Get your deleted MSN contacts back again!

This is no spam lol, nor any msn fake adverts which ask you to click on a link to see who deleted you etc etc…

Do you want to get in touch with people you had on your msn some mins before you decided to clean your msn contact list?

I think that I have found a nice site to help you out!

In fact, I came across the site long ago, but its only yesterday that I noticed that, with, you can actually see all the contacts you deleted from your msn messenger!

It can be very useful indeed!

However, I dont think that you will be able to see people who blocked you lol, till now, I dont know any reliable method to find out who dared to block me 😉

Yashvin, pages of my life

Try it out and let me know if it can turn useful to you too!

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  • That’s an awesome trick! Thanks Yashvin! 😛

  • I look forward to reading a post where you’ll complain about how 3rd parties caused you much issues esp. in regards to privacy. Why do you trust
    Why not make it a habit of saving your contact list (in xml or csv) every time you back up your services?
    Anyway, good luck.

  • There is a reason why on the first place, we delete contacts.

  • I agree with Shah. I would not give my password to access my account to any third party..

    For one they can save the password and have access to your emails..
    and most importantly they get access to your contacts list and can start spamming them. I never trust sites like Hi5 or ebuddy and others when they request access to my email account so that they can invite friends to join in for me.

    Anyway if you look closely in your contacts list after a delete on live messenger you will notice that the deleted contact’s email address will remain as an msn contact but IM is simply disabled, You will also find the contact when you access hotmail.

    I know because I usually delete tons of people and I usually redeem them when I get bored at work.. 😛

  • RocketScientist (Kunal)

    lol yashvin, tone fer moi gagne rier… sorry monne gate to la zournee hahahaha!!!!

  • Making some publicity on your blog Yashvin.^_^

  • nice …i didn’t know that we can trace zos things …thks

  • ‘lex

    sa couyonad la po marC pou conE kisanla in block toi?

    sinon, cmment to pou conE si 1 prsn en ligne mais p “appear offline”?

  • This is why I deleted many people from my msn list.They enter their log in information on every phishing websites and in return, my msn gets spams with several links.

  • @Tushal : I usually block such people 😛

    @lex : Kouma mone dir laO, pu bloker i dont know any reliable means.

    @Dhan :Dont worry, mo pu faire twa apprane ene tas zaffaires 😛

    @Tushal (again) : Spamming sa, pas publicity!

    @Kunal : lol, dialog ti top 😛

    @Kailash : I usually dont give my password to 3rd party too, but sometimes it becomes necessary when for instance MSN is blocked and you have to use online web messengers, which havent been unblocked.
    But till now, I haven’t come across anyone who got his account ‘hacked’ by 3rd party web sites when they used online web messengers like

    @Shah : Saving ur contact list? lol, anyway, its an option u can consider.

    @Carrot : 😉

    Cheers to everyone!

  • I kick them out.
    Especially those who are too curious to accept a file named something like
    “sending you some hot pictures of myself”
    and there are stupid idiots who accept the file and open it..
    Then they get PWND.

    There is no way to know which contacts have blocked you.The websites which tells you that you can know who blocked you on msn bla bla bla is just fake.

  • aljo

    helo. can enyone tell me where on that site i check my deleted contacts? pleas i need it.

  • ASL

    li safe sa?

    pena virus?

  • valerie

    I cant even find my deleted contacts at all ?

  • @ASL : Nops, No virus or anything else detected at the moment I published the article.

    @Valerie : Can you be more explicit while describing the steps you have followed?

  • ashley

    i cant do it ?i need to get my contacts backk(that i blocked them and deleted them!!)please help me !!

  • @ashley : Did you checked under the options page?
    Click on “Tools > Options” and then click on the “Privacy” tab on the vertical menu.
    You will be able to see the contacts whom u blocked. Just select your contact, and remove it from the list.
    Note down the email address and add him/her again, that’s all!