My first day @ work at DCDM Consulting

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  • Hey good luck on your new job! 🙂
    I can meet you one of these days if you’re staying at Champ de Mars… I’ll often be there errrr playing football during the following weeks! :tongue: Bring your trainers… ya can join us if you’re off early! :tongue:

  • Jessica Khedoo

    Je comprends ce ke sont les premiers jours a DCDMC 😉 Mais des ke tu sera sur un projet, to pou dire: ayo ki faire mo pas ti comme avant :tongue: Avec DCDMC on apprend pleins de choses.. Chek un coup ca projet Rio Tinto la :silly: Pas casse la tete ena 2 projets sur developpement. Tu n’aura pas le temps de bailler :tongue:

  • Good luck for your new job.Hope that it continues like this
    For me I have around three semester to bear…

  • Welcome to the work market..
    now u gonna learn much more in much less time..
    and u will c its gonna b fun..

  • Samiiah

    Heyyyyyyyyyy! Mo ine truv twa le premier jour d ton work… To ti p aler kot ecole d la salle la, irfons dan ir.. to ti p paret 1p stressed.. Good to hear tou in pass bien and to ti p stressed pou rien :sideways: DCDM super coooool sa.. most of zoz on scheme r ma frnds.. And ban fumeur balcon la osi! Pa tro koz fort ki to pna grand choz a faire.. 😉 Anyways.. bon courage.. tous les matins mo pou truv to em la????? hahahaha.. good.. comsa mo va gueT si ena amelioration dan to Xpression! :unsure: ===> ????

  • ey bein…. good luck for your new job 🙂

  • Transformer

    :devil: :devil: HELL START HERE!
    Thanks for your soul :alien: :devil:

    it’s a joke :biggrin: :biggrin: in fact work is fun. that’s why a lot of us go everyday. and do overtime, get home tired tired tired but HEY :w00t: happy to go the next day…. :wub:
    (aaaa only god knows why)

    IS TRUE.

  • thnks for all your good wishes friends 🙂

    to Samiiah : arrete veille dimoune :sideways:
    normal, premier jour ena imper stress.
    for the next days, si to ressi truv mwa to check urself n let us know :silly:

  • coucou toi, félicitations pr le nouvo boulot ke t’as décroché 😉 mon oncle est a dcdm depui lgtps et ma tante était a accenture lol. bref bon courage car le travail c pa tjs facile loool mé tant ke tu m ce ke tu fais, ben c super 😉


  • Benhur

    All the best for ur project.
    Have great time and let us know how its going.

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