DCDMC at Mont Choisy

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  • Anonymous

    Out of stock at 13hr… #party #fun #drink #dcdm

  • Bhanugujadhur

    thumbs up, was really a great day :))

  • bailleurk

    Hat’s off for the company to have organised the event.. I was however pi$$ed off with hassen’s sense of humour… a complacent and arrogant guy he is… and i didn’t really appreciate that he was walking around and saying to people that “mauricien quand li trouv manger so lizier vine gros et li faire montagne lor so plat!”. He has to admit that he is good at animating things on the mic but he is NO GOOD at arranging for food… can’t imagine how he didn’t realise that the typical lunch time doesn’t start at 14:15! I agree that it’s a good thing to give people opportunities to show their talent… but how on earth did he think for a second that his bloody magician had any talent???? As a so called magician, the guy had the poorest sense of humour ever… and his magic tricks were pure ‘BS’. Thanks to you yashvin that the guy got ‘ejected’… mo ti p rode ene bouteil rempli pou kas lor so la tete… mais mal chance… tou bouteil la bierre ti vide! Now setting all these quirks aside… it was a fantastic moment to have all of us together… Thanks to all participants and organisers..!

  • “don’t ever hire that amateur so-called magician. I am not among those
    who silently endure all kind of tortures, including silly magic shows.
    So, people who were out there, you should thank me for making that guy
    disappear from the scene, with my own magical words.”
    Eh ou la, au moins ou employeur pé prend ou (bien) soin… Kott nou, pa’nn gagne okenn activité coumha depi 2003…

    “Tshirts were distributed one day before the event (i.e. Thursday)”
    ça vé-dire ki event-la ti faire enn vendredi!!
    Eh maru bon çaa!!
    Ici, nou pé faire enn déménagement en week-end…

    En tout cas, hats off to your HR dept: they know how put put together real “plan-soudain”!