The future of media in Mauritius


The Current TV Channels available for free…

In addition to the national channels (MBC 1,2,3) and the TNT Channels by the Mauritius Broadcasting Coorporation,  myT has enriched its package by adding new channels.

Currently, a myT user has the following

  • CNN
  • NDTV Good Times
  • France 2
  • France O
  • France 5
  • France 24
  • Gulli
  • Orange Sports Info
  • NDTV Profit
  • CCTV F
  • Soundtrack Channel
  • Hungama
  • Liberty TV
  • Fashion TV
  • Boomerang
  • TCM
  • MBC Movie Channel
  • MBC1,2,3

[ Read an old post about the introduction of the TNT Channels on MBC ]

As you already know, I adore watching the dancing competitions organised by MBC *cough* *cough*

But it happens that the national tv is not currently broadcasting any since the Management is carrying out an inquiry to know why the Pepsi Sega Hungama competition reached several millions of rupees.

I have been trying to look for the press article on l’express, but in vain… Anyone, please share…

My favorite ones


I don’t really watch TV since I prefer not to be at home during my precious free time 😛

You may not believe me, but I try to spend very little time on internet, except when I am blogging of course. And the remaining time, I am in front of the TV, watching the Movie Channel or the MBC 3 serials, specially during weekends (when I am at home of course).

But since the new channels have made available, I spend more time watching Gulli and Boomerang

gulli boomerang

Oh… back to those childhood memories with Tom and Jerry, Les Tiny Toons, Scoubidoo, Casper and so much more!

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Yashvin, pages of my life

And how much do they cost?

However, to those who don’t know yet, these channels are offered for free during the first 3 months and will be paying afterwards.

Hence, the current myT 512K package is at Rs 862.50 (Vat Inclusive)

while the one with the additional channels costs Rs999 (Vat Inclusive).

Now, I am wondering whether I should continue to pay for the channels after the trial period or I should take another tv package (Canal +, London Satellite, Canal Satellite) or perhaps spend some time studying?

Unfortunately, I don’t have any price for the above packages… Anyone, feel free to share 😛

The future?

With the introduction of private radio in Mauritius a few years ago, the competition for the largest number of audience has always been the main concern. Surveys are carried out very frequently to measure the popularity of the radio channels and their hosts…

This kind of competition can only be of great benefit for the country.

Unfortunately, we have not experienced the same with the few internet service providers in the island. Mauritius Telecom has always been a leap forward with ADSL and MyT while the others lagged behind either for technical constraints, incompetency, unreliability and sometimes, financial problems.

The same applies for newspapers

Thes companies have found the importance of moving forward with technology and nowadays, most of them have an online version available freely on the net.

We have heard a lot about “TV Privée” since the last months, so lets wait a bit more, hoping that it will soon become a reality.

I kept the most interesting one for the last…. I bet you know what I am talking about 😛

BLOGS & Web 2.0!

Blogs and Web 2.0

Since the last months, the number of blogs have been increasing steadily for various reasons…

  1. More and more people are interested in blogging…
  2. Additional source of information
  3. Platform for discussion
  4. Independent and Interactive
  5. FUN!

And what about social networking ?

Practically everybody are on the largest sites like facebook, hi5, myspace and twitter 😛

btw, here are the links to the my main pages – Feel free to join me!

This boom in the media has created much change in the life of Mauritians…

Nowadays, anyone can participate in sharing information… interactively and in real time!
No need to be a journalist! Nor a blogger, you can even share on facebook, twitter and the other social networking sites…

Initially this post was supposed to be about the Gulli and Boomerang cartoon channel, but finally it landed in a long post about media in Mauritius!


What do you hope for the future of “l’audio-visuel” in Mauritius?

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  • yiu

    unfortunately i have not got these channels for that same 3 months though me too having my.T 🙁

  • ritzz


  • Mike

    On the MyT TV channel package – it seems strange to me that you have to pay for “free” channels that are broadcasted worldwide with no encryption. I guess if you want to pay for a good selection of channels then you would go for something like Canalsat where you would have most of those “free” channels anyway.

