja: !

  • Avishna

    since am a goooood gal not at all bitchy ek not at all rencuniere ek ke mo mo an angel ben ok i will not feel watever lot la :getlost: ti envie mo feel.
    ok mo re cose r zot ek mo pu re met comments :angel: :tongue: :devil: 😎

  • censure mo comments :angry: :angry:

    yo avishna was talking to “aza” do and so etech computer parts company..
    li meme fine vend webcam avek yashvin..
    so samem ti pe dire li largue prix.. and details..

    li pe gagne locassion fer promotion so company :angel: :angel:

  • Avishna


  • ok, we settled this issue on msn :angel:
    everything ok now!

  • Avishna

    wiii mo pu coser ek BOUCOUP BOUCOUP encore ihihihih :wub: