Final Year Project Presentation

Finally, le jour J….
the day that most of us were awaiting since so long…

I woke up much earlier than usual, 530am, to get ready in time, and prepare everything i needed for the day.
ene coup aspirateur dan loto, ya, got the permission to take the car out to uni, special day, took a bath, met zoli chemise, cravate + pantalon and left home at about 730.

Reached uni at about 9hrs, went to theΒ lab (special thanks to all the lab attendants), started to set up my own network to connect my laptop, Vicky’s Laptop via Β his switch…Β We were later joined by Splash and Etech(Azagen) with their laptops.

It was a pleasant atmosphere, not much stress, we were all joking and pulling the legs of our friends koz each one of us had different names, according to our laptops;

  • Dual Core (Vicky)
  • Dual Core 2 (Splash)
  • Celeron (Etech)
  • P4 (me)

Again, big thnks to Vicky, Splash and Etech for helping me in my project demo.

Some mins after, our group grew bigger with the arrival of other friends, and last but not the least, my project partner, Sandra(late as usual for the past 3 yrs)

better late than never πŸ˜›

We then, tested our software for a last time, still correcting some minor bugs and we carried out a draft presentation, in the lab itself…

At about 1115, we moved to room C, where i installed my laptop and my bluetooth πŸ˜›

This was nice!Β I used my mobile phone as a remote control to control my power point presentation. thus, no need to stand near the keyboard and press the keys at each time.

At about 1130, our project Supervisor (Mr Pavaday) and our examiner (Mr Baichoo) showed up andΒ we immediately started our presentation which lasted for some 20 mins.

The presentation went on smoothly and so was the demo, during which, all of our 3 software, managed to work correctly, giving 200% of themselves, without crashing or causing any errors… πŸ˜€




That was the result of our hard work, carried out for months!

Well thats from our point of view…

After our presentation and that of our friends, we moved to Caudan where we ordered some pizza (wi mo koner, again! )

the traditional pic goes as follows πŸ˜›

Finally before leaving Caudan abt about 4pm, we had an interesting photo session…

Again, i wish to thank all those who offered their help and assistance during this project…Β Without u, it would have been impossible to do the project (kidding sa πŸ˜› )

Friends, it was a pleasure for the last 3 yrs to have been together and now its time, for some of us to leave the university (hope I will be in this batch, with no resits) but however, we wont ever forgot those moments, that will remain memorable…Β [kouma dire mo p ekrire essay :S ]

Leave u here, hope to get your comments in this post…

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  • mantasha

    wai pizza p vin com ene tradition kan xam ti fini osi ti enan mem
    we had a great time πŸ™‚

  • Zai

    hmm… moi kine presenter 10.30!! :whistle: tone presenter 11.30 toi!!
    the pics are great! thax!! πŸ˜‰


  • Spl@sh

    Yashvin sa manier tone write in pran bath la kumadire pa abitier fer sa zour normal :angel:

    ep toi kine paye pizza pou zot tou la?
    ti kav vine bat bis r coute non vicks lol

    sinon ti mari nice pou pran nissa ensam
    pa koner kan pou re gagne locasion encore

    sinon mo pou enplace 1 more year [hopefully last]
    kan ena plan pa blier presence ki compter πŸ˜€

    to pencore fini to p crier par nom tou :angel:

  • ah wi zai, sorry mo ti mal write the time, but now mone fini corrize li πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

  • to splash : wi sans prob, pu signaler, sans oublier bisin ammene bouteille fort pu twa aster…

    ah wi jaya :whistle: :biggrin:
    Dernier zour si li bisin gagne latete r mme baichoo haha!

  • Irshad

    Well well, all i can say is that for someone perfect, things must be perfect, and for sure u will leave uni zis year (bon pou to mem, πŸ˜‰ ). Though i couldnt make it to attend ur presentation, but am sure it was just splendid! So i just wish u so many gud luck in life and also thanks for all the help and advice u have given me. Take ker, c u!

  • Spl@sh

    bouteille :whistle:
    seryer net

    en passant tiena bouteille dan cafeteria with group nitin, vissen, geswin, dotha & company – mone gagne 1 part zordi :angel:

  • Vicks


    baignE la line bizin streC on that,, parceki zordi line gagne loto.. so bolom la ine dire li sa surement tank pas baignE pas pou gagnE :biggrin: :biggrin:

    Abon yashvin ki pe payE!!!! :angry:

    enfin presentation ti nice et comik :tongue:

    enjoy your holidays..

