my first java app

lol, no its not my first one but rather my first after several months!


in 2 weeks time, i have got to submit an assignment in Distributed Systems Module ( to be written in java.)

so, i have got to remember all the things in java and the syntax etc that i learnt in the 2nd yr…

well, thats my first java app for this 3rd yr…
( lol, i know its a shame for me, but i have to remember back everything and quickly so as to be able to complete the assignment on my own!)

lol, thanks to vicky for his precious help!

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  • lol.. the famous Hello world ..

    i think its nice to do the hello world program, before starting any language.. y is it among the first programs in practically every book??

    maybe because it has been the trend.. or for historical reasons??

    maybe its because its relatively easily and makes the reader of the book actually running his first program from chapter1 itself.. (a form of encourgement and maybe motivate him when he sees his program running)

    The thrill you get when you complete your assignment on your own is simply different.. you might get fewer marks than when you copy from some1.. but who cares .. you were marked for your own efforts

    All the best for the assignment