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  • wasting my tax money on graffiti 😛

    instead we should care about the poor Mauritians
    and treat them with a nice meal on the day of the independence

  • millions and millions on useless activities!!!

  • I lost hope when I saw the proposed logos for “Made in Mauritius” last year, so nothing surprises me anymore.

    On a side note, welcome to the Adsensers of Mauritius 🙂

  • Correction: Made in Moris

  • nadeeem12

    Dimoune pena manzer dans pays la.. aster pe depense tou kaliT cash lor fete national.. gaspiyaz largent!! SHAME ON NAVIN AND HIS USELESS MINISTERS~

  • On that “logo” the colour red dominates all the other ones.

    And by the way, why not a new logo for each day of the year?

  • RevA N

    It’s not anything new to us that lots of money are being spent on ‘useless’ activities! It’s definitely in the culture around here, get used to it because nothing’s going to change!

  • Oumar

    I was part of the competition and the logos I have proposed can be found at:

    Well, mes felicitation to Mr Chitanand Luximon who is the winner of this year – 2013. This guy is a connoisseur in art of logo making, for this he also won the 2nd prize for a BANK NOTE Competition organized by the Bank of Mauritius in 2007. See link

    Therefore, Mr. Chitanand, I am sure that budding graphic designers of Mauritius would be very please to know how you won such competitions and certainly share some tips of logo making with us. This will enable us to reach new heights.

    As the new branding of Mauritius rightly says “Maurice C’est Un Plaisir”


  • Congrats on my behalf too.
    One must be proud to see his own-made logo published everywhere :{

  • Some Mauritian “designers” will run out of logos 😛

  • Thank you!

  • dav

    wow! 2nd AND 4th prize (cash prize actually exceeding the one of the winner lol)

    I like your propositions, a personal preference for the first and last ones where u can feel the festive side, and i can easily see how it could be translate on collaterals

  • Pépé Le Beagle

    45th anniversary = Rs100 000. Just wait for the price of the one they will be doing for the 50th. Remember 50 million rupees for a mockup governement portal?

  • i actually like this it luks the same as the Human rights 1.. mayb the money shud go to them 😛 && i did c the hands n the whether it is meaningful?? im nt sure

  • wawa

    this logo is BULLSHIT

  • yurit0s

    Moi mo trouve li ressembler la bierre phoenix

  • yurit0s

    The logo was under the emirates a380. Wonder how much they paid for the logo to be sticked under this plane

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  • If ever they paid something, it will definitely be more beneficial than running that air mauritius thing will all their petits copains and their “service”.

  • shame 😐

  • This is what the GUYS that governs the country keeps telling, EGALITER, JUSTICE etc. Complete bullshit, you bastards, the population should rip you off – I know this won’t happen as large section of the population are ‘roder boute’ and have ‘mentaliter bater bis’!