Happy Blogging,1000 Comments n nearly 150 Days!

lol, its great!

i didnt notice it but when reading Roushdat’s post, i said, “y not check mine?”


Blogging since 1st October 2006

with 95 posts, 1000 comments.

well, in  few Days, it will be my 150th blogging day and with ur support, over 1000 comments since the first post  (1st October 2006)

i started to blog to make friends and also to voice out my views which many do not dare to do, specially to criticize big things…

so, here are the stats;

Approximate number of visits daily : 125-150

3 top Post with largest no of comments:

so the winner remains nomad 😛 (for once!)

my nicest posts are

Through my blog, i made lots n lots of friends, but also some hostile friendship
anyway, lets get back to friendship

  • 25 other blogs 🙂 are linked from here
  • On Technorati

I would like to thanks all those who visit this blog regularly n do not hesitate to leave their words here…

Least last but not the least,
special thnks to the one who inspired me to make this blog….

muahhhh !

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  • vicks

    hmmm love is in air..

    bon.. to conne mo problem toi.. sak coute ena kitsoz pou feT bizin ena bouFe

    bon ki to payE la? zinger? pizza? mo donne toi choice!!

    alle pouchouk!!

    :blush: :blush: :blush:

  • dal pourri marcher sa? :whistle:

    rendez vous lundi a midi si to accept :silly:
    thnks vicks pu to support all the time 🙂

  • Congrats :p Hope moisi gagne autant comments ki cot toi :p
    Mo p rode some companies pou mo critiker moisi now…seems that’s what readers like 😀 To p occupe nomad…pascal p occupe emtel…avinash with vinivi :p
    Ki rester la? Viccks suggested Google Inc. :p

  • thnks roushdat!

    lol, good strategy, but am not only wiz nomad, also, with the famous n ditout pas remplasable, Jori No 1 :devil:

    hmm, wat do u think of MyT? there are problems too there, like speed dropping considerably during peak hrs :dizzy:

    :getlost: y not the bus transport system :whistle:

    choose one n u will be the ambassador :blush:

  • Avishna

    pouchouk to u for ur celebrations
    i nooooo no need to thank me for my active and regular participation , it was a pleasure to say my views!

  • viru5

    nice blog… been here first time…. keep it up dude

  • hahahahhahaha… rude competition :p moi 2 weeks, 633 comments :tongue: and 77 post :devil:

  • Haha, beat you all!!! About 15000 comments during the one two years I’ve been blogging via wordpress.

    Spam included, ahem… Hehe.

  • hmm, unfair competition since u r counting spams 😛

    anyway, congrats for ur spams :silly:

  • I’m getting about the same number of average visitors per day visiting my blog as compared to yours (though less comments!) and most of those visits go to some posts dealing with Liverpool. It’s amazing how those posts get loads of visitors when Liverpool qualifies for the final of the ECC for instance.

    It’s interesting to follow the trend.

  • so here we are….

    if u read from the above comments, seems that we bloggers, get more comments when we post about something specific…so liverpool is ur topic of interest! :whistle:
    n mine, Nomad and MBC for the moment 😎

    unfortunately u wont get any comment from me in those posts koz i dont watch foot at all :silly:

  • Tushal

    alo..wai wai.congratz a lot.n had a nice time talkin 2 ya..aler tk care..pa koner quan nu mit encore.oh ton prnd idea myt la.lol.
    wai..speed drops significantly during peak hours.
    la.mo pe attand 1 copy of a complain rentre kot mwa..pou c marche a suivre ki pou faire against MT..
    to pe rode idea?ena so many things kpv discuss..
    like ton dire.
    transport system includin free transport
    sexual offences bill(mo pe rode 1 copy sa bill la.ouf.pa pe gagner)
    ban security measures lor world informatique, mobile
    etc etc

  • I actually get those visitors through search engines. Loads from searches like: “steven gerrard” or “you’ll never walk alone.”

  • steven gerrard who?

    dont know him. :getlost:

    really not joking right now but i know nothing, absolutely NOTHING when it comes to foot…. :sideways:

    well, me for example, searching for jori no 1 on google returns my blog on first positions :w00t:

  • OMG you don’t know Gerrard! Now, that’s something out of this world! haha…

    Sakun so ban hobbies, I guess.

  • exactly…

    well, nothing against football but i hate it when ppl start to talk about how that or that player should have played during a match! :angry:

    hope those reading this are not like this :whistle:

  • vicks


    lol he won’t know about Gerrard..

    For the time being.. he’s a great fan of aditya :angel: :angel: :angel:

  • to vickss:
    tarrrrrrrrrrrrrr :w00t: to kone so nom tout :whistle:

    alors, sa veut dire to admire li lol :sideways:
    apres to avoye sa lo lezotte dimoune :blush:

    :biggrin: declare pas guet television :ninja:

  • Avishna

    GERRARD: hes the one to brg the cup and tittle of champ of europe to the Reds.

