Gmail? Yahoo? or Hotmail?

sometimes it can be a real headache, just like when it comes to choose your mobile operator.

Among the largest free mail providers, 3 of them are fighting to become The Best Free Email Provider, namely Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail(Live)

A picture is worth 1000 words, so lets go wiz it!

Lets compare!

Gmail :


  • 5.4 GB inbox, still counting
  • Chat, inside browser and outside(Google Talk) + Group Chat + Emoticonschat_emoticons.gif
  • Labelling(Now with colors)
  • Attachment limit : 20MB
  • Get Mail from other email adds(POP retrieval)
  • fouf, ena trop boukoup, read here!



  • 5 GB
  • 2 versions (light-classic and heavy lol)
  • No Inline chat browser
  • More here


I have the 3 of them, but i do check my gmail account nearly every min, enfin, it automatically refreshes and fetches the latest mails and i adore this feature!!!

After a small survey among my contacts(lol 430 email adds), i have

euh, is someone still using Servihoo or mail? LOL

so, u use wat then?

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  • armand

    myt has unlimited mailbox

  • I use all 3 of them…
    Yahoo it’s almost dormant.

    Live mail is used for WLM.

    but Gmail is my preferred mail.

  • Zai

    definitely gmail! 😀
    yash mo p trouve mo mail ‘outing 2 December’ dan to screenshot of ur inbox! :p

  • to zai:
    tone al examine screenshot mo inbox tout pu lire mo mails! grrr!

  • i have an account on hotmail
    but i use it only for msn
    i got some 850 contacts and …..3153 unread mails..mostly fwds though
    but my preferred account is gmail
    i use gmail not only to check my email..but also to use the other apps by google..moreover..i can check my mail from my mob at any time through gmail mobile..and also i used it to manage my account
    gmail usual..

  • jt

    ene mail c ene mail du moment mo p kav communiquer.. HAHA i ve all 3 of them but gmail rulzz..:)

  • Avishna

    3 mail add
    parfois vine folle ek zot but have to use them , ki pu fer!

  • Mo ena tous les trois, but i check my gmail and live mail more often than the others.

  • Nayar

    GMail FTW!

  • I gave up with hotmail, too messy and I started getting spam from friends hotmail e-mails. I prefer to use gmail. I also use gmail via smartphone. Yahoo I keep only for receiving news or tech subscriptions.

  • Anonymous

    gMail FTW….

  • Jp

    Gmail ever since I had the beta invite a long time ago in 2005!