Hit and Run at Abercombie

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  • fak lucky you! Why do these things always happens to you! !@#$%^^%@!#$. Etaa to pa ti kapav pass lor second crazz accelerateur bour deriere banla tap tap ar zot loto kuma dans fim lerla fer zot virE dans rond point et roule roule lor bann dimoune la kan zot kit zot loto pou sovE!!!!

    Anywayz fer tension asterr garse, these dudes seems to be ruffians with money… they might come find you out.

  • That’s the job of the police. And since a police officer got hurt while doing the job, the case going to be very serious, probably a charge of “Attempt to murder” on the driver.

    I love it when things like that happen to me 🙂

  • Krishi

    ena pu maryer bientot, fr attention :p

  • clive

    Epic!! NCIS stylelike…Keep us posted : )

  • I just hope that you will be fine.

  • Kudos for stating only the facts. That’s a professional posts.

    On the other hand, when the dude will want to come back at you, you are only one Google search away…

  • lol @Google search 😛

  • Thankfully you did not get hurt. The people concerned are known to the police files I guess, good u kept ur cool.

  • yurit0s

    Chance zis degats materiel

  • Luvnish

    GTA – Mauritius
    this would totally be a hit! 😀

  • Nazz

    Quelle histoire!

  • Reuben

    Awesome story Dude! Dans les feux de l’action!!!

  • Kailash

    Yashvin…mo penser to bisin fer bien attention aster, vue ki d’apres to description li paret wadir pe gagne zafer ek ban “bouncer” ou “mafia”. D’ailleurs li pa dificile pou trace toi, vue ki to populaire sur le web et Google li suffit pou gagne ban details precis et claire. Donc, to bisin etre vigilant et prudent parceki zot kapav attack twa a nimporte qui moment dans l’absence la force policiere. Mo pas souhaite sa, mais c’est juste ene conseil. 🙂 Zot kapav veye toi. La chose la plus importante c’est ki to ban blesser. Dieu merci! 🙂

    Concernant sa zafer ki ene policier fine blesser sur le lieu de travail, et surtout ki sa chauffeur la fine completement ignore signale ene policier (failure to listen to officer on duty), ek lorla ki policier la fine bisin ale soigner lopital kot li ene blessure assez serieux ki pou kit ene cicatrice tout long so lavie puiske li ene “large cut”, et li pou rapel sa pou fer li rapel sa, mwesperer ki justice soit fait et ki ene punition bien bien severe etre doner.

    Kailash Poonyth.

  • merci man pou bane conseils.

  • Ahem… Had a similar experience (refusal to sign a “constat à l’amiable”) with a bouncer, but he was on a motrocycle and alone, and I managed to persuade him to accept his fault some hours later. But as far as I have read, your our case is way more complicated: dangerous / reckless driving, excessive overtaking, bribery or abbetting / aiding to commit a larceny / forgery (fooling an insurance with Rs1,000: he’s very naive, to say the least), failure to report an accident, refusal to obey a police officer’s instructions, attempt at murder, wounds and blows to a police officer, and what not that your lawyer would relish in piling up upon him…

    But don’t fear much: if he didn’t have guts to face the police, if he showed his lack of balls to show up at the police station and had to hire that passenger bloke to make a desperate attempt at fooling you and the police, do you think he’ll have any balls left to come and scan for you in your neighbourhood / workplace to run the risk someone spotting him? Just as precaution, I’d recommend that you keep some rat glue at hand, if ever (touch wood, and whatever superstitious object Pramod may find most effective) that thug comes around: the smell (stench is a much better word here, I guess) of rat glue is perfect as tracer for sniffer-dogs to follow. And believe me, you’ll enjoy the way dog handlers “guide” police dogs unto their targets here in Dodoland…

    I cannot comment on your way of handling it, like Mike said, keeping your cool from start to finish, because I think I prefer answering tit for tat. Especially when things escalate to verbal abuse when I ‘m behind the wheel, somehow I can’t control my temper. But I’m the complete opposite at home and at work: clinical in analysis and slow to take decisions. It must be something about the masks we wear for each circumstance…

    Final word: for once, the police reacted promptly to a serious situation, and deserves my applause. For once. But how many pettier things get condoned and forgotten everyday which ultimately breed in everyone else a sense of impunity resulting in what we have now: reckless people who don’t even fear driving into them…?

    Naughty question: who’s that guy parading with his uber-cool multicolor / technicolor surf shorts, yellow/orange shirt and savatt-léponz in almost all pictures? Is that Mr Cool? 🙂

    Bonus question: now, thanks to you and your sense of duty to report, all drivers know that the black Mazda 3 S1163 is to be shunned, can you now please, for the sake of completeness and information to all of your devoted fanreader base, give the name of the offender’s lawyer? Please?

  • Dinesh

    Do not leave this issue unresolved. Follow closely the case and blog any mishandling you notice. Some people do not accept their fault on the road even fully aware of their blunder committed as if the road is for their mother’s Galxx. Unfortunately I have been involved in similar issue and amazingly you are very right the lady sitting behind seemed to be much excited than all… I wonder if the can get undressed also in situations like that. Hmm….

  • axon

    mr cool ?? what u r trying to imply ??

  • Hmmm. I dont know if I can give his name, but I’m already thinking to write a post on lawyers 🙂
    Eski to craw ki certains parmi zotte cpv dormi trankillement tous les zours?

  • The guy you mentioned has been very helpful. 🙂

  • Ceased?? or “siezed”?

  • Kailash

    Yashvin…si possible keep nou updated lor sa case la. Btw tiena sa lor zurnal? I’m surprised ki mo pane truve nanien a propos sa.

  • Kailash

    I believed it’s siezed.

  • Yes, some newspaper mentioned it, even heard it on Radio Plus. More stress was put on the assault on the police officer.

  • Kailash

    LOL WA!! 😛

  • Update:
    The police arrested the driver yesterday, and today, I was required to identify him. Let him rot in the police cell during the weekend and till his case goes on. His vehicle is still in police custody.

  • Just posted an update 🙂

  • korn1

    Wow,that is hectic!!! Glad you are okay.

  • San guétt Matam Kwok, mo prévwar ki si la-poliss contign dormi ek pa férr so travail, sé sa ki pou arrivé biento: http://carscoop.blogspot.com/2012/08/you-don-mess-with-zohan-watch-bad-ass.html

    Yashvin, pa ti pou mal hein, si ti ena sa ti boutt métal-la lerr boug-la coummans zouré… 🙂 Mé mo fondamentalman kontt por-darm ziss parski si dimoun Moriss gagn permi condwir ek condirr couma fou san considération ni pou limem ni pou so pasazé ni pou lézott izazé la-routt, abé ar fizi ki capaw arrivé?