  • Viru5

    its nice to have dream when u r asleep but day dreaming too much is not good :angel:

  • for the first time, i prefer not to interfere into ur discussion about football :ermm:

    feel free :biggrin:

  • Avishna

    virus are unwanted by all
    tous p casse so f mem kan il sapproche

  • ek pa dir mo viru5 narien la ein!!! Ancient Gods Powa!!! wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • as moderator, i prefer to advise u to keep away from provocation

    but as administrator, go on :whistle:
    comments are increasing. . .

    but plz, do not aim specifically at anybody, thnks

  • loolllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • vicks


    bein.. sii sii mo gette television.. bien tigitte..

    li ti dan SAAB avek haassen!! samem rapel li sooz
    :angel: :angel:

  • Samiiah

    Sooooooooo much boasting here!! :tongue: 10000000 comments… 100000000000 posts! :dizzy: Where da hell u guys get so much time huh! :getlost: Y not me? :angry:
    Anyways! Mwa mo ena euh… abt 5 posts and euh.. comments.. ayo, pa coner! :unsure:
    M’ENFIN! And Hi Yash and others!! Yash, u can very well add it to yr blog roll! No problem!
    And congrats Yash! Moi mo le icy!!!! Short for icekrimmmm!!! and not dalpuri! 😉 Miko siouplait! Not dairy maid, local made! C ya!

  • lol, congrats Samiiah :w00t:
    ena dimoune ena blog wiz the “hello world” post only :silly:

    icekrimmmm? konais pas, pas vander sa :whistle:
    anyway, for dal pourri, mo ti invite Vicks pu eat today mais arrive kot marchand line refuse :getlost:

    btw samiiah, can u just remind me the add of ur blog n above all,

    thnks for ur participation here…. :sideways:

  • Samiiah

    Good u went search for da link yrself.. as mo ti p essaye rapel em ki mo link :biggrin:
    Dalpuri 1 zafer pu offert sa? Pu celebrate sa osi? Euhhh… :silly: La tete in devirer??? To pna tro sense of party twa on dirait?! 😎

  • si si, mo ena sense of party but kant to ena friends like mine la 🙂
    each time, they are looking for treats, specially the one named Vicks :wassat:
    to desan depi dan bis li cpv diman twa ene pizza akoz tone ressi kone desan :silly:

  • vicks

    Ep couma to pe fer mo compliment la :blush: :blush: :blush:

  • viru5

    not aiming at anyone :tongue: just talking about day dreaming … ya zuzush old gods powaaaaaa :devil:

  • Samiiah

    Simple Yash. . . B LIKE HIM!

  • lol, azordi, nu fine al manze mine finallement :biggrin:

    enfin, saken paye pu li :whistle:
    mo fine paye li boire!!!! ene shopine Mirinda Orange Svp!
    li pas gagne droit faire complainte encore l :pinch:

  • vicks

    to ine reussi payE pa!! 🙂

    pizza la pou atan mem selment!! :biggrin:

    maybe vinivi ou nomad!!

  • sammmmmmmmmmmmm 😛 toi si to la 😛 haha… Zeus and erm… thor… v/s litoul ones… 😛 super :devil:

  • Wai, akoz ca zot tou en retard pu zot revision la!!! :unsure:

  • viru5

    litoul ones la koter…. mo kontan fer dominair mwa :devil:

  • the litoul ones p revise, am sure :shocked:

    sa faire mwa rappelle mo encore lo chap 5 et mo ena pu al ziska chap18 pu exams on mardi!

    good luck to all those concerned! :sideways:

  • viru5, toi? pa pu revise? :wassat:

  • am multi purpose :wassat:

  • congrats 🙂 that’s surely a lot of blogging for a 22 guy lol 😛 I think you’re the blogger representive of nomad…….if nomad gets itself a blog, surely they must have you in the crew…..

    lol….keep up blogging :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: it’s too good to have you nearby

  • viru5

    lol ek sa ban notes mo gagn la bizin al fer research online pu ban latest discoveries…. samem mo poster ek reviser en mem temps :biggrin:

  • ek rempli mo blog shi lerla 😛
    O fait, ti pu bon si gagne new posts ein 🙁

  • new posts where? here? :unsure:

    bbZush, am not like u lol, kot twa kouma dire gagne tsunami posts… kant to decide pu post la, ene zour to met posts pu 1 month :tongue:

    as for new post, tomorrow evening will pu writing something on someone…

    keep posted :whistle:

  • menti :getlost: sa c kan mo gagne inspiration :silly:

  • viru5

    a dire ki li inspirer tou les jour :silly:

  • mo muse laem nah :p

  • viru5

    btw kot sa ban fans liverpool la ein? :ninja: ena 1 ti dir “GERRARD: hes the one to brg the cup and tittle of champ of europe to the Reds.” :biggrin: :whistle:


    li blog kouma dire li respirer hahaaa :sideways:

    manze r li, nu pu la meme pu add comments, dont worry :biggrin:

  • :wassat: