lexpress.mu fait peau neuve

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  • Better packaging does not make the product better.

    If you haven’t got principles right, it’s no use putting on make-up. It’s as vulgar as a peripathetician trying to appear classy.

  • tambourette

    Your site loads faster.

  • lol. Thanks 😛

  • Pépé Le Beagle

    No analysis yet but there is no way of finding the freaking archives on that website (I wanted to read saturday’s articles) and just try to go back to the homepage when you are in an article (if you don’t know that the small middle logo is the link to the HP).

  • RobinDesBois

    WOW, self proclained Hero, you are! Are you self promoting yourself or are you nuts? Instead of barking like this, go and do some thorough analysis and testing! And also compare this awful site with lematinal or lemauricien or even defimedia! This web site is “buggy”, brings nothing new, rather has removed some ointeresting features, is cluttered, and looks amateurish. Now to put things in context reagrding the 2008 which you are so much criticising! A few facts, In 2008 it was a major change from the old plain website to a news portal, with no news content meeting the new structure. There was also a need to merge 3 different archives from diifferent structures into one!!! After the serious initial teething problems which lasted 3 days only, the portal remained operational without any crash for teh years to come! ! Even on the day of very high traffic, when both the defimedia and lematinal crashed due to peaks, the lexpress.mu 2008 portal remained operationa! Yes there were minor issues, mainly due to operational staff mishandling data on the backoffice Now 5 years later, in 2013, when technology and plugings etc have evolved , and become much easier, you or whoever, I;m afraid have just come up with an even worse portal : awful aesthetics, no archives, french accents not appearing, i saw this in 2 min! etc etc .., It’s unfortunate for La Sentinelle who seem to have lost their way. Go back to your drawing board my friend, you’ve got along way to go!

  • RobinDesBois

    100% correct Akash…thsi one is much worse..and we are in 2013!

  • Yusuf

    Not bad but I prefer my good old paper. Somehow, the tea tastes better. Reading the papers while taking sips is the best for me hehehe

  • I will always ditch lexpress because of its publicity and focus on stars. Sexpress.

  • Ashvin Bhookhun

    I have been told that this one works better with iPad, the previous version on the http://www.lexpress.mu did not. I can’t commend on that as I do only oranges and no apples :p

  • Ashvin Bhookhun

    zurnal ek reklam, pair las kole sa

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