Les doigts magiques de ce gars – A voir!

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  • Sanjay Bokhoree

    Trop fort sa piti la!

  • Faisal___

    Absolutely amazing! He is really talented and well done for promoting him

  • That is a real surprise, never saw that in Mauritius before. Great artist, I am sure some school kids would love to learn that. I hope to see him in action some place.

  • il ne travail pas gratuit … en general il accepte ce qu`on lui donne ..

  • Agreed. He needs to live too. But he got such a nice skill!

  • yurit0s

    piti la bon… clap clap clap !!!

  • Babs


  • Reena DKL

    Would be nice to have him animate parties etc…he could make a decent living out of it. Do save his contact number if u see him again dac…ok imper difficile li repond telephone etc..mais li bzin ena ene dimoune ki la pu fer li pu li…sois text him on a mobile non? hope u meet him again n get his contacts 🙂

  • Yusuf

    Cool ?_?

  • Yul Soveren

    Croyant que c’était quelqu’un de bourré, je lui ai refusé

    That’s why it is said to never judge a book by its cover. In this case, never judge a man by his appearance. 😛

  • Yeah! You are perfectly right.

  • xoxo sa..pas bisous bisous

  • Lol.

  • Antish

    1 Word Amazing !!!!!

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  • PascaL

    RIP :-S

  • Jayce Seebaluck

    repose en paix cousin 🙁

  • tweeti titi

    rip pour lui c t lami de tous jswi choquee et il ma me manke bcp

  • birddodo

    the guy died after climbing an electric pole today.
    RIP. He was really talented.
    And thanks Yashvin, if you never filmed this he would has gone away anonymously. at least now a lot of people are getting to know him.

  • R.I.P talented young man !

  • ciana


  • Abdel

    Wow, that’s epic. RIP. It’s sad that such talent was not known to everyone 🙁

  • That was well done of you guys ..it is unbelievable what happened ..Bless you guys … Roshan will have an eye on you guys wherever he is for sure … <3

  • Nono

    He died sunday morning Reena! pff

  • Yeah but reena added this comment much before his death.

  • The best Deaf magician scissor i ever met ! Enn gran lartist Sourd kinn ale. Mo homaz li depass bann niaz dan le syel ! Leker krye. Mo konploman ek doleans so fami.

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  • casino

    repose en paix on ne t’oubliera pas