Freshly graduated.

graduated-me.jpg The day is finally here. I can now officially announce my graduation in BSc(Hons) Computer Science & Engineering although the certificate will be delivered in December!
Together with my parents, we reached Reduit at about 1245, just when it began to rain cats n dogs. All the graduating students were redirected towards a room where we hired the Gown(robe) and the cap for a sum of rs450. Rs450 for only 2hrs! That’s pretty expensive!While the parents were being seated in the auditorium hall, the students queued outside the hall, happily gossiping since we met after quite some time. Most of us were sweating like never before because of the gown and the cap. Fortunately, there were still a few fans working in there.We stood in that tight hall for more than 1 hour, with our cap sometimes on our head and sometimes in our hand, or on the floor. We finally marched proudly into the hall as instructed, with our cap in our left hand, while we tried to find familiar faces in the assistance.
us-1.jpg Just after being seated, I got so hungry! Ene faim leve bezer… I believe that most of us turned hungry and thirsty too.

Cant say about my next seat neighbor, who was fasting….Ki to dire Zai? lol

1 hour later, the graduation ceremony for our course ended but we still had to wait another additional 1 hour for the agriculture students.

hmm, just remembered a joke which I cracked mone in the queue, outside hall. The students graduating were from 3 departments :

  • Computer Science & Enginneering and Information System, then
  • Electronics and Computer Science and finally
  • students of Agriculture.

I told my friends:

Attention, si zotte coster r electronics, zotte gagne koup courant et si zotte al vers seki agriculture, zotte gagne koup pioche 😛

After the graduation ceremony, we had to queue again to get this moment immortalized by professional photographers.

The refreshment were being served in the cafeteria.

Au menu :

  • Jus Sunquick,
  • Coffee and
  • bajia, lol (Situation financiere oblige à l’universite de Maurice)

Happy graduation to all!


youpiiiiii, ressi graduate finalement ! It was nice seeing all of u again friends….

Now some blackmailing;

Seki bisin high resolution pictures of graduation are required to leave a comment here. I’m so generous 🙂

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  • Zai

    extraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! EXTRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! :silly:

  • Avishna

    very happy for u
    congratulations…….wow for almost ur life u studied for this!

  • Splash


    chance mone fer imper complaints theme la in kav changer :p

    in reussi montrer dan info
    apres to dire mbc pane vini :p

    tone bien profiter mange gato?
    pendant 3 ans mone tend jaya n company plaigner pou al manger pendant graduation…
    today was ur turn …

    bonne graduation a tous 😀

    malheuresement pencore arrive mo tour :S

  • Laksh

    Tar, congrats
    lookg good imp like magician in HarryPotter 😀
    lool, jokg,anyway good luck.
    tk cr

  • wow..its too cool..CONGRATS.!!!kan m pu ariv sa stage la mw.. 😆 astr mo p start 🙁

  • Splash


    theme rechanger encore :p
    tring to find sth lighter to load quicker???

    rs450 location pou 2hrs :S
    in bien profiter pran max foto mo trouver

  • Crystal

    wai nune atane pendant 3ans! ek nu pan gagn gato nuem !
    congrats zot tou 🙂
    zot tou ti in their best attire

  • hehe felicitatiooon :p Bien mange bajia? touzour tone gagne sa si, quand arrive nous tour, pas coner si pou gagne 1 verre delo :S

  • YAs

    yea finally in ressi fair graduation…

    ti p fiter pu manz gato sa :p mai malheureusement line tombe dan careme…mai mo pa plaigner in amene gato lakaz pu eat hahaha!!!

    samoussa la ti bien tipti :p n pa assez sa ..

    it was really nice 2d!! Congrats once again zot tou:P

    Yash to kapv avoye moi mo photo aster hihi:P

  • kimlyn

    Ayooo wai pane gagne manzer:(
    3 as mone atane pou gagne gato dan cafe!!! mari mat, kan ine arriver tou ti deja

    En tout k ti top! Mais ti pou bcp plis top si tou cams ti graduate ensam:(

    Felicitation zot tou!!!

  • Kunal

    good job!!!
    mo bien content!!!

    aster moi mo ena pou casse mo latete pendant 4 ans pou graduer :(:(:(

    kan to p vine Canada la? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • amishi

    congrats yashvin!!

    gown la vraimem fer twa parait koma harry potter!! lol,just kidding. to p fer mwa zalou la… mwa hsc em pankor fini n twa tone fini start work tou! lucky u.

    wish u more success in life

  • to all friends…thnk for ur congrats…

    wai, lol, samoussa la mo si mo pane truv so boute, ene chance ena ine ressi truver li tipti.
    sinon, sunquick la ti sunquick.

    to kunal: canada? hmm…. apres ava gueter lol.
    mo pas envie cailler kouma twa mwa…

    to jaya:
    to chachi ine fini tout so makillage lo twa, lol.

    felicitations zotte tous encore 🙂

    btw, pas encore gagne assez comments pu mail zotte pics la, pu ena leakage sinon lol

  • Jason

    Nice nice pics

    Congrats zot tou! Ti pou mari seryer si nou ti tire ene foto klass entier…mai pane truv zot tou apré ceremony

    Manzé ti mari mince 🙁 bane pli malin in passe avant lol

  • yash..congratz..bon ban others osi congratz! !
    comment mo in gete twa in rapel sa profesor dan harry potter la..snape! ! ! koner mo reste prnd nissa meme..nice bsn give mwa en party la..

  • heartfelt congrats! I know i’m being formal! 😛

    ki pou fr! p comment 1 graduate so blog aster! hihi

  • Team 5

    Congrats to you and your friends of the
    CSE cohort.

    May you and your friends become the brightest
    stars in the landscape.

  • Madiihah

    ello ello dsl hier mne chek to blog mai tu in swap around then pu mo criz pa monter mne close all windows n strtd revising ..

    As usual me extra cntant pur toi toutes mes felicitations after all these hardwrk yu merit a gift

    enfin mo encre dan hsc kav mo pa encre cne vrai valer sa Bsc ou b.a la mais its a great things like yu r given the sc or hsc certificate enfin qan pu arive mo tour kav dan 2ans mai bsn travay dure

    wai sinon me xtra happy for all n congrats dude
    wai yashvin to bsn dne 1 fete la (mai po aster) met li apres careme..
    tke cre

  • Fee

    félicitations!!!!!! jsui vrémen contente pr toi 😉

    dommage en france on na pa ca 🙁


  • vicks

    bein congrats to you all..
    couma dire pe coummence regret mo choix pou extend aster 🙁

    enfin hopefully next year pou mo tour..

    blog la mari lourd, pas connE sipa theme la sa.. or ena bannes dimoune so pic ki pe fer sa la lol

  • Congrats for the graduation!! 😀

    Still a long way to go before i reach this stage. 😛

  • taler to gagne batter la lol!

    wai blog la is lourd, mo penser et mo sire mo server sa…sorry for any inconvenience friends…

  • Toooo Cooool….To p fer moi rever la

    Congratulations!!! 😉

  • Ashvindmi

    Hey dude…

    Congratulations! ;))

    Loads of good wishes for you for the future.

    take care a+

  • Life will just begin huh? Expand the context for bigger life success…