Exclusivity : MOONWALKER in Champ De Mars !!!

thats really gr8 news!

walking towards DCDM Consulting this morning at 825(pas ti en retard 2day), something attracted my attraction, lol…

MOONWALKER was in Champ De Mars, but still uninstalled.


Immediately i took some pics to show in office, we could see it clearly fromthe 5th floor where we work.


hmm, i already know how we will be going to spend our lunch time everyday!

In Champ De Mars lol, if they really plan to install it here!

So, am xtremely happy to bring this exclusivity, dont know when they are going to launch it officially, but be sure, u will be kept informed, live(thnks laksh for correcting errors) n direct from the 5th floor, lol…



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  • laksh

    ala to presser!!! 😛
    enfin hope li pou laba mem then, am sure to pou enjoy more 😀

  • http://nussaibah.wordpress.com bbZuSh

    Euhhh…. g pas trop compris 😐

  • http://www.yashvin.net Yashvin

    Ptit rectificatif, at 1330pm…

    Le Moonwalker a disparu de champs de mars :S

    mo pas entort lol !
    kikene ine kokin li !!!!

  • Madiihah

    taaaa yahsvin mne ien fite moonwalker in vin pre avc moi 😀 mai tne kas mo pointe aniwy met googles next time


  • http://nussaibah.wordpress.com bbZuSh

    M enkor p atane pu ki sm1 dir me c koi :s

  • http://www.yashvin.net Yashvin

    Latest News encore…

    Moonwalker still in Champ De Mars but Parked on another spot, other than that where it was early this morning…

    to bbZush, Moonwalker c ene manege mobile, ki ti at ebene for some months.
    li ena 2 sets of cabins which can cater for abt 20 persons each.
    Once started, it rotates n revolves about itself for about 5 mins…
    trop top sa…

    u can watch the video below if u missed my post where i took 2 tours on the moonwalker :) :) :) on the first day itself, the 1st September…

    read more here and dont miss it this time!

    VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4l-7a0V4d2M

  • Amar

    ban extraterrestres ti desan :S zot inn prend li :(

  • http://my-t sazia

    too cool must be 4 some nins later

  • http://my-t nadiyah

    2 fun by the way the people who has made this must be a big fool cuz its 2 short 4 this ride n its cheap he’s a sucker funk u\

  • http://my-t faazanah

    nadiyah is right this people is a sucker funk funk funk uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu hahahaha!

  • http://httpmy-t sanya

    very fun wen i went in2 moonwalker i saw everything upside doen thanks a lot 4 this special tour who has created moonwalker

  • http://preeteshprayag.blogspot.com preetesh

    Le course largé dan 3 semaines laaa..so leffet sa 😀

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