Le malheur des uns fait le bonheur des autres

Port Louis, 1230hrs, 12 December 2008.

Suddenly, it began raining raining cats and dogs and a few mins after, Port Louis was overflooded, most of the people drenched while going back to their offices, while others tried to hide.

A hawker came from nowhere and started to sell his umbrellas… for a few minutes, his business worked great!

Oops, I forgot to mention, even the blogger did not let this opportunity fly lol! haha!

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  • par hazard pa to meme ki ti p vende parapli???

  • LoL..Yashvin and umbrella..Where is the pic?

  • @Tushal: Yashvin uses a raincoat instead, practical everywhere, can be put anywhere (6)

  • Marchand: Prend ou parasol parasol

    Yashvin: Combien sa?

    Marchand: rs25 parasol missie. Prend li dernier mem reste la.

    Yashvin: eski li couvert bien sa? Eski li protege depi K*** pigeon tou sa la?”

    Marchand: Oui li protege tou sa. soleil lapli nuage zecler lorage tou sa missie prendli vit ou p mouille”

    Yashvin: Ok donne moi un.

    Yashvin: Atan mo gete avant attntion sa ban blogger la p rod tir mo photo ki mo p aste parapli.

  • Reetesh15

    Tro lol sa kurt avish
    Mo pa ti coner ti ena la pluie dan p.lui zordi moi:S
    Sa unP rare sa