MSM : “15 mois suffocants au sein du gouvernement”

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  • Reena Dkl

    Avec un logo de Rs. 30millions, XD comme Ministre des Finances..bein ce sera un plaisir!!!

  • Avishna

    mes sympathies pour le deces de MSM

  • Arungoodur


    p vin kuma dir kyun ki saas bhi kanhi bahu thi

  • 1er mo ti envi dir
    zoli foto.. msm so soleil mode eclipse

    mo penC ki msm p fini aster.. pravind pena 1 charisma cuma leader lezot parti

    osi a fer resortir ki pravind en temps ki minis d finance ti 1 joke pu le pays em

  • Copy paste from my status: “I guess it’s time to abolish this system of Political Alliance before every election. Every time there is an election, the different parties form an alliance and after their victory, there is bound to be break ups within the five years of their service.” 😛

  • lo. im copying this status 😀 

  • Anonymous

    Goodbye to the MSM who have done a political hara-kari. Only one minister needed to resign and not the rest of the team. They now try to claim 15 months of suffocation in the alliance but they quickly forgot the good deal they had received from the PTr. No way the MSM would have a majority in an election. So now they have made themselves the bad guys but we know that in politics enemies usually become partners in the backroom deals…. a suivre…

  • i think some people are right… its definitely the beginning of the end… 🙂 

  • Jp

    stock bonbonne l’oxygene fini apres 15mois?

  • “pravind en temps ki minis d finance ti 1 joke pu le pays em”

    Can you define the term “joke” as a mnister of finance?
    Is it because he re-introduced a dose of progressiveness in the tax régime?
    Because he eliminated the ‘Stimulus Package’?
    Because he worked together with the Central Bank to curb inflation?
    Because he tried to correct his predecessor Rama’s folly?

  • If I may add:
    It’s time they all die an atrocious death and that a new political class emerges.

  • Anonymous

    Non, je ne crois pas que le MSM est mort. Pravind est un politicien et … il sait parler. Dans dix ans, tout cela sera presque oublier et je pense qu’il saura convaincre le public que le MSM est prêt à réparer ses erreurs. 

    Ce sera le devoir des médias de nous rappeler les frasques du MSM ….

    Bon tout cela n’est qu’une supposition.

  • Faisal

    Finally one gone! 4 more to go (PTr, MMM, PMSD and FSM). About time we need a new political class and enough with these soap operas and alliances.

  • Hara-kiri.
    I like that way of describing what they did to themselves…!

  • Did you note how fast Fakeemeah “Cehl” pounced on the opportunity to join what remains of the Alliance de l’Avenir…?
    How many of you think he will be given a ticket (Whip, PS, Ministry, whatever)?

  • Faisal

    He has been offered a ticket for PS but the greed is vey high in his genes. First he said that he will only accept a ministry and now he is saying he wants to know how is the senior PTr involved in the Medpoint affaire. Can’t believe that this guy is in the Parliament in the first place! Him being offered a ticket is proof for me that all political parties in Mauritius pursue only their own interest (i.e. their leaders personal interest with power) rather than the interest of the nation.

  • Avnish and Meyshia

    Vote bon dimoune dan pays la do!!! Btw mo penC li quasiment inexistant de nos jours?? Bon dimoune!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Avnish and Meyshia

    Vote bon dimoune dan pays la do!!! Btw mo penC li quasiment inexistant de nos jours?? Bon dimoune!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Taukoor Ashvin


    ki pravind corect rama’s folly, pe al curb inflation
    li pa meme ene financier li pane meme fer 1 degree dans finance
    li ene avocat li
    li vraiement ene joke li ti pe faire ministre finance
    sa maurice so folly sa
    papa president alors piti bizin ministre
    mo koner kifer line sorti depi minstre finance li pas capave fer sa poste la li pena capaciter

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