Massacre d’un cheval à Maurice


A video is out on Facebook showing 2 people killing a horse while another one is filming the scene on video. Apparently, this slaughter took place earlier this year, during the month of May.

Share the word, and those guys are really gonna get into trouble since everyone is doing their best to get them punished!

Have a look yourself, the video is only available on fFacebookfor the moment…


The video is available on youtube here (…
Note that the video has been uploaded by ledefimedia group….

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  • jt

    pa possible ca!!!! bizin fer ferme sa 2 la!!!!!

  • WTF????

    Those fricking retards should be jailed?!?!?! 🙁

    carrotmadman6s last blog post..5x Fibre connectivity for Mauritius!

  • Wooow.. where u got that? It look so evil!! Thats something i always nevers liked! Its true about horse racing…they make money with the horse,,,and then kill it like devils!!!

    Those fuc*ing spoil brats doing this …should be crush by an Indian Oil Truck and died or a crush skull!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :@

    Avishs last blog post..Chaya on Blogshot With Kurt!!!

  • F*cking disgusting to see such kind of people..
    Unacceptable..Their acts are simply unacceptable..

    P:s ban dimoune ki bien sensible..avoid watching that clip..

    Tushals last blog post..UOM Talent Show 2008

  • Neel

    Sick people! Duh!

  • 🙁 its … horrible

    yushas last blog post..Student welfare at uom

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  • Deepa

    heartless guys!!!
    ban cosson la,zot pa p realiser ki zot p tue un “living thing”
    li aussi ena la vie e li senti douleur kuma nu..
    p ggn mari envi zour sa banla..

    Pu narien tne met link youtube la,mo pena courage al guet sa.. :S

    Dir varsha al guet 😀

  • Deepa

    heartless guys!!!
    ban cosson la,zot pa p realiser ki zot p tue un “living thing”
    li aussi ena la vie e li senti douleur kuma nu..
    p ggn mari envi zour sa banla..

    Pu narien tne met link youtube la,mo pena courage al guet sa.. :S

    Dir varsha al gueter 😀

  • Just copy the FLV over rtmp.
    Anyway, sad and disgusting, indeed. I don’t know much about horses except that shooting them when they are injured/ill is the best solution for they need to be on their feet to recover (and this can be deadly.) If that horse was indeed injured, it deserved a good bullet shot aimed at the head.
    The laughing ‘horse murderers’ are just dumb asses which remind me of folks from the Idiocracy movie.

  • Its so horrifying!! Was on youtube but has been removed by the user…i managed to save it though….

    I recommend people who cannot see blood not to see it…

  • Anonynous

    Yeah mne treuver, but piti kin post sa la in delete video la maybe fearing for his security.

    Mne record video la.. mo enan li. Mo pou sey met sa dan Utube.. Mo pou sey fer sa anonymous net

  • Update on 2340hrs (MRU):

    The video has been brought down by the guy from facebook…
    As a consequence, I took the picture down too…

  • Those who have the video—>Please forward it to me..Thanks..

    I have no idea why they removed it..
    in gagne menace de mort kisa?^_^

    Tushals last blog post..Massacre d’un cheval à Maurice

  • Hope anonymous manage to upload z video anonymously on utube…we’ll get z link then to share it..

  • The video goes against the particular character of the typical Mauritian – the typical Mauritian is fond of sending ‘locally-made’ porn clips over the mobile networks.
    The status quo has been broken by the horse video – because it featured no bestiality sex scenes. Disgusted, the horny Mauritians who believed that the horse was raped, threatened to spam the poster of the video, and the latter removed it.

  • I think it was done by some “batar” of some rich “horse owner” and for security reason it has been removed from facebook.

    Do you think god exist??? when i see such cruelty i start to believe it doesnt exist! There are way to kill it…either by injection of shot. But not like this!!!

    Avishs last blog post..Student Union Election – The Proposals

  • Dharam_Gokhool_Enemy

    Can anyone post it on the maximum of video sites? (google video, youtube, egg video, myspace etc..) If possible, do upload the video on file sharing servers like, depositfiles or megaupload.

    As for me, I’m simply ecstatic that Dharam Gokhool aint minister of education anymore. Maybe now, we will be able to enjoy the nostalgic science magazines at the UoM library.

    Gotta celebrate that event now, hoping that vasant aint worse than dharam gokhool.

