Download the internet!

Has any of you tried to download the internet?
{check out picture below}

I let you imagine the headache if you are using nomad 😛
or even for the ADSL users who are bearing the consequences of the earthquake…
Many of you are still complaining about the slow internet…but this doesn’t seem to be a problem with nomad as its always on “Slow mode

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  • It’s true that the speed of ADSL is very variable right now. I get anything from 4kb to 24kb/s on my 256kbit/s connection… A variation of 1 to 6… :dizzy:

  • kyu

    lol same here, The speed is not stable at all, sometimes its very fast, and sometimes i feel like i am back to plain simple dial up! 🙂

  • /dev/random

    Strange, I am getting better speeds of late! I am currently tweaking TCP settings on the computers and routers to get better performance. So far changing the MTU has helped.

    Alternatively, the fact that I use telecom plus staff as a form of stress relief by shouting at them regularly may also be a factor in improved speeds 😛

  • to ‘dev/random’:
    exactly the same here….
    when i need to de-stress, i call nomad customer care n have a long chat wiz them,
    up to the point that when sometimes i call them n announce my name,
    they even hold the call n say to others
    “Yashvin has called! :dizzy: ”
    but forgot that i could hear what they said!

    ya,it happenned a few times! :silly:

  • /dev/random
  • hmm.. not really having problems :whistle: :whistle:

    still downloading at an average of 48-52kbps with both flashget and dc++ :angel: :angel:

  • armand

    A slight drop in the afternoon but normal during the night

  • kyu

    hi again! you have been tagged! :biggrin: :silly:

  • :dizzy: tagged! again!
    :angry: hmm, let me reply to this tag n then, other bloggers, be on ur guard! :devil:

  • kyu

    sure! :biggrin:

  • kyu

    i think theres a problem at mt. when my connection speed is at its minimum, i have observed that my ip address shifted from……. to adsl tplus…….
    dont know, maybe i should adopt the mt staff as a form of stress release too 🙂
    :angel: :angel: