A faulty phone line!

Finally online at home!

Last Saturday at around 6pm, my computer lost contact with the outside world. No internet connectivity nor any dial tone. I did a quick troubleshoot and came to the conclusion that the problem was not at home.

Since none of my neighbors had no similar issues, I called Orange on 8902 #2 on the next day to report the problem.  After doing some tests, the operator told me that there was a fault on my line itself. She kindly asked me to wait for a technician to call me back so that he can schedule a rendez vous to fix the problem and to revert back to them if there was no response till Wednesday evening (after 3 working days).

Without a working phone line (and obviously no internet connectivity), life became a bit dull. Nothing really prevented me from using my stand-alone computer to watch films or do some programming stuff on project but despite that, I spent more time lazily seated in front of the tv set. Meanwhile, I went to bed at 9pm daily and woke up late too.

The technicians finally paid a visit today and from the feedback received, it seemed that the problem was indeed in the ‘telephone box‘ on the pole.

I’m glad to be connected back! A few posts to catch up!

Keep tuned!


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