My New Mob : N73 :)

i know u will be saying:

“arrete glacer do!”

but am suppose to be blogging my life…

Ya, i bought a Nokia N73 today itself, however second hand, am not so rich after all [to the contradiction of some friends who are still looking for a treat from me at every of my purchases!]

some pics from


Hmm, i will be updating its firmware to Music Edition

its much cooler 😀

one thing, the N73 is coollllllllllllllllllllll n hotttttttttttttttttt!!!!

(but not cheap :S)

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  • :cwy: :cwy: :cwy:

    to fini largue mo banne dialogue mo ti pou lanC :angry:

    Btw when nou fete sa new acquisition la??

    (pi) ou zinger??

    btw.. ki pou dire enkor .. glaC mem!! :angel:

  • wei!

    arret glacer do! 😛

    enfin, telefone la mari bon selman! fran tou, esperer tone asster 1 ki bon second hand, taler apres 2-3 zour li largue toi 😀

  • mantasha

    woww..realy cool zis mobile

    enfin so camera osi :tongue:

    tone resi gues wat i meant?? :angel:

  • to mantasha :
    surtout pas! faire kouma dire ena ene probleme teknik (ki mo pas wish) dan camera la when it concerns u n jaya, sandra etc…

    apres toute fason, mo pena place libre dan memoire yuyu :whistle:
    amoins zotte buy a memory card pu mwa :sideways:

  • Eski li bon pu SMS? I got a K800i mo pa content position ban touche la ete. li tro pre pre. urs nice for texting?

  • top dan mobile….
    Texting is a detail
    sound? wow, stereo speakers
    camera? 3.15MP with autofocus

  • i got 3.2MP with auto focus :tongue: :whistle: :angel:

  • 😛 0.05 difference 🙂
    n wat mobile is it? :w00t:

  • Its a Sony Ericsson K800i. :cheerful: apart le fait ki li 1 tipeu enmerdant for texting, i really like it.

  • Kunal

    Top nette!!!!
    Moi mo ena 2x N73 mais pas capav servi aucun!!!!!!
    Pas capav unlock ici!!!!! Monne gagne “verbal warning” (kozer macro) depuis ene “peace officer” (police) ki pas gagne droit unlock mobiles ek pas gagne droit dimander aussi!!!!! To fer moi zaloux ki toit to capav servi to mob et pas moi…. :cwy: :cwy: :cwy:

  • haha, lol, 2 N73 n pas cpv servi !

    ki serti? :unsure:
    kot tone aster sa? dan bazaar? :cheerful:

    top dan mobile! :silly:

  • I like the N73 too even though it is a bit laggy sometimes (or maybe mine only does this?) 😛 Oh yeh, I remember you telling me we can upgrade the firmware. Wouldn’t have bought the music edition if I knew we could do that then! :pinch:

  • To Kunal: euh? Pas capave unlock? C pas the mobile providing company ki capave unlock?

  • still, even if it can be updated, i havent took the risk to do it :getlost:

    humans have a problem, they are never satisfied by wat they have, well this time, am trying to be inhuman :shocked:

    as for kunal, he bought the mobiles from one country n when he went to another one, he couldnt get it unblocked, to the extent that he was going to get a fine because he asked a policeman where to unblock mobiles :biggrin:
    haha! thats wat he told me some time ago!

  • kunal

    To Carine: Yeah but the mobile providing company has no branch here… and its ILLEGAL even to ask where to unlock a mobile… :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: That sucks!

    To Yashvin: Monne mette ene soy lor to portab, li pou tombe dans ene toilettes! :whistle: :whistle:

  • for ur knowledge, to bane soys pas pu marcher :wassat:

    u know y? simplement akoz u r out of mauritian territory….
    truver to pane lire sa article la;

    check it out n lire bien!

  • Avishna

    congratulations for ur new mobile
    kan to re changer la? :tongue:

  • hmm, kant mo gagne casse encore pu astE ene lot :tongue:

    mais this one is top 🙂 :whistle:

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