Letchis à gogo!

Hi everyone…

A short brief for those not in Mauritius :
Letchis are being sold everywhere on the island, practically in every corner of Mauritius and everywhere along motorways.

The harvest has been so good for the current year that the price of letchis have (?) dropped down to Rs0.50 each, but however, I haven’t personally found good quality letchis at that price.

For some days, I am quite fed up eating loads of letchis (gagne kdos :P):

But if someone asks me tomorrow : “enkor letchis?”
I wil reply “avoyer!”

What about you?

btw, can someone please send me some really nice self-shot pics of letchis please on yashvin@gmail.com?
You can even put ur copyright notice, I dont mind 🙂

Of course, letchis will be welcomed in the office of yashvinblogs.com

Have a nice week dear friends!

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  • bein moi depi bel lepok monn plein manz leksi, gagne bon kalitE leksi kot moi… mais bon… kan to ena piE divant lacour, to plein vite!

  • y is this post in the “police,law” category??? LOL

  • I just destroyed by camera… 🙁
    Wasn’t working… banged it… lens got broken… :S

    Anyway I’m also fed up of letchis & mangoes… 🙁
    Even the bats are fed up I guess, can’t see them…

  • @selven: lol, li bon la, ofet li dans category “MRU, Police, Law”…
    koi ke, Police and Law pena narien a faire la dans :P, mais still, it concerns Mauritius


  • Bhooks

    Yashvin. Amenn letchis pour moi demain.

  • Mike

    Such a bumper crop this year my neighbour has been giving us so much we are sharing with family/friends. Coincidence today, I had a request about letchis from Belgium as they are looking forward to getting them in supermarkets in December time. I bet they pay much more for them there.

  • Well, I haven’t had “real’ litchis for 13 years now. 🙁

  • @Webdesign Bureau

    u fasting or something?? thats a long time dude… as for me, i havent had LEKSI for 13 hours now… lollllllll..

  • ayo mo adore manz letchis…pa kpv resister sa!! 😛

    unfortunately most of the time i have to buy letchis..bien rare ki1 pou donne mwa kdo 🙁 ur lucky yashvin!!

  • [re=28416]Dhaneesha[/re]:
    yashvin, Give her Letchis..:p

  • @Tushal: Dir li vine prend, li lot coter buro LOL ! 😛

  • Letchis..pa cave plein are ca moi.. Ki vrai meme letchis 50c..kte ca???
    Si zte ena tro bokou letchis fer moi conner…:)

    .par contre mo pa ler truve longanes…

  • @S4ndeep : No dude! Never got back to Mauritius at the right time to have them 😀 .

  • Letchi ine vine rs1 aster….mo ti bizin profiter kan li ti rs0.50…lol

  • soum

    sa pic la em aC pu fer mwa nvi manz leksi la….hmmmmm….ziska taler pial rod imp…lol

  • Shah

    Free Litchis to all cute chicks who happen to be in Tamarin (near the post office) – ask for “Shah” – There are 3 trees in my garden full of them. Take them all before the birds peck them.
    Note: Offer valid only to cute and single chicks.

    ( What?! I’m testing the fruit charm! 😛 )

  • @Shah: Yea dont worry, me and Tushal are going to wear a mini jupe and come to your garden…just be sure the letchis are ready…. else we dont want anything else and after you give us the letchi you can take the “mini jupes” while we wear back our trousers 😛

  • zaynab

    well me also pu say avoyer nkor

    pa assez sa lollzzzzzzzzz

  • archu

    snifffffffffffffffffffffff me want letchiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :(:( c ki gagner ici la is rubbish 🙁

  • muzzammil

    iina kt mw :D.. B li po autant dou 🙁