Reasons why I love my Kindle 3>

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  • Splash

    Being an iPhone & iPad user, my first reaction was to swipe my finger on the screen. Lol

    However it cant be used for reading in the dark.

  • @Splash : Yes, just like a book, which can’t be read in the dark too 😛
    One thing I can assure, not all of my “testers” previously used an iphone/ipad or any touch screen device. It became some kind of mechanical action, perhaps because of the large display.

  • I’ve the Kindle app installed on my Android phones!

  • Wendy

    haha mo penkor invest dans ene cover mo meme! Been throwing it in my bag everyday and not scratched…yet 🙂
    It’s also super useful when you go on holiday/travel – instead of lugging around a guide book and loads of maps – kindle to the rescue!

  • Ruby

    Awesum…kindle is gaining my interest huh..esp wen i spend more zan Rs2000 almost every month 2 get new Ebay accounts work wiz Amazon??? Hmmm…i guess i shud as wel check out z amazon post..

    anyways..this is 1 real gud post..very informative..important fings said in simple words…hv fun wiz ur kindle..n i am jealous 😮

  • Really nice Review. Hoping to grab one soon too.

  • yurit0s

    nice review.

    but question ? why have you not bought the Galaxy Tab or iPad ?

    is it for same reason like for mobile phone and dSlr. ?
    The mobile phone can be of latest generation with high MB pixels\tech but we still love our dSlr because of quality pic. ?

  • Mike

    Thanks for this practical review which has made me curious as to what kind of selection is available for e-books? I suppose I will try to check on this online.

  • Great review. I guess that if all you want is reading books (without hauling them around), the Kindle is the perfect device. 😉

    That said, there are only two things that would put me off – lack of ebooks (points at Harry Potter) & colour screen (bet the next version will have one – great for comics!).

    *Goes back to reading his Tintin comic books.* 😛

  • Crystal

    🙂 Swapping fingers :p

    Moi mo konten mo kindle :p

  • Hello @Shah! Yeah, saw that kindle apps were available for different devices. But the apps do not make those devices into a kindle 😉

    @yurit0s: As I said, I only wanted an ebook reader. Surfing on the web, or playing games is unnecessary for my purpose. I think that your example suits the purpose too 🙂

  • hey yashvin. just dropping by to say i’m getting mine too this week. why? mainly because of eye strain from reading ebooks and articles on my phone and laptop. 2nd: battery life! plus a lot of my textbooks are now on pdf. 3 Gb will be useful for that too.

    now, i must get a nice cover to ward off the geek stamp on my face 🙂

    good review

  • spddd

    hey, what about the 3G and wifi? the 3G works in mauritius with good browsing experience? thx for answering. 🙂

  • Armand

    How much is it

  • Hi @spddd!
    I can’t say anything abt the 3G because I got only the wifi version one. Hope that someone can give you an answer.

    @Armand: I think that you haven’t read my post carefully 😛 I said it above, the total cost was about Rs5515.

  • m18

    hhhmmmm nice device… but only 2 things turn me off
    first is zat it lacks touch screen n
    second is zat it doesnot hav a colour screen which doesnot improve web experience
    so sad zat dis latest device doesnot hav latest technology like galaxy tab or ipad. frm my point of view 2.5/5

  • m18

    n ya monochrome screen is a very outdated technology n on a device like dis it reduces the beauty of it. if it wud hav been a colour screen it wud have been more fun

  • @m18, thanks a lot for your point of view. You dont seem to understand that the kindle and ipad/galaxy do not share the same technology and uses. And of course, price.

  • Woahh nice review! Nobody can’t deny that the Ipad/galaxy tab don’t last long under heavy usage. The real beauty of the Amazon Kindle is without doubt its long battery sustainability and probably it’s because of the monochrome screen. Amazon is bold enough to use such technology but I can see their logic behind their madness through your review.

