Life in Uni…

2004 – and still going on

la vie uni ? top net… πŸ™‚

  • u r free to do what u want at ur own cost…
  • u can extend ur 3 yr course up to 5 yrs and casse poz entretemps
  • no stress, only near the exams or assignment dead lines
  • pena cours from gramatin a tantot tous les jours
  • friendship… think its the greatest experience that u can make in uni!

i have gained a lot from the 2 yrs in uni and am sure that for the last yr that
remains, it will be great but time goes on so fast !

cse group

Read more on this article if u r interested… & do post ur comments plz
16 august 2004, first day in uni….
u can feel urself lost on the first day especially for finding classes.
but after about 1 week, we started to make friends and i think it is the strongest friendship bond that we have made till now…for the first days, no one was eager to talk to the other but let me tell u something: if in uni, u still keep ur attitude u got in secondary colleges, then u gonna be left behind by all your class mates. This situation do exist..unfortunately…

lets talk about the teaching technique…
lol, its more the lecture technique, sorry…
one thing important in uni :
NEVER go against a lecturer ! else u will regret what u did for the whole lifetime..if u want to experience it, just try it ! wont cost u anything!

its not like in colleges where the teacher is constantly spoon-feeding u.
the lecturer comes(most!) , delivers the lecture note ( not all are pleasant ), tells u some stories or personal experience ( very few do so ) and gives u an assignment and the due date ( some dont even give u a hint how to do it).
now its up to u to see how u can complete it!

our group @ Domaine La Grave

I think its the best place where u can make friends in a short amount of time compared to the 7 yrs in the college. and those friendship are those that will last for ever and be beneficial to u once u r in the working field…
its not like those relations that are broken after one day or due to a small fight wiz the other…
we have done so much together…Have a look @ our blog


our blog


special hi to the best uni class mates!
i prefer not to quotes names attention blier some of them!

i think thats all i have in mind and do add what u think about our life in uni….

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  • Crap am nowhere on these pics!! πŸ™

    any my thoughts on uom is quite straight foward

    a crappy place with good friends!! πŸ˜›

  • dont b so sad vickss….

    the prob is that u came into our group a bit after the pic was taken!
    next time u gonna b in it…or else, i will do some cut n paste!
    do provide ur pic lol