Running after tradesmen to get work done

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  • Ena beaucoup ki pas honnête zordi ta. They are like only running after money. Make sure you do not given them too much money in advance. Ena la plupart ladans prend ça l’argent la alle boire sou… to travaille resse pending. They are opportunist.
    Mo penser bizin applique ene official standard lor ça bannes works la et ene quality control.
    This is what happens when everyone wants to work in an air conditioned office. 😛
    Everyone wants easy money… So they dnt want to do hard work in order to get money a living. La plupart fini tout dans boire!! 😛

  • Time to become a jack of all trades. 🙂

  • The problem is also that some take on too many clients and jobs at the sametime. So the work progress is sporadic and they tend to disappear to do some work at their other client. There is a lack of organizational skills and commitment. Some of the workers have to be continuously supervised and when the chief is not present they get lazy. I found some guy sleeping as soon as the boss was away. Reliability is not their forte. I realize now why there is imported Chinese labour on major building projects.

  • I can’t imagine myself building a wall or laying ceramic marbles but however, I know how to hold a paint brush 🙂

  • This is what happens when the government plans to have a graduate per house. Wonder who will do the other jobs.

  • The chinese or even the indians are here to make money only. That’s what makes them the best worker even after official working hours.