    By the way, has it got an embedded flash player in its browser? Say I want to stream YouTube? There is one last thing I want to say….you could not be more right about grabbing one of these after reading your article. My bro is your latest victim! 😉

  • m18

    it was only my point of view n everybody got its point of view about sumthing n i really respect urs n i was expressing myself n if u lyk it so just keep it up 🙂 n ya i was a bit confused about the kindle n the ipad loll i didn’t know that the kindle was an e-book reader or i dunno wat. HAVE FUN WITH UR KINDLE :’)

  • Mike

    I have had a look at the list of books, newspapers and magazines available online and I am impressed by the choice. The Kindle is a useful tool in that it can also save money on expensive subscriptions, postage and delays with the post. You can instantly download books for reading. Just for these reasons I am tempted to get one myself.

  • Muzz

    of course im the 13000th commenter 😛

  • @Muzz : CONGRATZ!

  • Freesoul

    Neat neat neat! i’ll love to get one of those! Added to my wishlist! Nice review as always yashvin. 😀

  • Torpedo

    Where will your thing go after its lifetime? Not there, I hope…

  • aditya

    is it possible to drag and drop documents to kindle from PC using USB connection? Or email is the only way?

    Nice Review, BTW!

  • @aditya, thanks for your comment.

    Yes, you can drag n drop your documents onto the kindle drive once it is connected through USB.
    As you can guess, documents won’t be converted to the Kindle format in this way if you copy the original documents right away.

    In case you are worrying that you don’t have a wifi connection, you can relax. When sending the docs to the email add for free conversion, Amazon emails you a link to download the converted doc on your PC. You can then download the document on the PC and copy it through USB.

    Hope that I replied to your query.
    Keep coming 😉


  • aditya

    yes it does…i’m definitely buying one.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Crystal

    Hey yash – dhl claimed the extra charges 780rps after few weeks. Salesman error 🙂

  • DS

    Hi Yash.

    nice review.good job for your blog! it has lots of interesting information.

    I have my project which includes charts and some diagrams and it’s in pdf. i wanna know if the kindle 3 will be able to read it? can it be converted into the kindle format for free, with all the diagrams?

    would you recommend the kindle wifi at $139 or the new kindle DX?


  • Hello @DS.

    There’s only 2 ways you can check out how your document will look like in the kindle :
    1. Try it on a kindle directly
    2. Install a free Kindle application on your computer. You can download the Amazon’s software here : or even on your mobile phone.

    Give it a try and I am sure that this will answer your first question.
    As for which Kindle you should purchase, I believe that the normal one at $139 will be ok for most users and it is more affordable too. Up to you to see if you want a portable and small reader, or a larger one (and more expensive).

    Do come on the blog again 🙂

  • Hey in the end, I did not have to pay VAT on the order! Now I can only speculate on either of the two possibilities:
    1. DHL receiving a threat for wrongly computing my VAT amount. I emailed them, with an excel sheet detailing the correct VAT, after adjusting for the exempt amount(Less plausible)
    2. Kindle3 was ordered as a gift, with wrap(cost me $4) and personalized messaged(Happy Birthday).

    It could be the customs allowed the parcel to be released without any additional fee.

    For sure, I bought this for dad, but feeling tempted to keep it for myself now! I still find reading on my apple device easier(finger swipe, word selection for dictionary). However, the kindle 3 adds a new dimension to my studies, with finance books available here(but not on epub version).

    Even tried the email conversion for word based pdf files. Worked wonders for me!

  • I’m starting my Computer Science course on monday at UoM.
    I was wondering whether a kindle would be a good investment for my studies? I guess i would no longer need to carry books.

    The only very disappointing thing in kindle as from what i’m reading is it doesn’t has a Memory Card slot.

    But, it has lots of features that sufficienctly overpowers its cons.

    Should i get one?

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  • Anitabhagawan

    hi everybody, where can I get a cover for kindle in Mauritius ps?

  • Yugi200

    So Yash, you got the Kindle 3 Keyboard without the 3G?

    I’m looking forward to buy one of these as well. The Kindle 3 Keyboard version imo is better than the Kindle 4 priced @$109.  What are your thoughts? 😛

  • I have not really read much about the Kindle 4 but as per my guess, the Kindle 4 might be even much better than the 3rd version. Personally, I have not used the keyboard much because as I said, the Kindle is mainly an ebook reader. That’s what it does best, and no one can beat it for that.

    The Kindle 4 is also cheaper. Go for it!

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