MCB headquarters in xmas mode!

Superb! Hats off guys!

Please wait for the pic to load 😛

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  • Oops… I didn’t notice it… 🙁

  • Deepa

    C jolie…

  • @Deepa: c zoli, sa brille!

    Copyright William from Lucky Luke series 😛

  • Will I have that big gift?xD

  • @Tushal: You already got urs, a .net domain lol!

    btw, remember to change the link on the comment form, it is still ur account 😛

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  • Mike

    I wonder if that means clients will get a surprise share payment in their MCB account? Well, if you believe in Father Christmas you dream……

  • Sailesh

    Really awesome 🙂 MCB really shows why he is the no 1 bank in Mauritius,

    Innovation 🙂

  • Thanks..I know I’m a knob..xD..
    I need that big gift..

  • The whole idea here comes from the Advertising agency (WE-Factory). Same agency which did ORANGE (fouf! amerde dimoune gramatin tanto are zot bane reclames la!!!).

    I think they are the only agency worthy of being called so in Mauritius right now…I guess it’s because it has the best elements working there…lets’ see where they go…

    Great idea I must say!

  • really nice…am nt in port louis so won’t c it anyway…cheerz for the pic 🙂

  • i was in port louis today, i saw this “live”! and its quite impressive! nice and original idea! eye catching publlicity!

  • Nabila

    Strange….i didn’t notice!!!
    Nways maybe 2mrw!

  • tarrr 1 gro kdo sa 😛

    lol mo pan remarker, mo bizin check sa demain

  • Avek tou problem crise ekonomik ban la bien bizin redor zot blazon 😀 .

  • hey tht’s really beautiful 🙂
    smething v original…
    lovely!! 🙂

  • nushreena

    wow dats really gud 🙂

  • Neha

    C joliii 😀