    As for the Mauritian audio-visuel scene, I hope that the MBC will offer more digital channels and that possibly they will offer good pay channels and interactive digital TV. On the latter maybe a commercial broadcaster will be allowed to take up the challenge in the future.

    We are still waiting, with great expectations, the development of internet connections, optical fibre network inland, faster speeds.

  • Pepsi hungama..
    sorti Rs500K vin around plus 10 million mo croire….LoL..
    to dire sa mismanagement twa?LoL

    mwa mo dire sa..Making pockets wealthy! !

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  • Avish

    Lol dans mbc ena trop boku ki mange largent! lot semain ene cas pu vine lor journal!

    pas blier lire 😉

  • Anyone know the purpose of MBC’s new headquarter at Reduit? 😛

  • @Morinn : Euh… for more local dancing n singing competitions? 🙂

    @Avish : I think its already on newspaper (if its the Pepsi Sega Hungama issue)

    @Tushal : its 13million i think.

    @Mike : I wonder if adding more useless digital channels will bring any change…

  • Yusuf

    I like Gulli – The cartoons are nice.
    Je dirais que France 2 n’est pas mauvais.
    I don’t know if private television will work well at launch stage.
    I won’t come to conclusions based on a newspaper article.
    The MyT package needs to be revamped if it wants to attract more.
    Polls show that people like the news of private radios.

  • Nabila

    Hey really we getting these channels 3 for nly 3 months???
    I thought we getting it all always as my.t has not reduced its prices n thus giving us a better package at the same price!!! Btw will it b optional, that is can we choose to continue pay z sme price n nt having z channels?? or will it b like z other time where we were forced to upgrade ur speed???

  • @Nabila:
    Hi, from what I understood, you can opt not to have the extra channels and pay only Rs750+VAT.
    Thanks for ur visit!

  • Mike

    Yashvin (author) said: I wonder if adding more useless digital channels will bring any change…

    Assuming they are choice/premium satellite channels with good content, I would be prepared to pay for them. At the moment the MBC is in a frame of mind that ALL it’s viewers want sports and all their energy goes into negotiations for rebroadcast of football matches. Let’s face it the movie channel has been disappointing in its selection.

  • @Mike : True…
    However, the movie channel do have a few nice movies (if you haven’t watched them some days earlier on the same channel of course)

  • My.T rocks with the new channels and could be compared to Canal Sat or Parabole . I really like watching those old serials and animated movies but My. T is not available at Fond du Sac. Anyone feeling to watch old movies and shows can go to, and 😛 Use a Proxy In Case It’s Not Allowed.

  • I too could not watch any of the new channels on myt for that 3 months trial.
    As for the price u asked yashvin: canal+ only will cost around 500rs (vat incl.), while canal satellite will depend on the packages you will select, in fact canal+ forms part of canal satellite’s every package, but the one mentioned above is if u take ‘canal+ le bouquet’ option i fink, forgot a little here 🙂 , u can get more info by calling 6021818.
    As for mbc, it still monopolizes the tv sector, but is still crap, just ask some english football fans here who dont have canalsat or parabol and they will tell u… As for the movies..burk!!
    The private tv stations would have done better if they had cut their prices to allow more ppl to get access to their services…

    PS.Anyone knows forums or websites where i can download tiny toons comics full episodes?

  • @ Yashvin

    Canal+ and canal satellite are from the same company, you get canal+,canal+ sport, canal+ cinema, canal+ family with any package you take from canalsat maurice 🙂

  • Krishen

    Whatever the source.One which is colorless.odourless .tasteless.a media for people who already which is sincere enough to tell us they dont know.Also,One which does not hurt and bring peace to the mind.

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  • @yann

    Hey I don’t think that private TV will be present in mauritian life may be in 2 or 3 years or may more. but i think that some people should think about web tv, i.e people who has an internet access at home can watch a sort of tv on it with local production of course. i think that no special permit is required for this , CORRECT ME IF AM WRONG.

  • Adithya

    Have you any idea whether there will be any changes in the MY.T channels???

  • @Aditya : hmm, haven’t heard anything till now, except that by now, the additional channels (Boomerang etc) have been removed for those who do not wish to pay.

    btw, thanks for ur first comment here.