  • Poor me, i could not view the video 🙁

    P.S yashvin i copied your post to my blog so that we can share the word 😀

    Saileshs last blog post..Massacre d’un cheval à Maurice

  • naj

    those who got ve video, put it online again n post ve link here plz. i saw it yesterday n fink abt posting it 2 PAWS, MSPCA or defi plus site 2d but it has been removed. bisin mediatise sa pu ki pran action. ena mane mari bebete dan sa pays la. p touye toutou, aster cheval apres ki pwena??

  • Anonynous

    Yeah i have the video..

    Mne send it ene proprieter [horse lovers], lin dir mwa li pou kit sa kot PAWS ek MTC.

    Si dmain mo pas truve sa video la nowhere then mo pou post it on utube mercredi. Mo pou dne zot link la

  • Anonynous

    La veriter la bizin eclater…

    Ala ki enan derriere tousala.. en + enan Dopage, lecourse aranzer, business nou tou kner..

    Zot bien tire kass r man souval la aprer kan fini zot kill it akoz overheads associated pou soigne souval la tro cher.. I agree mais pas touye li par tranche so la gorge.

    Souval la enan plis lamoure prope ki man dimun.. li pas mem attack

    Ek mo tan dir lot mois Sterling Silver si zot pou touyer kumsa

  • Jashveer

    Ban kk l*k* la..myself being a horsing fan , mne gagne mari peur ek chagrin when viewing this video..mne tend dir sa horse la ti apel Methodical man but yet to be confirmed.hope the video reaches the MTC and kpav pren action contre sa ban vampire la

  • Zia

    f***ing pricks

    u guys r really disgusting

  • “Mne send it ene proprieter [horse lovers], lin dir ….”

    horse lovers, you say…hmm…*cough*

    Hey, where’s the youtube url? Post it, please. Thanks.

    Shahs last blog post..Typewriter (XKCD)

  • hey mne resi guet video la…zot ine re upload li…
    TROOOOOO CRUEL HAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    mo pane kpv guet entire, ti p gagne vertige…
    SHIT SHIT SHIT GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bzn pren action,…pa kpv laisse zot :S
    poor cheval :((

  • Etan doner ki video la lor youtube…to ti kv met li Yashvin!

  • Anonynous

    Wa video la..

    Met max coment zot kav!:

  • yashvin..the clip is available on is the link:

    Tushals last blog post..What are your fundamental rights?

  • Just saw the video, its very horrible 🙁

    Updated the link on my blog as well

    Saileshs last blog post..Massacre d’un cheval à Maurice

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  • Breaking news..
    I have a friend who created a topic on the defi media forum and guess what! !they deleted the post! ! !
    Live long mauritius and its ***** people.

    Tushals last blog post..Live StripTease Show on Msn.

  • Van

    People.. Lets flood media channels and all other authorities with this info and pressurise them to act promptly. Passiveness with a few comments wouldnt be enough to bring a change

  • @van–>yeah but you know..the defimedia forums is deleting the thread concerning the killing of that horse?
    Anyway..Some people are just unbelievable..

    Tushals last blog post..Missing The Presence Of Some One In My Life.

  • Mike

    By internet, this cruelty incident has now got international attention. The incident is on Radio1 too. I wonder if there will be an investigation and prosecution in this case??

  • Alisha

    The sick minded f*****g freakz,cutting the thrOat of a horse.i hope they die a hOrrible death. zotte la tet pa bon du tout…

  • one of these ass who killed the horse is only 19 years…. big enough to get a good sentence…. waiting up to hear more from that case as there is a concrete proof against him, but one more thing… it that video was not uploaded on facebook, then no one would have been aware that the horse has been killed and as usual as soon as our very (in)famous gossip paper ,defi got a hint …kk fanner lolz

    joyshans last blog post..My top speed

  • zeba

    whatever they have done to that poo horse, they will pay enormously for that….zot pu mal mort…maledictions lor zot!!!!

  • how to condemn those fucking criminals???? how???


  • They got bailed out from Jail….Hats off to the Authorities..

    Tushals last blog post..Internet connection failure in Mtius


  • foollee avishek

    these people must be punished

  • Phoenix

    I want to know 2 simple things out of curiosity:

    1- Were they bailed out?

    2- Does anybody know the identity of anyone in that video or where they may be located in Mauritius?

    Any information will be helpful.

  • @Phoenix : Hmm, unfortunately, I do not have any idea of what happenned to the persons. But Le Defi Plus had whole pages about this “massacre” with the names of the people, and all details.

  • princess62527

    who r z guys???