Le faux SMS d’Orange

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  • I received it on both my emtel and orange number and I did not send it to anyone. I already knew it was a hoax..*Like carrotmadman said: aret croire dan bolom noel*

  • Lecons de français???? Le message est anglais!

  • 4 coups mn gagner hier.. 😛

    Obviously kuman in gagner mn delete…lol!!

  • @Ludovic : LOL! dsl pour cette grosse erreur 😛 *shy*

  • @ Yashvin no worries it’s Thursday it is understandable LOL….

    Mo pa comprend comment ena dimoune ki gagne banne msg coum ca et zot pas trouve ki c enn canulard… Li tellement obvious!!!!

  • Dvil

    received it twice but did not forward pour 2 raisons… mo pingre et mo ti kner ene fausse sa : /

  • I wonder what would have happened if the message read:

    “Send pix of u having sex to 10 people who use orange sim and winRs.200 credit /w 50sms & 2hr free call.After 3hr ull get it.Thx.”

    The front page of the newspapers would have been so entertaining on the next day. LOL.

    BTW, I am all for spammers to be castrated for they do ruin our user to service/product experience!

  • Mike

    Did not receive this, I am on Emtel. Obvious spam pity that this is starting on sms now. Along with chain e-mails I never forward, hit delete.

  • @Fadil : The media is so good at making small things look big 😛

  • pooja

    hey me too i ot in several times,,, i told those eprsons to 4ward the ms themself n transfer me the credit !!!! lol lol 🙂

  • wai yashvin,mwa aussi mo ban cams ti avoye mwa,mo ti croire li vraie,lergetter foss,zot ti croire mo pou marse sa boul la.., dimoun saki inn avoye sa msg la a 10 persne foD li ene copia meme pou li avoyer….

  • ReenaDKL

    I use MTML…so no problem 🙂

  • Hello,

    The From field should be from Orange, not a number.

    There should be no punctuation errors.

    I’ve seen punctuation errors in this message. And I guess the From wouldn’t be from Orange since it’s from people forwarding.

    So it’s just spam.


  • I just love to spot hoax that I receive by email, and then email that back to all the people in the email. Too cool to disappoint them all!

  • IL faut vraiment être idiot pour croire à de telles sottises. LEs opérateurs téléphoniques se sont fait beaucoup d’argent sur le dos de ces idiots lol…

  • @Guiblog : haha. C’était une version améliorée et qui a très bien marcher du “Spam Mail”

  • Mesh

    The message is full of mistakes!
    Great blog bro
    Keep it up 😀
    I just love your blog and you’ve inspired me. I want to create my own blog too. Mais examens HSC lundi! Fo se concentrer…aprer vacks mo pu create 1!