My laptop’s screen gonna “rendre l’ame!”


yesterday a green thin line appeared just in the middle of my screen …
a few seconds later, it became blue n then yellow.
am still lucky, there is only one, but 2 yrs back, there was nearly 10 of them, of every color, a vertical set of lines on the screen!
a chance that it was still under warranty n i sent it back to singapore n it came back after nearly 2 months!!!!

Poor me!
without my companion for 2 months!

But this time, if it gonna get worst then have to find another solution!

Perhaps buy a new computer screen n connect it together n then tear out the laptop screen 😛
lol, what would i call it then?
A Personal “Laptop-Computer” System?

anyway, wish that the following members of the line family take a very long time to make their appearance here!

the only advantage of this line:

U dont need any ruler or grids when u have to do some graphic design or animation!
Its already Built-In !!!

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  • u have got a partition on ur screen 😀

    if u need a monitor.. let me know
    i got one which u can buy 😛

    lire to notes graphics section LCD to pou koner kifer lines appear on ur screen!!!

  • it’s there maybe because you are running an OS X modification on top of Win XP.

  • hehe.. its me on your msn screen :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

    hmm.. if you are looking for LCD screens.. you know where to find me :biggrin:

  • to james:
    this prob? na nothing to do wiz software..

    to vickss:
    p faire profit lo malchance dimoune :angry:

    to splash:
    :whistle: peut etre, cpv prend to lecran la, we will c…

  • time to replace it man. I had the same problem with my CRT monitor. Now I’ve got a bulky Viewsonic one :ninja:

  • Avishna

    desktop pcs are the only ones reliable
    u lucky toi
    my sis so laptop screen ti B-L-A-C-K
    (yea en mem temps my sis ti hyper et ti p fer tou dimoune trv noir ek sa crise ki li ti piker la)
    mai then i got the bright idea to connect er Lcd screen to the laptop (ki ti p garder pa ti p servi ek pa ti p let me use ossi :angry: )
    it worked
    so creen laptop after a few days in corek p travail
    mayb ur laptop needs rest :silly:

    l’heure est venu pur donner une pension a top laptop :biggrin:. on the bright side to cav travail sois a gauche soi a droite , its easier coz in fini fer to partitioning :devil:

  • to Avishna n Splash:
    lol, wai partitioning :w00t:
    franc tout, p faire confusion r sa line la!
    li divise lecran la en preske equal parts!

    to avishna:
    rest? lol, it wont work this time…
    it got nothing to do wiz reliability…

    the last time, the reparation report stated that the laptop got a shock, perhaps…
    lol :angry: kouma li cpv gagne sok, li laptop pa bouze fixe???
    zamais li change position meme! haha :blink:

  • u shud b happy having a partitioned screen
    use it as 2 split screens :tongue:

    Using more than 1 screen increases productivity!!! :angel:

  • @yashvin..

    li cpave gagne soK!!
    it all depends what kind of stuffs(xXxX) you are watching!!

    Tro boucou episode 24hr!! :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

  • beware 24Hrs chrono servi 4 split screens…

    attention to gagne horizantal partition also :angel:

  • :cwy: please save me from this! :blink:

  • lets seee si Splash ena la langue cabri :whistle: :whistle:

  • :angry: attention gagne batter la! :angry:

  • Ehmmm if something similar happened to one of your friends, your first advice would have been for him/her to get a new mouse or keyboard! :tongue: lol

    Care to be on the receiving end this time? 🙂

  • :wub: this is my “dialog”

    u cant use it against me :pinch:

    :shocked: Unfair!

  • Its a VIRUS:
    CONGRESSIONAL VIRUS: The computer locks up, screen splits erratically with
    a message appearing on each half blaming the other side for the problem.

  • waaaaa lor mo bro so laptop dell 2 lines ti p paret!!! ti pi bizin pez pez lecran lerla li disparet lol 🙂

  • “a chance that it was still under warranty n i sent it back to singapore n it came back after nearly 2 months!!!!”

    éna pann gagn sa la-sanss la: enn kamouad ti pran enn camescope dépi laba, ek zaferr-la pa ti pé réprodwirr bann son kan li grav lor so DVD. L’azanss lokal pa ti rékonett so ‘worldwide warranty’… Kan contacté Singapour, bann-la dirr ki zott pa capav ferr naryié lakoz ki pa so zott control…