Is the market of email adverts (spams) growing in MRU?

spam filter

Unless you keep your email address really secret, you have surely received spam emails during your life… btw, who doesn’t get spam mails? But since quite a long time, Mauritius is getting its own spam advertising companies which keep mailing you about products and services, which you don’t give a damn for!

One of them has been operating in the island since months or years and very recently, I read that another company joined into the business which many of us hate.

stop spam

And you know what? Both of the companies referred in this post do mention the law that allows them to send those commercial emails!

Yes, there is a law (The CAN-SPAM Act) which allows them to send those mails as long as they

  • Don’t use false or misleading header information
  • Don’t use deceptive subject lines.
  • Identify the message as an ad.
  • Tell recipients where you’re located
  • Tell recipients how to opt out of receiving future email from you
  • Honor opt-out requests promptly

In fact, this activity is referred as  “Sending Targeted Mail – Not Spam”.


How they get your email address? This remains a complete mystery…

Let me tell you a small story which took place a few weeks ago.

“You have got a new mail!”

I opened my inbox and found out that Xkcom has sent me an advert email. I was really fed up deleting its mail since some time. Even marked as spam, it happened to get into the inbox for some reasons!

email address

I clicked on the link to unsubscribe, you know, the thing which never worked! I wonder why it is still there!

And some time back, I even sent him a mail to his add to ask him to stop sending his BS mails, in vain.

So, this time, I decided to call him up! Yes, I called him up and told him what I think about his system, especially those unsubscribe things which do not work!


He told me that I need to send him a mail at not the one mentioned in the mail ( since that one is the mail address for his server! pff!

Anyway, it still did not work for this company but however I stopped receiving targeted mails from the other company when I unsubscribed myself!

Fortunately, all of them now go directly to spam!

Now, what about you? Are you in their targeted lists and do you really bother about reading those mails?

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  • Spam mails? I don’t even open them. Companies should try to use Facebook(fan pages) or Twitter to communicate about their products in a more decent way in my opinion.

  • CuriousEngine

    Bluefis**, four po**s sher**on etc.. Email marketing

    [Moderated by Yashvin : Names mentioned have been masked.
    CuriousEngine, don’t drag me into trouble with those companies please, thanks]

  • Bhooks

    Kan to register lor enn site. To fourni zot enn email address. Mo sipoze ki a travers sa mem ki SPAM rant dans to mail box.

  • Having worked in email marketing for a long time I understand the deceptive manner in which these are trying to turn the CAN-SPAM act to their advantage but this really IS spam. On the other hand I have an answer (among others) for this:

    How they get your email address? This remains a complete mystery…

    One of the major sources of email address capturing from sellers is simple: catch all the “FWD to a friend” email. Why? When people send all those forwarded emails out, they do not clean the mails, so you literally get hundreds of email addresses out of a dozen forwarded emails.

    Keep on forwarding people… 😀

  • Mike

    I use the Firetrust Mailwasher-Pro to filter spam etc. It does a good job, worth the money and saves a lot of rubbish coming into your mailbox.

  • Jaz

    the spam MUS company are not cheap. Rs 5000 for 3 day of spamming.
    they claim they have hundred of thousand of email addresses and they also claim that at least 50k people will read your advert ; )

  • I use gmail. I never get spams(maybe one or two per year).
    Their spam filter is very good

  • Funny enough, I have never got these emails =P Or maybe I have, but they must be in my junk which I don’t even bother checking. I love gmail <3

  • Now I get more spam comments than Spam e-mail especially the SCAM …. Miss Alena of Russia ! Browseabout it and you’ll see……. fouffffff

  • I am fed up with spam too… I blogged on that in May 2006 and not a lot has changed since. So stupid!

  • Spammers should be shot to death..xD

  • They get your address because some people are just too stupid to use the “CC” field when sending chain mails.

  • Â¥@$#

    Mone ramasse mem bezer ar sa “compagnie” mauricien la… 3-4 fois mone fer unsubscribe, pane marcher…

    Lerla mone ecrire ene zoli ti mail, mone dire zot, soi zot tire mo mail (embeli avec 2-3 ti mot tres tres gentil) soi mo poursuivre zot ek lendemain zot pou gagne ene zoli conversation ek moi lor radio…

    As from that day, no more spam from that shit.

  • Opp, I know the owner of the *kcom , ..and he charges the client rs 4k for these “adverts” 😀

  • Bye Gouloule

    e ou la mo camourade, ena 1 gro link unsubscribe lor site posson bleu. click lor la et mete ou mail address. click ubscribe et lerla to pou gagne confirmation.

    posson bleu pa spam li. zote mem zote ine al subscribe par eror sa. contan garde password lor internet explorer. click lro ad mem et zote subscript automatik.

    pa coule posson bleu.

  • Bye Gouloule

    mo pa contan missier yashvin pran nissa ar haiti avec so logo blog la. li bien movai sa. ou bizin bouze bouze couto dan plai. ene catastrof grave sa. respet ou lieu pran nissa avec so logo la terre ine couper et di sang. ki ou pran ou? dimounes ine mort. fami dimounes ine more. zenfant ine mort. respet. ou bien movai.


    sevi email jetable >

  • @Gouloule : Mo pas comprend kifer to truv mwa p pran nissa r zotte? Ki logique sa?
    En passant, relire mo l’article, mo croire mone faire mention ki r poisson bleue pane gagne oken probleme. so unsubscribe travaille correctement.

  • chervine

    While clicking on the unsubscribe link, it may be a confirmation that you are actually receiving the mails and are reading them which may result in getting more mail..better just ‘report as spam’..

  • P T

    I used to get tons of spam but since I’ve changed my accounts I get barely 2 or 3 which go in the junk folder automatically!

  • Bye Gouloule

    si ou ti mete ene logo avec ene tite aide haitis,korek. mai ou mete ene zafair offending p dire ki malheur natirel arive tou dimounes. ine fek arrive ene zafair natirel grave. respecter au lier ou done lessons lor kan natirel pou trap ou. ou mama natire ou? montrer respet. dimoune ine mort la. ene fam zenfan ine mort. pa rode passe logo pou siloy lor la tete dimoune mort haitis. compran moi mo garcon. ou jeune. ou pa coner ki ou p fer. p offend dimounes.

  • Sab

    300+s spam mails par Zour…bez sa:(
    mo lavie vine amer////

  • Ask me about it! on my bloody hotmail i get all these emails about s*x in the Uk, Viagra and all the rest! Crap I absolutely hate it..It all goes in Junk…but still! with gmail its not as bad!…


    Got another spam mail from Xkcomm. Phoned him to complain, the guy wants to meet me, he read the article I wrote days ago. Will keep you updated.