  • Crystal


    lol ti serye hier

    ek wai last day si mne fer N gaffe geez

  • vicks

    seems ki mone comment lor la..

    ouff ti ena imP cable reseau lor sa la table la..

    enfin presentation ti great.. congrats..

    si par malchance mo gagne projet pou developE lor VB.. ihihihi.. mo pou bien manze to latet.. prepare toi touzour

    :angel: :angel:

    sinon have fun and enjoy your holidays.. :biggrin: :biggrin:

  • Sheem

    I missed u guys in tenu chic et classic!!U lukin great yashvin, surmen a koz ton BBm sa jour la πŸ˜‰ Dapres sa ki mon compren to pa habituer BBm twa :tongue: Aster mo p wait for ur graduation pics coz twa surmen first class sa! πŸ™‚ Im sure u didnt get any resits n ur project seems top M si mo pa tro konne sa bans zafers la! πŸ˜‰

    Bnnes Vacs
    amuz twa bien

  • hi sheem πŸ™‚

    dapres lordre to nenez trop pres r to la bouche, sa meme to senti ene l’odeur, LOL :biggrin:

    thnks for ur comment here, i really appreciate it.

    well, frankly, no first class, but the possibility of a resit πŸ™

    bonne vacs to u 2…

    have a look at our cse blog : for other pics of the group…

  • n1L35h

    hehe nice

    wish ki tou sa zefor la pane alle dan vide ek me sure results la pou nice hehe

    lol Splash pane casse to program πŸ˜†

  • Spl@sh

    for friendship reason [not security πŸ˜‰ ]
    i didnt ask questions n didnt use the program
    otherwise it wud crash for sure :angel:

  • wai, justement dan questions time, examiner ine ask dan ki bane situations pas cpv use fingerprints…

    lerla mone pense twa.
    mone repond li, there are some persons with damp, wet hands and the readers wont work as expected. πŸ™‚

  • Spl@sh


    pa zis sa
    ena dimun zot finger print pa detect
    apres kan ledoigt si tro sec si li pa travail :blush:

  • Sandra

    Waaaaaaaaaa a mo la!!! :devil:
    Jsuis de retour ..apres ene bon repos. Pa ti allume pc :silly:
    Wi merci zot tou, principalment Yash, mone bien content travail ek toi pou proG, et a la fin ene sance tou ine bien passer. Surtou pou presentation, PC pane fer fou ,hahahhaha
    Mo ti p stresser pou nanier finalment :ermm:

    Merci tou ban ki ti present, merci ban kine aide nu et merci bane kine ecoute moi plaigne plaigner kan mo ti tasser ek proG ou kan mo ti p stresser πŸ˜‰

    Aster Vive les VACS!!!! waaaaaaa
    et petet zot pu retrouve moi nxt yr uni 😎

  • Micheal Scoffield

    yashvin to projet paret serye, kan to upload li la? :biggrin:

  • to michael :

    thnks πŸ˜€
    :tongue: unfortunately it wont work unless u have a microsoft fingerprint reader, koz the sdk works only with that reader.

  • boo

    wel..congrats..hihi..looks like u’v done a gr8 job..since i can c dat ur prg has worked 200%.. :w00t:
    vive les vacances now!!! :whistle: :biggrin:

  • hey…thanks 4 replying…..i’m not that interested with the finish software…bt i just cusrios about how it works and also its source code….coz by nxt year i’m planning to do a bsc in software engineering..

    to all university students:
    zot dan bien! vacances! mwa aster q pression q coumanser!!! countdown: 4 month left :devil:

    bonne vacances!

  • congrats πŸ™‚

  • to micheal :
    ya, mone pense lo sa n another person too ine dire mwa faire li vine open souce :tongue:

    4 months? bon courage a toi plitot, mo koner ki la peine sa :blink:

    thnks also to bbZush,boo πŸ˜›
    dont worry bbZush, i will be now active in ur blog too, the hard times are far behind now 😎

  • LOLLLL… and now, hard times starting for me πŸ™‚