Additional eBay info for Mauritius

While going through the keywords used on my blog, I decided to provide the information people are actually “googling” around ;

Ebay and Mauritius

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Ebay, Paypal and Payment

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As far as payment is concerned, you need to know the following :

  • You need to have a paypal account and a credit card linked.
  • You CANNOT receive money on a paypal account registered in Mauritius, not yet.
  • The first time you link your credit card to paypal, you need to check the transaction code from your Internet Banking or your ATM statement.
  • MCB, SBM and paypal are 3 different things, completely separated. No use of searching for any related links lol

Ebay and Shipping

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  • Yes, many ebay sellers shop/deliver to Mauritius
  • If you are purchasing from the US, you might get Express Mail International, Priority Mail International, Expedited shipping or normal ones. Express Mail might take 4-5 days.
  • Hong Kong and China post are usually very slow, taking at least 2 weeks to reach Mauritius
  • Free shipping can take a hell of time to come to Mauritius, 3-infinity number of weeks.
  • All parcels held by Mauritius Customs can be retrieved from the Central Parcels Office of Port Louis.
  • Smaller and less valuable items can usually be delivered to home addresses in Mauritius.

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