My New Battery Free Optical Mouse

thats gr8!
instead of selling my mouse, I made an exchange wiz a friend who has a spare mouse.
What a mouse!!!

lol, Wireless Optical Battery Free Mouse from A4Tech

If its battery-less, so how does it operate?
Well, the Mouse Pad is the key to the problems…

The mouse pad (connected via USB) generates an electric field which powers the mouse. However if you use the mouse outside the pad, it wont work…

am 200% satisfied wiz this new mouse and also because of the technology behind this!
Special thanks to Kevin for the exchange!

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  • Splash

    ki serti

    kuma dire p servi 1 TouchPad avec 1 mouse lor la 😀

    plito servi TouchPad lor Laptop direck garcon
    pa pou nanien ena TouchPad lor laptop

  • Laksh

    seems u’ve done a good job

    fr moi gne en 🙂

  • loooool

  • wireless cool.. banens previous model ti pe gagne ene tas couyonade avek battery apres.. ti ena receiver tousa.. fouff.. ti ene lamerde :cwy:

    mais sanela paraite nice.. mais moi mo prefer saki ena so wire la mem.. coz ene tas fois li tomB depuis lor table.. avek dufil la li apendant.. si pas ti pou ena.. li ti pou baaawww
    :silly: :silly:

    enfin.. pou GRATOS to ine give something ki pe manze to lavie.. et to pe gagne something brand new..

    nice deal

    :biggrin: :biggrin:

  • Govind

    Tout a fais d’accord avec Splash !!!! :biggrin:

  • to splash n govind :
    truver zotte pas fine essaye servi touchpad laptop pu faire some graphic designing or web designing…mari la peine sa :dizzy:

    to vickss:
    wai to ena raison seman…
    pena security mouse tomber, nepli ena apendant! :getlost:

  • Splash

    i did do web designing for web tech assignment n some graphics for graphic assignment with touchpad :tongue:

    havent connected a mouse yet to my laptop

  • grand-noir :whistle:

    lol, sa graphics assignment la n graphic design pas pareille ditout :silly:

  • I think the mouse is charged by electromagnetic induction. My electric toothbrush is charged this way because it is safe as no live wire is left exposed.

  • koza!

    pa mal du tou sa!

    premier fois mo tane sa!

  • Amazing. It makes me a bit jealous

  • @Nayar : You read a post, dated nearly 4 years back 😛

  • Ohh.It showed second on this: “You can also read the following : ”

    And i thought it was 2009 instead of 2006.
    LOL 😀