Gmail introduces themes!

While checking my mail early this morning, I noticed that the color displayed by gmail is a bit different. I didn’t really paid too much attention since I had just woke up but later in the morning, I opened the gmail settings, just like that!

And to my surprise, I saw a new tab in the settings, “Themes”!

On this themes page, there were different new skins that can be applied to gmail, they are simply wonderful!

I called some colleagues to show them and we were simply “bouche bée” with this new option of gmail!

Some mins ago, I visited the gmail blog and lol, this feature was released just yesterday itself, and I found this out, like a big boy lol, without any blog posts!

From what I read, Gmail will roll out the themes feature to all users in the next days, so dont worry in case you haven’t this option yet.

Usually, your gmail inbox has a light green color border, well, this morning, mine had a blue one, so Watch Out!

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  • cooooooooooool.. was gna blog this in my Gulgul Chronicles.. tone pass avant moi.. lol.. great feature! 😀 Gmail is really outstanding!

  • I’ve been “F5ing” my Gmail since I read it was released… but no luck. It’s still inactive for me… 🙁

  • Deepa

    P al try sa..

  • $pl@$h

    was checking this option when i woke up this morning and was sure to read this post in ur blog later…. how right i was

  • It’s A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!! 😀

  • Sailesh

    Actually this is not yet available for everyone 🙂 but its a great innovation from Google

  • Mike

    Thanks for the alert to this great improvement to my gmail account. Will check out the new skins etc. Looking good.

  • @S4ndeep : lol, too late then, but you can still blog it.

    @Carrot : It will come, It will come…

    @Deepa : Mo lakaaz azordi, taler mo vine guet toi

    @Splash : haha, sa montrer ki to xtra kone moi 🙂

    @Carrot (Again): Euh, awesome? 🙂
    Does this mean that its active now?

    @Sailesh : Keep checking…

    @Mike : My pleasure!

  • 😀 I did blog about it yesterday. I used to have Google Redesigned and Better Gmail plugins installed in my Firefox to give Gmail a little more spice but now they have the skins on and I can have the same skin as on my IGoogle.

    Yep, we’re all turning into brainless Google addicts 🙂 .

  • Google innovates again 😛 I have not yet test it as my nomad connection is sick since some days! Taking me over 10 minutes to access my email! 🙁 And i have to use the HTML basic one instead of the ajax one.